Popular Researcher Insists Trump Will Prevail in Court

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By S.T. Patrick

Dr. Jerome Corsi is one of those political figures who unfairly gets pigeonholed as a political mark in a world of escalating hackery and bombast. In doing so, those quick to banish Corsi from the kingdom of serious political and historical debate have not understood the depth of his education or background. The simultaneous fascination with and castigation of Corsi has even extended to the QAnon movement. On an episode of “The Opperman Report” podcast, investigative author Daniel Hopsicker theorized that Corsi was the infamous, covert info-warrior “Q” of “QAnon.” Of late, Corsi has been the most notable right-leaning political figure outside of the Oval Office to advocate that President Donald Trump was the victim of massive election fraud.

Corsi doesn’t stop at simply tracing the outline of how the fraud was executed. Rather, he clearly defines what needs to happen for it to be undone. Because he has been shunned from the major mainstream media outlets, he has recently taken to smaller radio talk programs and podcasts to get out information he believes is vital to the future of America.

There has been a rush in the television era to proclaim a victor earlier and earlier into election night and in prime time, if possible. That is part of the systemic problem, Corsi contends. The elections have turned into prime-time television programming rather than fair exercises of democracy within the republic.

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“I think, first of all, the election is not done by any means,” Corsi told host Rollye James on a recent WGN radio program in Chicago. “This is the period the founders provided before the electoral college meets on Dec. 14 to find out if the vote was legitimate. We have a history throughout our nation of these being contentious times.”

Corsi described the coup as a multi-layered takeover that began with stories of Russian collusion in 2016.

“In June I wrote an e-book, The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency. President Trump read it. It was designed to show people how this coup d’etat includes all these different phases—the Russian ‘collusion,’ the Ukraine collusion, the Senate impeachment trial, the Covid lockdowns, Antifa . . . all related. I said it would end with voter fraud, and that’s where we are now.”

The actual hijacking of an election would have to be done in conjunction with local or state officials, as well. With computerized systems, there would also have to be some assistance on the programming end.

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It has been reported—though not conclusively verified—that Joe Oltmann of Faith Education Commerce United infiltrated a Sept. 27 conference call in which he believed he was gaining opposition research on Antifa. Oltmann allegedly reported that one of the voices on the call was a key team leader at Dominion Voting Systems. The voice, Oltmann contends, was Dominion’s Eric Coomer. In the call, one unnamed voice allegedly asked, “What are we going to do if Trump wins?” Coomer allegedly responded, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made sure of that!”

Coomer has vigorously denied any involvement in voter fraud.

Multiple reports also have containers—possibly suitcases—of votes entering private election rooms into the early morning hours of election night. How would you go about ending an election fraudulently? The media has to say the election has ended and pronounce a winner (which they did). They have to call for a concession before the Electoral College has voted (which they did), they have to rush the announcement of transition appointments to normalize the transition (which they did), and they have to start denouncing the “loser” as a fascist if he doesn’t wave the “winner” into office like a bullfighter (which they did). There is a long road ahead to empirically prove election fraud happened, and there is an even longer one to gain public acceptance of that idea. That said, the media soil was fertile, and the Deep State seeds were planted in a beneficial terrain.

Corsi is dismayed that more Republican officials haven’t joined this fight. Corsi isn’t a novice when it comes to political science. He has his Ph.D. in political science from Harvard and studied under one of America’s leading constitutional law experts, Paul A. Freund. John F. Kennedy once asked Freund if he would be interested in a Supreme Court nomination. No, Freund told JFK. He would rather teach constitutional law at Harvard than rule on it.

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When James asked Corsi how he responds to the barrage of recent news that all of the Trump lawsuits were being thrown out of court, Corsi pointed to the effects of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, which was a covert plan to infiltrate the news media on behalf of the intelligence apparatus that became the backbone of the Deep State.

“The coup is controlled with a major psy-op—a psychological operation,” Corsi explained. “And it is designed along with the control of the mainstream media.”

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Corsi remains optimistic that Trump’s legal team will be able to prove fraud at the highest level. “Trump is going to win, and he’s going to win in the Supreme Court. Already . . . the Democrats are shifting their plan. We’ve beat them up to this point, and we’ll continue to beat them. We’ll have winning arguments before the Supreme Court and the Democrats are really cornered at this point.”

S.T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent 10 years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected]. He is also an occasional contributor to TBR history magazine and the current managing editor of Deep Truth Journal (DTJ), a new conspiracy-focused publication available from the AFP Online Store.

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  1. Corsi is ON RECORD admitting that he is an Israeli government asset. I used to have a subscription to AFP during the Bush years but you guys have REALLY gone downhill since then.

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