Americans Want a Different Foreign Policy

Regardless of how Americans vote in the presidential election on Nov. 8, the campaigns of Donald Trump and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders show that Americans are fed up with spending trillions of dollars on endless war and meddling abroad. The overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens want peace and to end the U.S. empire.

By Rep. Ron Paul

I have said throughout this presidential campaign that it doesn’t matter much which candidate wins. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are authoritarians and neither can be expected to roll back the leviathan state that destroys our civil liberties at home while destroying our economy and security with endless wars overseas.


Candidates do not matter all that much, despite what the media would have us believe. Ideas do matter, however. And regardless of which of these candidates is elected, the battle of ideas now becomes critical.

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The day after the election is our time to really focus our efforts on making the case for a peaceful foreign policy and the prosperity it will bring. While we may not have much to cheer in Tuesday’s successful candidate, we have learned a good deal about the state of the nation from the campaigns. From the surprising success of the insurgent Bernie Sanders to a Donald Trump campaign that broke all the mainstream Republican Party rules—and may have broken the Republican Party itself—what we now understand more clearly than ever is that the American people are fed up with politics as usual. And more importantly, they are fed up with the same tired old policies.

Last month a fascinating poll was conducted by the Center for the National Interest and the Charles Koch Institute. A broad-ranging 1,000 Americans were asked a series of questions about U.S. foreign policy and the 15-year “war on terror.” You might think that after a decade and a half, trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives lost, Americans might take a more positive view of this massive effort to “rid the world of evil-doers,” as then-president George W. Bush promised. But the poll found that only 14% of Americans believe U.S. foreign policy has made them more safe! More than 50% of those polled said the next U.S. president should use less force overseas, and 80% said the president must get authorization from Congress before taking the country to war.

These results should make us very optimistic about our movement, as it shows that we are rapidly approaching the “critical mass” where new ideas will triumph over the armies of the status quo.

We know those in Washington with a vested interest in maintaining a U.S. empire overseas will fight to the end to keep the financial gravy train flowing. The neocons and the liberal interventionists will continue to preach that we must run the world or everything will fall to ruin. But this election and many recent polls demonstrate that their time has passed. They may not know it yet, but their failures are too obvious and Americans are sick of paying for them.

What is to be done? We must continue to educate ourselves and others. We must resist those who are preaching “interventionism-lite” and calling it a real alternative. Claiming we must protect our “interests” overseas really means using the U.S. military to benefit special interests. That is not what the military is for.


We must stick to our non-interventionist guns. No more regime change. No more covert destabilization programs overseas. A solid defense budget, not an imperial military budget. U.S. troops home now. End U.S. military action in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and so on. Just come home.

Americans want change, no matter who wins. We need to be ready to provide that alternative.

Ron Paul is a former congressman from Texas and presidential candidate. After leaving the House, he founded the Ron Paul Institute.

4 Comments on Americans Want a Different Foreign Policy

  1. AEK is the pot calling the kettle black, since the U.S.A. under the control of the warmongering Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System in collusion with the murderous Zionist Ashkenazi European fake Jews of the Knesset invaded or bombed and killed millions of innocent people over the span of 51 years and 10 U.S. Presidents of the sovereign countries of Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria with the excuse of promoting Democracy, which is another invention of the demonic and warmongering Talmudic Zionist Jewish Oligarchs, along with Communism, Nazism, and Socialism.

  2. As long as there are dictatorial expansionist countries such as Russia and China seeking to invade peaceful, democratic nations and our allies, America must remain vigilant and prepared to stand up to them, and be able to apply overwhelming force to stop them.

    President Reagan’s wise guidance applies as much today as it has since the end of WW 2:

    “Peace Through Strength”

    President Reagan won the Cold War without firing a single shot, simply by standing up to the Soviet Union and preparing overwhelming military strength.

    No one will challenge America or her allies if they know they will lose.

  3. Actually, Donald Trump is another Zionist pandering agent of the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of Federal Reserve System, and of the murderous and warmongering Zionist fake Jews of the illegal State of Israel.

    We the people must restore the Republic just like the Founders envisioned it by:

    1- Welcoming God and His beloved son Jesus Christ back into the Public Square and back into every Classroom of Public Education.

    2- Abolishing the oppressive and usurious Federal Reserve System, and the Personal Income Tax.

    3- Suspending all aid, and terminate all ties with the illegal and murderous State of Israel.

    4- Impeaching Donald Trump, otherwise he will continue to fulfill the agenda of the Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System, and the demonic and warmongering Talmudic Zionist fake Jews of the Knesset, located in the murderous state of Israel.

    5- Impeaching and incarcerating the treasonous members of the US Congress holding US/Israeli dual citizenship, swearing allegiance to the murderous and counterfeit state of Israel, and AIPAC.

    6- Impeaching and incarcerating the treasonous Justices of the US Supreme Court whose opinion favored the removal of the Bible, Prayer Recitation, and the Display of the Ten Commandments from Public Education, Abortion on Demand, Same Sex Marriage, and Imminent Domain.

    7- Halting all wars, and close 900 US Military Bases scattered around the world.

    8- Abolishing Abortion on Demand, Same Sex Marriage, and Imminent Domain, granting Local Governments the right to take possession of Private Property and turn it over to Land Developers for huge profits, and huge kickbacks for the corrupt politicians.

    9- Abolishing the Legalization of Separation of Church and State, Affirmative Action, Euthanasia, Divorce, Sodomy, and Same Sex Marriage.

    10- Abolishing the Patriot Act, close all borders, and restore the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

    11- Abolishing Obamacare, and institute a Cradle-to-Grave Health Care System that works.

    Trump’s contract with the American voter can be likened to a pacifier given to a crying baby, it lacks the main ingredients needed to have a truly free Republic.

    Therefore, the Donald J. Trump contract with the American voter should be printed on rolls of toilet paper and sold as gifts for the coming Christmas celebration.

  4. What Is “Fake” News? In a less than 3 minute video, you can see just how the ‘news’ is ‘manufactured’ and ‘reported’, e.g., “Parked Car Bomb Kills 10 in Baghdad Neighborhood,” which was ‘dutifully reported’ by none other than Associated Press, NBC, Daily Mail, Reuters, Global News, etc.

    Here’s the LiveLeak video of what happened.

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