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Gaza Strip Created in U.S. Southwest


• Israeli military arms manufacturers provide border security for America. By Ronald L. Ray — Why are Israeli companies heavily involved in the United States federal government’s alleged efforts to “close” our unprotected borders and keep out tidal waves of aliens illegally invading our country? To find out,

Israeli Flag Flies in Texas


By Trevor LaBonte — AUSTIN, Texas—“Blessed are you, Lord God, Creator of the Universe. You have supplied us all that we need for life and productivity. I pray that you will bless Israel, especially in oil productivity. Father, I ask that you will lead the engineers to find

NWO Genocide in Ukraine: Victims Pleading for Help


By Melissa Jones — In February 2015, millions of peaceful people are living in hell in eastern Ukraine while the national government starves, freezes and murders them because it benefits the New World Order. The Kiev government and United Nations investigators have been hiding reports of genocide, claiming

Top Ukrainian General Admits: Russian Forces Not in His Nation


• Will American people fall for government’s phony war propaganda? By Pete Papaherakles — Top Ukrainian General Viktor Muzhenko admitted on Ukrainian television that the Ukrainian army is not fighting Russian troops in Ukraine, thereby proving that the reason given by the Obama administration for imposing sanctions against

Genocide Court Whitewashes U.S.-NATO Crimes


By Richard Walker — A ruling by the United Nations’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) clearing Serbia and Croatia of genocide in the Balkan wars of the 1990s has shed light on a conflict in which the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) played a pivotal

In South Africa, Black Power Means Power Blackouts


By Bill White — Question: What did South Africa use before candles? Answer: Electricity. Since November, Eskom, South Africa’s sole electric utility, has begun what all other previously White-owned organizations taken over by Black communists have done—it has failed. Eskom that month introduced “load shedding,” or rolling blackouts

Florida Pastor Targeted by Feds


• Pastor Kent Hovind faces possible life in prison for “tax evasion.” By Ronald L. Ray — Kent E. Hovind is a 62-year-old Baptist minister from Florida, who has spent over eight years in federal prison. Some say it is for his outspoken religious views. The government insists

If Massive U.S.-EU Trade Pact Passes Congress, U.S. Farmers May Be Subject to Foreign Regs


By Mark Anderson — Free trade does not simply include cars, appliances, electronics and other durable goods. It also includes food. And the seeds have been planted to lure farmers into this trap through a massive trade bill known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Most

‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Revived


By Mark Anderson — Officials on the national and regional levels of the Federal Reserve have developed a bad case of the jitters over renewed talk of auditing the Rothschild-owned-and-controlled United States central banking system. They have been lashing out at Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s revived bill in

Could Common Herbicide Be Behind Autism Rise?


• Poisons found in Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup are ubiquitous in foods. • Could glyphosates be real culprit responsible for myriad health problems? By James Spounias — The mainstream media has its talking heads on full attack regarding the prospect that unvaccinated children may transmit measles to infants too

Free Speech Debate Ignited Over Firewoman’s Firing


By Tarrah Baptista — Charlotte, North Carolina fire investigator Crystal Eschert was recently fired from her job for supposedly posting “offensive”  comments to her private Facebook page in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting. Since then, Ms. Eschert and her attorney have been fighting to get her

“Neither current events nor history show that the majority rule, or ever did rule.”


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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Terry Jones Targeted by Terrorists

AFP PODCAST: Pastor Terry Jones vs. the Muslims

AUDIO INTERVIEW Pastor Terry Jones runs a ministry and a website, “Stand Up America Now,” and believes Islam is not compatible with Western ideals and values. Because of this, Jones is being targeted by Islamic assassins and receives local police and Federal Bureau of Investigation protection around the

Beware Mainstream Media Hype on Alpha, Beta Carotenes


• Truth is, many supplement manufacturers are more interested in profits than providing you the products and information you need. By James Spounias — So-called health experts often confuse the public, possibly by accident, but most likely on purpose. You know how it is. One day you see

Israel Retaliates Against War Crimes Investigation, Attacks AFP


• Israeli embassy spokesman has nuclear-grade meltdown. • Attacks AMERICAN FREE PRESS for asking tough questions. By Ronald L. Ray — Israel is not known for subtle diplomatic skills. That is blatantly obvious in the Zionist government’s heavy-handed response to that state of Palestine’s accepting the jurisdiction of