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AFP INTERVIEWS: Ukrainians Speak #2


AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s own Olga Belinskaya, a native of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine, conducted a series of raw, unedited interviews with ordinary, peaceful people from Ukraine’s war zone, who told Olga what life was really like in the war-torn country. Over the course of this year, Olga will

AFP INTERVIEW: Black Days Coming for Whites


• White Christian Europe, America committing cultural suicide with immigration policies. By Victor Thorn — On the heels of recent reports stating that the number of non-white children under five years of age will surpass whites by 2020 and that whites will be a minority within the United

Rotten to the “Common Core”


By Ronald L. Ray — The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CC) for primary and secondary education in public schools are the latest in a long line of bureaucratically imposed directives pushed by cultural communists and multinational corporations in order to establish a single, uniform educational system throughout

AIPAC, Netanyahu Sabotaging Iran Deal


By Mark Anderson — Under the watchful eye of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Senators Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) have introduced the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015 (S. 269). The proposed legislation was read twice and referred to the Senate Committee

D.C. the Enemy to World Peace


On February 25 and 26, Paul Craig Roberts addressed the 70th Anniversary of the Yalta Conference, hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow. The following is his speech, which was given over the course of the two-day event. By

Bilderberg 2015 Dates Confirmed


• Meanwhile, sheer irony abounds regarding ‘buzz’ over the Logan Act. By Mark Anderson — Amid rumors and various online reports that typically fail to quote specific sources directly, police in western Austria have directly confirmed for AMERICAN FREE PRESS that Bilderberg 2015 will indeed take place at

U.S. General: West Created ISIS


By Pete Papaherakles — General Wesley Kanne Clark, Sr., former Supreme Allied commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during the war against Yugoslavia and presidential candidate, revealed recently on CNN that the Islamic State (ISIS) was “funded by our friends and allies in order to fight

The Electromagnetic Assault on Our Brains and Bodies


By James Spounias — Just how bad is electromagnetic pollution to our health and well-being? Don’t ask authorities who have their heads in the sand or corporate interests who are aligned with the military-industrial complex. The establishment, with few exceptions, dismisses concerns about electromagnetic pollution as paranoia from

Google: The 21st Century’s ‘Ministry of Truth’


• Internet giant seeks control of information. By Ronald L. Ray — “Net Neutrality” is not the only danger threatening the free flow of information in cyberspace. Lurking in the background, Internet giant Google has been developing new search engine methodologies, which threaten foundational principles of the World

Amid Media Blackout, Lawsuit Challenges Banker Rule


• Outcome could decide if Canadians have monetary sovereignty. By Mark Anderson — A landmark Canadian federal appellate-court ruling could conceivably lead to the cancellation of Canada’s debt-based money system, and its repercussions are expected to be felt by central banks around the world. According to American monetary-reform

Massive U.S. Aquifer Threatened


• Ogallala Aquifer could be poisoned by fracking wastewater well in Nebraska. By Ronald L. Ray — “Oil and water don’t mix.” That saying receives new meaning in light of a proposed disposal well for oil fracking wastewater, which Colorado-based startup oil and gas company Terex Energy Corporation plans

Senators Offer Plan to Close IRS Forever


By Mark Anderson — Has the late, great JimTraficant’s flat sales-tax proposal outlived the former Ohio Democratic congressman and entered the legislative pipeline? This could be the case, as Senators Gerald W. “Jerry” Moran (R-Kan.) and David Alfred Perdue, Jr. (R-Ga.) have introduced a bill designed “to overhaul and

Washington’s Anti-Russia Campaign


• D.C. leads charge to neuter world’s largest Christian nation. By Richard Walker — A new Gallup poll showing Americans see Russia as this nation’s public enemy number one has confirmed the extent to which Washington and its closest ally, Britain, have manipulated public opinion in America. The

Obama’s Foreign Policy Same as Pro-Israel Neocons


• Researcher says mayhem in Mideast part of Israeli strategy. By Victor Thorn — After eight years of the George W. Bush administration’s neoconservative, interventionist foreign policy that got America entangled in two horrific wars, circumstances were supposed to be different in 2008 with Barack Obama, the Nobel

Netanyahu Nukes Iran Peace Talks; Vows to Sabotage Any Agreement


By Ronald L. Ray — As the United States and the other P5+1 nations (UK, Germany, France, China and Russia) inch closer to a preliminary agreement with Iran, which would assure that country’s right to peaceful nuclear power while preventing development of atomic weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin