Banks Subverting Free Speech, Rigging Elections

FILE - In this July 14, 2014 file photo, a man passes by a Wells Fargo bank office in Oakland, Calif. A House panel says it’s starting an investigation of Wells Fargo in its opening of millions of unauthorized accounts that has become a growing scandal. The House Financial Services Committee on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, announced an investigation of the allegedly illegal activity by Wells Fargo employees to meet aggressive sales goals as well as the role of federal regulators in the debacle. (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

By Mark Anderson

Over the years, many people have scoffed at the idea that, as the Bible states, there will come a time when oppression will bring with it penalties that disable the ability of the people to buy and sell.

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In our era, that inevitably means banks would be the chief agents to shut down customer accounts, or “debank” them, perhaps without warning or clear explanation—enhanced by the new “chipped” debit and credit cards that can be automatically turned off.

Whether one sees current trends as being biblical or not, the godless statist regimes that run much of the world in tandem with the usurious debt-based money system—from supranational bodies like the United Nations, down to the more radical among national and state authorities—believe they can punish ideological foes with impunity.


Some sanity still exists, however. Attorneys general (AGs) from 15 states are “demanding to know whether Bank of America (BOA) is closing accounts over customers’ religious and political views,” as reported recently by “The Daily HODL” online April 21.

That news outlet quoted Virginia Attorney General Jason S. Miyares, who’s leading a 15-state Republican coalition against BOA. They allege BOA has a history of “viewpoint-based debanking,” and has among the “worst rap sheets in the business for unbanking clients based on their religious or political stances.”

The coalition also consists of attorneys general from Alabama, Arkan­sas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Utah. These AGs are reportedly tired of the “woke” ideology that’s been displayed by BOA (and numerous other banks). That ideology is laced with prohibitions on “intolerance” and “hate” that may be embedded in the fine print in the online banking service agreements that almost nobody reads in the first place. BOA may be one of the worst offenders.

The coalition wants BOA to produce a written report about its account policies and practices, and it wants BOA to explicitly state that it doesn’t discriminate against people for such views or for the exercise of free speech.

Via a press release, Miyares added:

Bank of America’s blatant discrimination .… is appalling and un-American. As attorney general, I will protect the constitutional liberties of all Virginians. … Bank of America should clean up its act or prepare to reckon with litigation.

The AGs, via their correspondence with BOA, also are referencing several other recent debanking reports, including those where banks allegedly have discriminated against coal mining companies, gun manufacturers, and even contractors for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under which the Border Patrol operates.

Furthermore, “the letter also alleges that Bank of America is ‘indoctrinating’ its employees with a divisive ‘racial reeducation program’ that instructs employees to ‘decolonize [their] mind’ and ‘cede power to people of color’,” the “Daily HODL” added.


Meanwhile, the Constitution Party (CP) of Idaho, which, like most third party entities, already has to contend with the two-party duopoly’s fine-tuned machine that keeps unwelcome parties off the ballot and out of the limelight as much as possible, recently got a taste of the bankers’ wrath. In a press release submitted to the “Idaho Dispatch” online, the CP of Idaho noted:

[Headline] “U.S. Bank has debanked the Constitution Party of Idaho.” [Dateline] March 22, 2024—The Chairman of the Constitution Party of Idaho (CP-Idaho) received by mail the balance of the party’s funds in the account held with U.S. Bank since 2006, along with a short account closure letter.

The funds (amount not released) were returned to the CP. The reference number for the account was included alongside the words “account closure.” No explanation was given, even though, as the CP also informed the “Dispatch”:

This account has always been in good standing with no overdrafts, no fees, and no complications of any kind. The party had just received a statement the week prior, showing the correct balance and no concerns. … A local branch employee who looked into the issue could say only, “Yes, the bank just decided to stop doing business with you.”

The proper monetary reform that awaits all nations, but is deftly hidden from the public by the banking-media axis, would quickly end this treachery by converting money creation into a purely constitutional government-centered act wherein money is created in amounts on par with production levels, debt- and interest-free.

No longer would money be an instrument of predation. Instead, it would serve humankind, not humans serving it. As the late Clifford Douglas, founder of social credit economics (not related to the Chinese model), once stated, “Systems were created for men, not men for systems.”

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