Trump Agrees: The Media is the Enemy

February 28, 2017 AFP Editor 2

The mainstream media has been waging a relentless campaign not just on the credibility of President Donald Trump but on any news outlet that treats the billionaire populist leader fairly and honestly. For over a […]

Radical Left Targets Alternative Media

February 27, 2017 AFP Editor 6

Internet giants have been working hand-in-hand with thought censors to shut down independent news outlets around the world like American Free Press. Targeting the news organizations they disagree with, companies like Google and PayPal are […]

Are Hate Crimes Really on the Rise in America?

February 26, 2017 AFP Editor 6

There’s been a quiet but not surprising way that radical leftist groups and their advocates in government account for so-called “hate.” Instead of labeling them “crimes,” which are investigated by police and often disproven, they […]

Immigrants Will Overwhelm America

February 19, 2017 AFP Editor 6

Whether legal or illegal, the U.S. cannot handle millions more immigrants. When it comes to illegal aliens, every year, 500,000 illegal aliens violate America’s borders. If you multiply 33 years times 500,000 people, that adds […]

The Deep State Targets Trump

February 17, 2017 AFP Editor 1

Did Gen. Michael Flynn really do something wrong when he told a Russian diplomat not to overreact to Obama’s sanctions? The real problem here appears to be that unelected bureaucrats, unhappy with Donald Trump, have […]

Study on Cell Phone, EMF Dangers Ignored

February 15, 2017 AFP Editor 6

For years, scientists have been warning that pollution from electro- magnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones and WiFi “likely cause” brain and heart cancers in test animals, but no one is listening. Even worse, as […]

Netanyahu Goes to Washington to Meet Trump

February 14, 2017 AFP Editor 4

President Donald Trump will be hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday at the White House in a high-stakes meeting that could test their longstanding relationship given Trump’s recent criticism in the Israeli press […]

Shop Owner Calls Out the Haters

February 3, 2017 AFP Editor 4

A shop owner in Lake Oswego, Ore. garnered international attention when he placed a pro-Trump message in his shop window blasting liberals after a young man was kidnapped and tortured by four blacks simply because […]

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