Group Seeks to Reset Climate Policy, Debunk Phony ‘Science’

With Trump’s election, scientists, academics, and other experts who question the politically correct “anthropogenic climate change” theory are on the winning side–for now. Roy Harvey reports on presentations at a recent policy conference in the nation’s capitol, where 300 of these skeptics gathered.

By Roy Harvey

WASHINGTON, D.C.—On March 23-24, some 300 scientists, academics, and other experts assembled in the nation’s capital at the Heartland Institute’s 12th international conference on climate change, titled “Resetting U.S. Climate Policy.” The goal was to throw out agenda-driven science and policy and have an honest discussion about what is really happening with the world’s weather.

Only a year ago, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked the FBI to prosecute some of these very experts as “climate change deniers.” But, today, assembled here were some of the men and women Donald Trump had turned to for advice on climate issues during his presidential campaign. With Trump’s victory, these scientists are now on the winning side—at least in theory.

Lord Christopher Monckton donned a red “Make America Great Again” hat before telling attendees in his keynote speech: “I am delighted that, against all odds, the Republicans prevailed, because they have been the party that has had a debate within their ranks about climate. [They concluded] what is going on in climate science is unacceptable, and that the drastic increases in the cost of electricity and gasoline as a result of trying to make non-existent global warming go away would hit the poorest hardest. And no small part of the reason why Mr. Trump did so well in the rustbelt states . . . is that they knew he was on their side. He spoke for the ordinary working man.”

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Another expert who spoke at the conference was Myron Ebell, appointed by Trump to head his energy and environmental issues transition team. In fact, several of the conference speakers were also part of Trump’s transition team.

One of them, Steven J. Milloy, author of Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA and Junk Science Judo, told attendees: “Junk science [and] bad science, used to advance a special agenda, is really government-wide. . . . The bulk of [federal] programs are fueled by junk science. When government gets involved in science, it politicizes it, and when you politicize it, you pervert it.”

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Those not paying attention to details of the president’s plans to reform the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fear cuts will mean poorer air and water quality. But just the opposite is true, according to Milloy.

He explained: “When I started working on EPA issues in the 1990s, the environment had largely been cleaned up. Since that time, the EPA has engaged in just horrible regulation based on junk science. What President Trump wants to do, and [EPA Director] Scott Pruitt is tasked to do, is to bring EPA back into acting legally and lawfully. That does not include reducing or rolling back actual environmental protections. It’s about rolling back the overregulation, and that’s not going to affect the environmental quality one little bit.”

Heartland Institute president Joe Bast shared his optimism: “This is a second chance for us to get our energy and our environment policies right. . . . We have a president who is willing to speak out and say the science is not settled. . . . When the president uses his bully pulpit to make a point about climate change, that is huge—that’s a game changer.”

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  1. Just saw the trailer of Al Gore-ski’s new sequel to to his convenient lying “Inconvenient Truth”. I chuckled out loud in the theater. I was the only one. The title is “Truth To Power”! It should be “Lies to Enviro-wimps”.

    The real thing that threatens the world is war and it has always been war. The elites only distract the masses with these apocalyptic environmental catastrophic scenarios to distract us from from their real eventual intention of bombing all recalcitrant countries into submission.

  2. I would like to make a donation to AFP, but I am curious if I can receive a copy of a Sept,2014 issue of American Free-press. My original went missing.

  3. I want to know if the changes will result in lowering our electric bill which TRIPLED in 2010 due to this “junk science” policies of so called “CLIMATE CHANGE”. I live in Kansas and Kansas chose to do a 20% renewable energy program that caused this TRIPPLING of our electric bills! It is enough to just make me want to move out of this state. I have been outraged over this issue since I learned what had caused our dramatic increase, pretty much overnight … back then. I would love a response, thank you.

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