Crowds Gather in D.C. to Support Trump

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By Donice Noelle Jansen-Smith

When business tycoon Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania descended the elevator in June 2015, no one would have guessed it would be a pivotal turning point in American history. The president knew how to turn heads and command attention.

On Nov. 14, Make America Great Again (MAGA) marchers in Washington, D.C. made their way from Freedom Plaza, down Pennsylvania Avenue to the U.S. Supreme Court at a massive pro-Trump event dubbed “the MEGA Rally” or “Million MAGA March.” It was an overt show of gratitude, loyalty, and love from his many supporters for the way in which he governed the United States like a republic and a business at the same time.

Great exuberance greeted him when he arrived at Freedom Plaza by motorcade to wave to and thank supporters prior to the “Stop the Steal” rally.

“He’s not a career politician; he’s a statesman. I’m thankful he’s not a lawyer or oil baron with a forked tongue,” quipped North Carolina’s Mike Steel, readjusting his seven-year-old on his shoulders. “He is the real deal. He hears us.”

Steve Markus of Texas chimed in: “We need term limits in Congress.” Bobby Jones, a business major from Michigan, believes that “Trump understands America needs to be handled like a business.”

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We have all—including the president—witnessed for four years the corruption and power of the Deep State here in the U.S. and abroad. Contrary to leftist media claims, this president believes in equality for all people and that countries overseas need to share an equal load in responsibility, financial and otherwise. Some of those who sensed this about President Trump were legal immigrants who came from socialist or communist countries with ideologies anathema to freedom-loving people. There were Cambodian and Vietnamese representatives and their families who came all the way to D.C. from Sacramento, Calif. to voice their support and affection for Trump’s America-first policies.

Some believe the NWO, Deep State (with its minions in Big Tech and the media), and greedy internationalists have all colluded together to take down this populist “President of the People” and, with him, a resurgent America. Signs saying “We Stand With You, President Trump” were scattered throughout the crowd of attendees.

Mainstream media outlets critical of the president (including Fox News) falsely reported that there were “maybe tens of thousands.” In fact, according to cell phone “pings,” the crowd numbered a million or more. Streets were blocked off and thousands reported by text messages and calls that they were “unable to get into the city,” noted Mary Davis, a member of the organization Oregon Women for Trump.

The MEGA rally was spearheaded by Amy Kremer, the chairwoman of “Women for America First,” and her team to show support for President Trump. Guest speakers at the evening banquet included the brother of Gen. Michael Flynn. Days before, Eventbrite—an online organization through which events like this are often coordinated—suddenly and unexpectedly took down all registration sites, soon thereafter reporting that all related events and the MEGA rally itself had been “Cancelled!” Outraged, Americans from around the country went to Parler and Telegram (preferable alternatives to Twitter and Facebook), informing each other that the event was in fact not cancelled.

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This writer observed gangs of Antifa and BLM extremists attempting to attack Trump supporters next to the U.S. Supreme Court. Thankfully, the D.C. Capitol Police stepped in; otherwise people would have been harassed and possibly physically harmed. Finally, attendees were able to peacefully listen to speakers at Freedom Plaza and on the steps of the Supreme Court. Despite the best efforts of cops, many Trump supporters were still followed and physically attacked in broad daylight by hooded individuals. This writer witnessed a member of Black Lives Matter taken away in handcuffs.

Once darkness fell, these Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists sought out Trump supporters. People who had driven from out of state found the tires of their cars slashed and other severe damage done to their vehicles. Families with terrified young children returning to hotels were physically threatened and chased down the street by hooded terrorists. Other miscreants snatched Trump hats from the heads of Trump supporters and burned them in the streets of D.C. Still other agitators were photographed throwing Molotov cocktails at anyone they suspected of approving of President Trump.

The day after the MEGA march, another rally was held at John Marshall Park. The WalkAway Campaign, founded by Brandon Straka (a former liberal), is a grassroots movement that encourages individuals who are concerned by the radicalization of the Democratic Party to walk away from that party and join the America-first movement.

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Sammy Mendoza, a university student of political science, was holding a “State of Jefferson” flag. “I was walking to my hotel. I saw Antifa/BLM targeting us. They saw my cap and, pointing at me, began chanting ‘red hat, red hat.’ ” Mendoza stated, “They were pretty strange about it, and it was scary. I felt in danger as they were following me. Some females were bolder, and even more aggressive. As I walked, I saw them light a tree branch on fire, burning items in the street. They appeared to be protectively standing around it like a ritual, like the fire was a symbol of something. It felt evil.”

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Mendoza added, “They appear to hate America and everything it stands for. . . . They were beating drums like they were war drums . . . just banging on drums. It felt sinister—like they were getting ready for war.”

Another Rally in Washington, D.C. to demand election integrity and support the president will be held Dec. 12.

Donice Noelle Jansen-Smith is a freelance journalist who has covered numerous live events for conservative publications in the past. This on-site report is exclusive to American Free Press.