Culture War Victories for America

May 30, 2024 AFP Editor 1

By José Niño In America it’s assumed that the country’s culture inevitably drifts leftward year-after-year no matter who is in charge in Washington, D.C. Try as they might, conservatives always get the feeling they are […]

Many Americans Say They’ll Never Retire

May 16, 2024 AFP Editor 0

By Antonius J. Patrick A recent AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) poll provides further evidence of the deterioration of American living standards, especially for those approaching retirement age. The study contradicts what […]

U.S. Fertility Rates Plunge

May 16, 2024 AFP Editor 1

By Antonius J. Patrick The destructive demographic effects of the leftist social engineering schemes of the past century are now being felt in the latest federal data on the precipitous decline in U.S. birth rates. […]

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