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AFP INTERVIEW: Frosty Wooldridge Gives Immigration Wake Up Call

Issue 46 AFP 2014 Main Body

• Frosty Wooldridge, respected author and journalist,  says immigration, multiculturalism a deadly brew. By Victor Thorn — As a math and science teacher, college guidance counselor, freelance journalist and author of 13 books, including Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion and America on the Brink, Frosty Wooldridge has traveled to over

Missouri Cops Gear up for Riots As Decision Nears


• Evidence shows policeman acted in self-defense. By Pete Papaherakles — The Ferguson, Missouri Police Department is gearing up for trouble again in anticipation of the upcoming grand jury decision expected in mid-November, on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown. Although a

Watchdog Groups Charge Vote Fraud; Return to Paper Ballots?


• Time for America to clean up its election process and stop vote thievery. By Keith Johnson — With each election season comes a fresh new batch of vote fraud claims from polling places across the nation. This year proved to be no exception as election watchdog groups

Libya in Utter Chaos


• Three years after torture, assassination of Muammar Qadaffi, North African nation terrorized by NATO-inspired civil war. • Qadaffi’s fate sealed with plan to establish new oil exchange using gold dinars rather than dollar. By Richard Walker — As Libya continues to descend into chaos as a result

“Chickenshit” Israeli PM Alienating Entire World


• Benjamin Netanyahu, truth’s most important ally. By Ronald L. Ray — The Jewish year 5775 has not started off well for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The explosive, mendacious leader of the sociopathic Zionist occupation government in Palestine took a direct hit from Israel’s daily newspaper Ha’aretz on

Against Obama, But for What?


By Patrick J. Buchanan — After billions in attack ads that turned the approval ratings of almost every candidate, in both parties, upside down, Republicans appear primed to take control of Congress. Why are Democrats falling like dominoes? Easy. Theirs is the Party of Government. And government is

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Rafting from NJ to FL for the Homeless


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Minister Steven A. Brigham, the founder of Tent City in Lakewood, New Jersey, has been dedicating the past nearly two decades of his life to helping the homeless in the Garden State. Now, he’s taking his show on the road, so to speak, rafting from

U.S. Torture Pics Ordered Released by 12/12


• ‘National security’ no longer a defensible excuse to continue to hide evidence of U.S. abuse of prisoners. By Olga Belinskaya — For over 10 years, the United States Department of Defense has been battling a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which wants access

Hong Kong “Democracy” Protests CIA Backed


• U.S. government would prefer China have political system CIA can easily influence. • Hardline communists slowly move country toward classic national socialist model. By Bill White — Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-backed “democracy” protests in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong erupted several weeks ago, as United States

Putin Tackles U.S. Treachery in Global Affairs


• Taking down President al-Assad bound to end in more bloodshed, more chaos, less freedom for all. By Richard Walker — By training rebel fighters, which Turkey and Jordan are sending into Syria to topple the Syrian government, President Barack Hussein Obama has so far refused to live

Americans Live Under Judicial Dictatorship


• U.S. Supreme Court a culture-destroying juggernaut in American history. By Pat Buchanan — Do the states have the right to outlaw same-sex marriage? Not long ago that question would have been seen as absurd, for every state regarded homosexual acts as crimes. Moreover, the laws prohibiting same-sex

Federal Reserve Covers Up Banker Crimes


•Whistleblower punished for exposing truth about Federal Reserve perfidy. By Keith Johnson — From The Pentagon Papers to the National Security Agency spying scandal, the past half-century has watched Americans cheer as several of their fellow countrymen have stepped forward to blow the lid off the rampant criminality

AUDIO INTERVIEW: “Big Pharma” Insider Talks Side Effects and Death


AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW The former managing director of drug giant Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden continues to reveal the business practices of the pharmaceutical industry, scoring a major victory in announcing that his first book, Side Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma-Insider, will be turned into a

Reporter Admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad


• War correspondent reveals dirty secrets of mainstream media: journalists are bribed to pry, lie and spy. By Ronald L. Ray — AMERICAN FREE PRESS frequently exposes the noxious collaborators with tyranny who operate the mainstream media. Now a courageous German former journalist, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, has written

Tens of Thousands of Jews Leaving Israel for Germany


By Richard Walker — A growing exodus of young Israelis to Berlin has not only shocked Israel’s far right leadership but has highlighted the growing disillusionment with Zionism among Israel’s younger generation. As Israeli commentators noted, the trend would encourage the late Israeli leader, Yitzhak Rabin to turn