Working-Class Americans Won the Election

Why did Hillary Clinton lose the election when all of the media pundits and pollsters predicted a landslide? With all of the debate, the question remains, who really won the election for Donald Trump? According to Paul Craig Roberts, it was white working-class Americans who came out in droves to upend the way Washington has been doing business for decades.

By Paul Craig Roberts

The presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs. Hillary Clinton, an agent for the oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump. This shows that the media and the political establishments of the political parties no longer have credibility with the American people.


It remains to be seen whether Trump can select and appoint a government that will serve him and his goals to restore American jobs and to establish friendly and respectful relations with Russia, China, Syria, and Iran.

It also remains to be seen how the oligarchy will respond to Trump’s victory. Wall Street and the Federal Reserve can cause an economic crisis in order to put Trump on the defensive, and they can use the crisis to force Trump to appoint one of their own as secretary of the treasury. Rogue agents in the CIA and Pentagon can cause a false-flag attack that would disrupt friendly relations with Russia. Trump could make a mistake and retain neoconservatives in his government.

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With Trump there is at least hope. Unless Trump is obstructed by bad judgment in his appointments and by obstacles put in his way, we should expect an end to Washington’s orchestrated conflict with Russia, the removal of the U.S. missiles on Russia’s border with Poland and Romania, the end of the conflict in Ukraine, and the end of Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government.

However, achievements such as these imply the defeat of the U.S. oligarchy. Although Trump defeated Hillary, the oligarchy still exists and is still powerful.

Trump said that he no longer sees the point of NATO 25 years after the Soviet collapse. If he sticks to his view, it means a big political change in Washington’s EU vassals. The hostility toward Russia of the current EU and NATO officials would have to cease. German Chancellor Angela Merkel would have to change her spots or be replaced. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg would have to be dismissed.

We do not know who Trump will select to serve in his government. It is likely that Trump is unfamiliar with the various possibilities and their positions on issues. It really depends on who is advising Trump and what advice they give him. Once we see his government, we will know whether we can be hopeful for the changes that now have a chance.

If the oligarchy is unable to control Trump and he is actually successful in curbing the power and budget of the military-security complex and in holding the financial sector politically accountable, Trump could be assassinated.

Trump said that he will put Hillary Clinton in prison. He should first put her on trial for treason and war crimes along with all of the neoconservatives. That would clear the decks for peace with the other two major nuclear powers over whom the neoconservatives seek hegemony.

Although the neoconservatives would still have contacts in the hidden deep state, it would make it difficult for the vermin to organize false-flag operations or an assassination. Rogue elements in the military-security complex could still bring off an assassination, but without neocons in the government a coverup would be more difficult.


Trump has more understanding and insight than his opponents realize. For a man such as Trump to risk acquiring so many powerful enemies and to risk his wealth and reputation, he had to have known that the people’s dissatisfaction with the ruling establishment meant he could be elected president.

We won’t know what to expect until we see who are the secretaries and assistant secretaries. If it is the usual crowd, we will know Trump has been captured.

A happy, lasting result of the election is the complete discrediting of the U.S. media. The media predicted an easy Hillary victory and even Democratic Party control of the Senate. Even more important is the media’s loss of influence and credibility, despite the vicious media attack on Trump throughout the presidential primaries and presidential campaign, the media had no effect outside the Northeast and West coasts, the stomping grounds of the 1%. The rest of the country ignored the media.

I did not think the oligarchy would allow Trump to win. However, it seems that the oligarchs were deceived by their own media propaganda. Assured that Hillary was the sure winner, they were unprepared to put into effect plans to steal the election.

Hillary is down, but not the oligarchs. If Trump is advised to be conciliatory, to hold out his hand, and to take the establishment into his government, the American people will again be disappointed. In a country whose institutions have been so completely corrupted by the oligarchy, it is difficult to achieve real change without bloodshed.

Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for BusinessWeek, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has held many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are How AMERICA Was LOST: From 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State and The NEOCONSERVATIVE THREAT to WORLD ORDER: Washington’s Perilous War for Hegemony.

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  1. Before the so-called “presidential election” Donald Trump said with one side of his mouth, “Make America Great Again”
    However, after his presidential installation Donald Trump says with the other side of his mouth to Satan’s Top Generals his Zionist fake Jewish Masters, “We Fooled Them Again”

  2. Plenty of ” American Dreams” here, but the real Trump is MASON with his life oath to the zionist BLUE LODGE of USA( jerUSAlem).His Trump Tower is part of the END TIME CALENDAR of 24 US Skyscrapers( National Geographic Magazine,February 1989,pages 140-185),in their masonic architecture…Into 9/11 the International jews and zionist masons encoded END TIMES…And Donald Trump,the LAME DUCK was deeply involved in cover ups for the zionist perpetrators of 9/11…Trump is stanch zionist supporter and puppet in their hands! All of you will be deeply dissapointed by Trump policies! FurthermoremUSA will go diwn under him and face collaps and desintegration!

    But his choice was much better than the yiddish bitch and (war) crimminal, Killary-avoiding WW3…She belongs with her rapist Billy-goat to federal prison for decades,if not into the electric chair!!!

  3. How To Restore Our Republic To Constitutional Integrity

    Members of the US Armed Forces will abolish the Federal Reserve System by arresting its officials here, and abroad.

    Simultaneously, members of the US Armed Forces will arrest all members of the US Congress and Government Officials having dual citizenship, and especially those having US/Israeli dual citizenship.

    Members of the US Armed Forces will arrest those treasonous Justices of the US Supreme Court once impeached.

