Will Arizona Find Any Election Fraud?

February 27, 2021 Staff 0

By Mark Anderson Maricopa County, Ariz. has embarked on what appears to be a thorough “forensic audit” of the county’s voting hardware and software—manufactured by the Dominion Voting Systems company, whose name was connected to […]

Assault on Red States Begins

February 3, 2021 Staff 1

Democrats need to rein in rhetoric or they risk instigating a real civil war. By Paul Craig Roberts The opening salvo against “Red State America” was the article of impeachment against President Donald Trump introduced […]

Georgia Voters Sue to Inspect ‘Hidden’ Ballots

January 27, 2021 Staff 1

By Mark Anderson Concerned Georgia voters, organized by the non-profit election integrity group VoterGA, have filed an emergency lawsuit against Fulton County’s Elections Director and Election Board members in an effort to inspect what the […]

Election Security a Big Issue

January 27, 2021 Staff 0

By Mark Anderson Due to the drama surrounding the 2020 general election—fostered by an unhinged Covid-19 crackdown that the authorities leveraged in order to encourage extensive mail-in balloting—irregularities and various unlawful actions inevitably arose, including […]

Are ‘Never Trumpers’ the Future of GOP?

January 24, 2021 Staff 1

By Patrick J. Buchanan Denouncing the $900 billion Covid-19 relief bill as a parsimonious “disgrace” and hinting at an Alamo-style finish on Jan. 6, when Congress votes to declare Joe Biden the next president, Donald […]

2020 Was Bad Year for American Freedom

January 19, 2021 Staff 2

By John Whitehead No doubt about it: 2020—a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for freedom—was the culmination of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad decade for freedom. Government corruption, tyranny, and abuse […]

2020: The Year of Living Fearfully

January 16, 2021 Staff 0

2020 was the year we were told to be afraid of just about everything. By S.T. Patrick According to the Chinese calendar, 2020 was to be the “Year of the Rat.” It may be difficult […]

Georgia Election on President’s Mind

January 10, 2021 Staff 0

Attorneys for Donald Trump allege they have a “shocking” lawsuit is coming. By S.T. Patrick Two days after the 2020 presidential election, President Trump said that there was clear “election interference” against him. “If you […]

Biden to ‘Trump Racists’: ‘Time to Heal’

January 4, 2021 Staff 0

By Larry Elder After four years of attacking President Donald Trump as illegitimate, fascist, Nazi, tyrant, dictator, racist, anti-Semitic, Russian stooge, traitor, grifter, “xenophobe, sexist, homophobe, ignorant, fat, and lazy” former Vice President Joe Biden, […]

Election Polls Wildly Wrong Again

December 4, 2020 Staff 0

Are pollsters clueless about Trump supporters or were they suppressing turnout? By Donald Jeffries In 2016, every pre-election poll on the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had Clinton winning handily. On the […]

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