Trump Wins!

Last night, the mainstream media was left scratching their heads, wondering how they could have missed the upset of Hillary Clinton by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. What they failed to realize was the anger across America among the silent majority, who are fed up with seeing jobs leave the country while Washington squanders taxpayers’ money on war.

By John Friend

The raucous and fast-paced 2016 presidential election is finally over and the results are in: Donald Trump, the renegade billionaire turned populist GOP nominee, won the 2016 election, locking up several key swing states including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Trump also secured a victory in Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, and Georgia, states that were viewed as crucial to this year’s presidential election. Overall, Trump dominated. With 270 electoral college votes required to attain the presidency, Trump won 290 compared to Clinton’s 232.


Trump’s unorthodox campaign paid off tremendously, as his social media presence, huge rallies and public events, and online supporters paved the way for his victory.

To his credit, Trump was shunned by the GOP and “conservative” establishment, particularly the neocon faction that has dominated the party for decades. Several establishment conservative political pundits and politicians even went so far as to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in protest of Trump.

Trump’s campaign skillfully outmaneuvered the entire political establishment, including members of his own party.

This election can accurately be described as a referendum on the future of America as a sovereign nation-state and, indeed, the future of Western civilization itself. Finally, after repeated setbacks and losses, the nationalists won.

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Nearly every public policy proposal championed by Trump is opposed to the forces of globalism and the New World Order. Trump gained immediate attention with his harsh—yet entirely accurate—critiques of American immigration policy and its systematic failure to enforce federal immigration laws.

Trump has also been a major critic of NAFTA and so-called “free trade” deals championed and promoted by the forces of globalism, including their bought-and-paid-for politicians.

His stance on the Second Amendment, free speech, and support for law enforcement and the rule of law generally gave him a tremendous advantage among law enforcement professionals, active duty military members, and veterans.

His America-first foreign and economic policies resonated deeply with the American people, and it showed during the election.

Despite its best efforts, the hostile mainstream mass media could not derail Trump’s campaign. Throughout the election season, Trump was the recipient of an unending barrage of hostile media coverage, fabricated scandals, and dishonest reporting and analysis on a daily basis. If this election proved anything, it’s that the mass media is totally out of touch with mainstream America. It is entirely corrupt and works to serve and advance the interests of the corrupt political and economic establishment while deceiving, manipulating, and programming the American public.

Assuming Trump sticks to his campaign promises, his victory is a major step in the right direction for nationalists and populists who care about the future of America, its sovereignty as a nation-state, the rule of law, and the economic prospects and well-being of the American worker and taxpayer.


Ensuring Trump stays true to his word and follows through on the many important public policy positions he has outlined and championed will largely depend on his supporters and honest media outlets to hold him accountable.

John Friend is a writer and lives in California.

[Edited on Nov. 16 to reflect updated electoral college vote totals.]

4 Comments on Trump Wins!

  1. As a foreigner I am ecstatic that Trump won.

    Hillary Clinton is pathetic. She is a liar, a thief and f#cking stupid. Six months ago I called WORLD WAR III if she is elected. Her only concern was to make good on her promises to her corrupt liberal donors. At least now we can breathe easily again. If there was any justice in this world, it will be that she serve tea to Vladimir Putin every afternoon in the Kremlin.

    Trump is a Domestic Policy person. So what if he does not make America great again? [I think he may.]

    Clinton is a stick your nose in everyone’s business (and pocket) Foreign Policy person. Many more thousands of people would continue to be displaced or if they are lucky, killed.

    I regard Vladimir Putin as the greatest statesman in this time.
    But do not underestimate him!

  2. Don’t celebrate just yet, we are still under the thumb of the Oligarchs that chickened out at the last minute under threat of revolution by Trump Supporters, threatening to overthrow the Government if Hillary Clinton wins.
    Actually, Donald Trump is another Zionist pandering agent of the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of Federal Reserve System, and of the murderous and warmongering Zionist fake Jews of the illegal State of Israel.
    Therefore, you can take Trump’s contract with the American voter and wipe your tushy with it.

    Donald Trump, will continue to fulfill the agenda of the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System, and the demonic and warmongering Talmudic Zionist fake Jews of the Knesset, located in the murderous state of Israel.

    When Trump says “Make America great again” he really means,

  3. Finaly, some hope for the working, middle class in America.The corrupted media should be filtered out and most vitriolic,anti Trump,shut down. Because it is also anti majority and anyi American…

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