    Members of the US Armed Forces will dismantle and arrest all members of AIPAC – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, while the Secretary of State will break all ties and will stop all financial assistance, weapons and other military aid to Israel.

  4. Trump is not a revolutionary. He wanted to be president but he is not interested in creating even more dissension than existed before his victory.

    He will tone down the rhetoric; rethink some of his campaign promises such as the Mexican wall, perhaps even pretend that he no longer believes that global warming is a hoax. (Which, of course, it is).

    He would love to be able to unite the country and create the legacy that he was able to successfully redirect the American economy and foreign policy.

    He knows that he will fail unless he can bring most of his haters into the position of at least giving him a chance.

    Unfortunately, he’s going to be doing a lot of what can colloquially be referred to as “suckholing” to accomplish these

    I watched him almost say that he has “great respect…for Obama, but thankfully he stopped before he could say the words, “President Obama,” and abandoned the phrase to allow the viewer to imagine that he meant to say: “…great respect for the presidency.”

    Barack Obama deserves no respect; he was just an invention of the creative capabilities of the intelligence agencies.

    A few minutes ago I watched a tv video in which Trump promises to ask Obama and possibly even Bill Clinton for advice.

    I’m sorry to hear this as the main advice these two could provide would be how to be a completely fake, puppet president and how to lie directly to the American people (I did not have sex with that woman) and not be successfully impeached.

    At least he didn’t promise to ask the younger President Bush about how to lie to the American people about weapons of mass
    destruction in Iraq and how to thereby murder at least a million Iraqis in an invasion that should never have happened.

    The real power structure in America is just too formidable for Donald Trump to overcome and he knows this, so the best that he can hope for is to somehow work around them, pretending to pay them homage, and to emerge in four years as a good president.

    For him to genuinely succeed the following would be necessary.

    1. Create a genuine investigation of 911.

    2. Either explain to the country why Israel should always be considered to be a great friend of America, or abandon the policy of continually employing the American military to destroy Israel’s enemies.

    3. Shut down the so-called “Federal” Reserve, which is a huge privately-owed banking cartel.

    4. Figure out how to deal with the 20 trillion dollar American debt, 65 % of which is owed to the domestic banking community.

    5. Stop participating in false flag events; stop creating havoc in the middle east and stop creating fake Islamic militants by
    creating fake groups such as ISIS.

    6. Stop pretending that Russia is an enemy of the United States.

    7. Shut down the geo-engineering productions such as chemtrails weather creation and the obvious manipulation of clouds.

    With these things accomplished the United States of America could some day be the great country which most of its citizens now imagine it to be.

  5. 1)If Trump wants to be REelected He will have to be extracareful as if walking ona tight rope.First of all he MUST solidify his base MIDDLE class working americans,the midwest farming states and the workers devatastated by globalist(unfair) trade in the old rustbelt,the He must also address the needs of those that DID NOT vote for him and why? Hillary lost the black vote traditionally solidly dem,the hispanic vote reamin low and divided,most latinos catholics,prolife,pro school choice,and socially conservative voted for TRump.California,Oregon,,seem to be beyond reach,which I do not think is necessarily so,the key is reaching,the Urban BLACK voters.2)Keep NATO under a new reingeering modern force for peace. Distension with Iran,Russia,China,NKorea,revive the Israeli/Palestinian Peace process, call for an international Peace Conference on Syria USA+France+China+Russia+Syria+UN asap. In the domestic front he must prove his enemies wrong by:If I were TRump I would attend Mass at teh national cathedral right after my inauguration,Holding a WH National Interfaith breakfast Catholics,Muslims,Jewish,Orthodox christians,non christians.Visiting the most devastated inner cities like Detroit,Blatimore. Appoint the fisrt Indian American to the Supreme Court,more blacks,women,hispanics to his cabinet,and come up with a National ECONOMIC recovery Plan by proposing an estrategic alliance between govt+Private Sector spending to REBUILD highways,ports,Airpports,bridges,Schools,rails,hospitals and make the US/cities world class 21th century digitally smart cities/nation!!especially in public utilities services!!! USA National Investmnet Corp. bonds,Tcertificates,US investment mortgages/titles,Fiscal credits which WILL NOT increase the nat.deficit.Restore American Dignity,CivilMorality,in our public institution beginning with the WHouse in so much disripute (clintons), Good Luck Mr. President!!! GOD COUNTRY HONOR and jobs…

  6. What crap! The American sheeple were given 2 evils to choose from i.e. Two Face and Joker by the oligarchy. 1 of the 2 plutocrats got in! And all by a minority (Trump voters) of a minority (voters) who have now turned into a mobocracy! Methinks the Founding Fathers would be turning in their graves to see what the Constitutional Republic they founded has turned into…

  7. To me he was a t.v. show, powered by internet activity unchecked by media regulators and technocracy at one level though. Marketing populism and the non White guilt crowd, but not me. I did not vote.

  8. The entire “Mainstream Press” in the US and Canada is still whining and complaining about Trump’s victory. Unbelievably, in Canada (as far as I know) not a single journalist or news reporter has come out in favour of the Trump as President.

    Which means, of course, that the media is totally controlled by the same cabal that has bought and paid for almost every single member of the US Congress.

    My logic is that regardless of who is the best candidate it is impossible for every single news reporter to agree that Hilary is the better candidate, unless of course their opinions are mandated by their bosses.

    Congratulations to Donald Trump, the first legitimate president of the United States since John Kennedy.

    Hopefully, during Trump’s presidency the US will stop sending its armies into the middle east to murder and otherwise destroy the lives of millions of people.

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