The Deep State Operation to Handcuff Roger Stone

March 13, 2020 Staff 0

By Donald Jeffries Author and conservative activist Roger Stone’s prosecution for what amounts to exchanging emails with heroic whistleblower Julian Assange should outrage all Americans. Instead, virtually all who hate Donald Trump are cheering it […]

Time to Clean House

March 11, 2020 Staff 0

Obama holdovers and backstabbers must be jettisoned from the White House. By Donald Jeffries Perhaps the strangest aspect of the Donald Trump presidency is his curious appointment of former opponents to every key position in […]

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Associates

November 20, 2018 Staff 0

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is questioning Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, and associates in a last-ditch effort to get President Trump. By S.T. Patrick Dr. Jerome Corsi has jumped out of the frying pan and into […]

FBI Admits Infiltrating Trump Campaign

November 6, 2018 Staff 0

The Bureau’s admission that it had operative(s) inside campaign absolves the president and potentially two of his high-profile allies, as well, Roger Stone and Michael Caputo. By S.T. Patrick According to a recent court filing, […]