Women Describe Why Joe Biden Makes Them Feel Uncomfortable

Women and Biden

By Donald Jeffries

There are a plethora of videos widely available online that document former vice president and presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden’s perverse behavior. Biden has been captured sniffing the hair of countless women and little girls, whispering in their ears, placing his hands firmly on the chest of a very underage female, and even holding a male baby, with his hand firmly ensconced on his crotch. The state-controlled media steers all discussion away from Biden’s inappropriate touching of children.

Even leaving aside these more sordid actions, Biden has been accused of objectionable behavior by enough adult women to destroy the political career of most politicians. Lucy Flores, a former lieutenant governor nominee from Nevada, accused Biden of sniffing her hair and giving her a “big slow kiss” on the back of her head, during her 2014 campaign. Flores maintained, “I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me.” Amy Lappos, a former aide to Rep. Jim Himes (DConn.), charged that Biden rubbed his nose against her during a fundraiser. “It wasn’t sexual, but he did grab me by the head,” Lappos told the Hartford Courant. “He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth.” Lappos realized it was pointless to file a complaint, explaining, “He was the vice president. I was a nobody.”

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The New York Times reported the allegations of two more women. D.J. Hill described how Biden rested his hand on her shoulder, then began moving it down her back, making her feel “very uncomfortable,” during a 2012 Minneapolis fundraiser. “Only he knows his intent,” she told the newspaper. “If something makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to feel able to say it.”

Caitlin Caruso shared the story of her previous sexual assault to a seemingly sympathetic Biden at the University of Nevada in 2016. Biden reacted by hugging her “just a little bit too long” and then placed his hand on her thigh. “It doesn’t even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like that,” she declared. “These are supposed to be people you can trust.”

A day later, The Washington Post published the allegations of then young Democratic Party staffer Ally Coll. She claimed that during a 2008 reception, Biden squeezed her shoulders, complimented her smile, and held her “for a beat too long.” Coll’s initial reaction was to shrug it off. But she was emboldened to come forward in light of the other accusations, stating, “There’s been a lack of understanding about the way that power can turn something that might seem innocuous into something that can make somebody feel uncomfortable.”

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In the same article, Sofie Karasek shared her story. Karasek was photographed holding hands and touching foreheads with Biden at the 2016 Oscars, where she stood with 50 other sexual-assault survivors during Lady Gaga’s performance. The moment went viral, and was described by the Post at

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the time as “powerful.” Karasek came to believe that Biden violated her personal space. She told the paper that she wasn’t impressed with Biden’s video response to the increasing number of accusations of unwanted touching, during which he never apologized. “Too often it doesn’t matter how the woman feels about it or they just assume that they’re fine with it,” Karasek charged.

Also in the article, former White House intern Vail Kohnert-Yount alleged that, in the spring of 2013, Biden “put his hand on the back of [her] head and pressed his forehead to [her] forehead” as he introduced himself, and called her a “pretty girl.” She was “so shocked,” she said, “that it was hard to focus on what he was saying.” She described it as “the kind of inappropriate behavior that makes many women feel uncomfortable and unequal in the workplace.”

The most sensational allegation against Biden comes from his former Senate staffer Tara Reade. Reade charged that Biden sexually assaulted her in the spring of 1993. She claimed that he pushed her up against a wall and started kissing her neck, before sliding his hand up her shirt and ultimately up her skirt. “It happened at once. He’s talking to me and his hands are everywhere and everything is happening very quickly,” she recalled. “He was kissing me and he said, very low, ‘Do you want to go somewhere else?’ ” Reade said Biden quickly maneuvered his hand under her underwear and placed his fingers on her private parts before she was able to pull away. “He said, ‘Come on, man, I heard you liked me.’ ”

While the mainstream media still focuses on Donald Trump’s obnoxious locker-room talk many years ago, they appear about as interested in the numerous, far more serious claims against Biden as they were in the countless scandals of Bill Clinton and the cover-ups of those assaults by his wife, Hillary Clinton.

[Correction: In a previous article about Tara Reade, AFP identified Reade as a Biden intern. She was in fact a junior staff assistant who worked for Biden from December 1992 to August 1993. Reade claimed her supervisor asked her to serve drinks at an event as part of her job. When she asked why she was chosen for this assignment, “I was told that Sen. Biden wanted me to ‘serve drinks at an event’ because he ‘liked my legs’ and thought I was ‘pretty.’ ” Reade wrote this in an April 17, 2019 op-ed for The Union newspaper of California.—Ed.]

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of three books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.

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  1. And also while VP he is on CSPAN video in the oval office while cameras are rolling on his meeting new congress members and their families saying in very low tones to a girl while pawing her, “By the way, do you know how horny I am to be standing next to a thirteen year old girl?” Can see it on youtube video “Creepy Uncle Joe” or something like that.

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