Cultural Bolshevism a Real Threat

Cultural Bolshevism Threat

The only way to describe what’s happening to America today is to understand the dangerous movement named Cultural Bolshevism.

By Fred Blahut

The rise of political correctness has coincided with the fall of Western cultural norms. Few recognize the connection between the two trends. The connection is called Cultural Bolshevism.

What we here in the United States and in Christian Europe are actually witnessing is the planned destruction of Western civilization. It is no accident.

In 1917, when the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia, their attack was economic and political. Only after they had seized power did they turn to destroying the Christian-based culture of the West.

With the political correctness movement we see the reverse—an attack on the Christian culture so that the communists can take over. And Cultural Bolshevism is winning while Christian leaders wring their hands.

In a speech to a meeting of the World Council of Churches, Anglican Archbishop Dr. George Carey of Canterbury said: “For much of this century, the Western church, especially in Europe, has accepted decline as the inevitable result of secularism.”

Biggest scam StansberryTrue; but he failed to identify the driving force behind the slide. Nature abhors a vacuum. When one culture dies, it is replaced by another until nothing is left of the former. And when Western Christian culture is destroyed, it will be replaced by chaos, anarchy and violence as a norm. All this without any casualties on the side of the conspirators.

Cultural Bolshevism encompasses all of the modernist changes that have invaded America including—but not limited to—multiculturalism, radical feminism, gender dysphoria, destruction of cultural monuments (our history), identity politics, hatred of whites, hatred of men, sexual promiscuity, rampant abortion, disrespect for the American flag and symbols of the United States, loss of free speech for conservatives, and much more.

How far we have sunk into the morass of Cultural Bolshevism in less than 60 years is frightening.

As essayist William S. Lind says: “If a man from America of the 1950s were suddenly introduced into America in the 1990s, he would hardly recognize it as the same country. He would be in immediate danger of getting mugged, carjacked or worse, because he would not have learned to live in constant fear.”

Again, this is not by accident. Every step in the decline of Western culture has been planned for years. Communists started in Germany in the early years of the 20th century. Germany was their original target. When Hitler took over, they left quickly as he would not put up with their shenanigans.

What started as an ideological plan was institutionalized at the Frankfurt School. Goals were set, designs implemented and the move—seen by the plotters as inevitable once it got started—toward Cultural Bolshevism began.

One of the main targets of Cultural Bolshevism is Christianity. Some leaders, such as the archbishop of Canterbury quoted above, regard the decline as a natural force. They unwittingly help the neo-Bolsheviks. Others see the planned destruction without specifically identifying the enemy or suggesting practical ways of resisting.

For instance, in a letter to The Washington Post (Dec. 13, 1998), Rev. Stanley W. De Boe, director of the Center for Jewish and Christian Values in Washington, quotes Jack Shaheen, CBS News’ Middle East consultant: “Almost all Hollywood stories about Arabs are about bad ones.” Then he makes the salient point: “Just as troubling is the problem of religious stereotyping in films. Substitute the word ‘Christian’ in the sentence above, and it’s just as valid.”

Hollywood, the self-proclaimed setter of cultural standards and norms, sees Christianity as the enemy. Boe’s further comments are apropos:

Post reporter Sharon Waxman missed an opportunity to address the issue in her Nov. 6 front page article about protests over [the movie] The Siege, when she asked readers to imagine Hollywood producing a movie with “a nefarious rabbi.” Such movies “would certainly spark an outcry,” she conceded, but “would Hollywood choose to portray them in the first place?”

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Of course not. He says, correctly:

Most characters with strong religious beliefs tend to be lampooned, demonized or exposed as hypocrites. Heroes, on the other hand, often have no religious convictions. The message, whether intentional or not, is that traditional religious beliefs should be considered dangerous.

And there is a key part of the problem—the inability of leaders to admit that these incessant attacks on our culture are part of a plan—a real-life conspiracy they are blind to.

The Frankfurt School, mentioned above, moved to the United States in the 1930s when the National Socialists threw them out. It moved back to Germany after World War II to help subjugate the defeated nation culturally. Its success in convincing Germans that their very culture is evil and must be replaced while they sat in sackcloth and ashes, endlessly crying “mea culpa” (I am guilty) is evidenced most clearly in the “anti-hate” laws (and other European nations) of that tragic country.

German culture has been seriously damaged, even as the younger generation questions the doctrine of “eternal guilt.” Will American culture be next?

Lind says:

[Cultural Bolshevism’s] political correctness looms over American society like a colossus. It has taken over both political parties . . . and is enforced by many laws and government regulations. It almost totally controls the most powerful element in our culture, the entertainment industry. It dominates both public and higher education. . . . It has even captured the higher clergy in many Christian churches. Anyone in the establishment who departs from its dictates swiftly ceases to be a member of the establishment.

The hour grows late. We must identify the enemy and fight him, even when that means punishment by the powers-that-be. We must call this attack what it is—a deliberate effort to destroy all that made us the most powerful country in the world in order to turn us into the field hands of the coming Global Plantation.