Cui Bono from Maverick Leader’s Assassination?

By Mike Walsh

Assassination and attempted elimination of political figures in Europe are, thankfully, rare. The gunning down of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico in mid-May was the first in 20 years.

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Now recovering in a hospital after receiving five bullet wounds from a would-be assassin on May 15, Fico, the third-time prime minister of the pivotal Central European nation, is an extraordinary political leader. Like his closest ally, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, Fico meets the requirements of a statesman. Regarding intellectual pragmatism, Fico is far ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Prime Minister Olaf Scholz.

In the European Union (EU), size is less important than clout. The EU’s growing division fuels a small but growing pro-Russian caucus of euro-skeptic member states seeking economic and national sovereignty.

Given the benefit of hindsight, the attempted assassination of Fico may be viewed as an elimination attempt of a political leader viewed as not pro-EU and pro-Ukraine enough.

The EU elections take place June 7-9. Looking over its shoulder, Kiev sees the Grim Reaper. The gunning down of Fico could prove to be a catalyst as calamitous as the assassination of the heir to the Hapsburg Empire Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. His murder ignited World War I (1914-1918).

The Press Gang dismisses the attempted slaying of Fico by 71-year-old Juraj Cintula as the work of simply a “weird and lonely maverick.” This is not the case. Cintula rarely if ever missed any pro-Kiev protest. When initially questioned by the police, and again later in court on May 18, the accused openly boasted that he did it for political reasons.

Given the assailant’s long-term political activities and affiliations, Cintula’s staunchly pro-Kiev sentiments must be a source of close interest.

National intelligence agencies like the CIA and Ukraine’s SBU (formerly KGB) are skilled at mentoring and channeling the psychosis of useful dissidents. Only the guilty will fear an in-depth investigation of the trail leading to the culprits behind the attempted assassination of the Slovakian PM.

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In an earlier, quickly dropped case, the eavesdropping on a telephone conversation between top German generals revealed a clandestine proposal to attack Russian territory and blame it on another nation—the definition of a false flag. The Press Gang again dismisses the assassination attempt on Fico as a matter of little significance. The general approach was, “Well he had it coming for being a Vladimir Putin apologist.”

British news outlet “Sky News” drew criticism for suggesting that the attempted assassination of Fico was to be expected, given the politician’s “controversial views and pro-Russian stance.” Norwegian author and political scientist Gless Diesen said, however, “The media becomes viler every day in their mission to fuel war enthusiasm and smear anyone calling for a return to diplomacy and negotiations.”

Particularly inconvenient is Fico reminding his EU partners that Ukraine is neither a member of the EU nor the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), so neither bloc is obligated to support Ukraine.

Another in the sights of the toxic pro-war lobby is Viktor Orban, Hungary’s head of state. Orban is arguably the most popular leader in the bloc’s 27 nations. Leading the assault on the bloc, he vowed to occupy Brussels. On several issues, he is a persistent thorn in the side of pro-Washington Brussels.

Like Fico, Orban has a penchant for engaging with members of the public. Thus, the Hungarian prime minister would be an easy target to take out.

As Fico makes slow but steady progress from his wounds, Orban says “The assassination attempt is a strong blow to Hungary.” He doubted that his ally would be able to throw his considerable weight into the critical period running up to the imminent elections that will hopefully drain the globalist swamp in Strasburg’s European Parliament.

It seems an opportune moment to remember that power behind the throne of the EU is Washington’s pervasive foreign policy. Dubbed the “assassin-nation,” the United States has a long record of inspiring the termination of any who are not in harmony with Washington’s foreign policy. Note that Russian President Vladimir Putin is on record as saying that “95% of the world’s terrorist attacks are made by the CIA.”

In fact, there was a real possibility that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in the assassination of Russian radical Boris Nemtsov in Moscow on Feb. 27, 2015. Later, the Russians promised a full investigation of Alexei Navalny’s mysterious death in a Siberian prison on Feb. 16, 2024. So far, the investigators are staying tight-lipped. This is not to say they haven’t drawn conclusions. It is quite possible Putin actually had him knocked off, but that has not yet been proven. If he did, would his own investigators admit it? However, in this writer’s opinion, the only beneficiary in these and many similar political murders is the Deep State working hand-in-glove with the CIA.

The United States has a far worse record of assassination than any other country including modern Russia. Between 1970 and 2013 there have been 758 assassinations worldwide of which only 8% occurred in modern Russia. Indeed, the U.S. easily tops the Assassination of Political Inconveniences League.

Want proof? Just enter “CIA assassinations” in your search engine and a link to a long list of CIA assassination victims will appear.

One therefore supposes that the inquiry into the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Fico might start with the premise of cui bono—who benefits. It will pay little regard to the “lone misfit acting on his own” thesis obediently parroted by the increasingly unconventional Western media.

Michael Walsh is a Liverpool-born Irish author and award-winning journalist. The son of a man who was an associate of Ernest Hemingway, contact Walsh at [email protected].

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