Journalist Quits Over Biden Censorship

November 19, 2020 Staff 0

Glenn Greenwald resigns from news outlet he co-founded after story on Biden spiked. By S.T. Patrick If censorship becomes the rule of the realm, it will have done so because it was allowed to permeate […]

Democrat Coalition Already Fracturing

November 16, 2020 Staff 0

By John Friend The longstanding civil war within the Democratic Party, pitting more centrist, corporate-friendly moderates (epitomized by the media-appointed President-elect Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) against more radical progressive elements, appears to […]

Russia, Russia, Russia–Part 2!

November 9, 2020 Staff 0

By Donald Jeffries To the astonishment of all thinking persons, the Democratic Party and their sycophants in the state-controlled press are attempting to once again trot out the “Russia did it” canard. Despite being thoroughly […]

Deep State Backing Helped Biden

November 7, 2020 Staff 0

Much of the official support for longtime insider came from “Russiagate” fabricators. By Phil Giraldi As the presidential campaigns wound down there was a lot of emphasis paid on obtaining endorsements from groups that might […]

All the Chips Are on the Table Now

October 22, 2020 Staff 0

Presidency, Senate, House, future Supreme Court members hinge on 2020 elections. By Patrick Buchanan “As everyone knows, I made it clear that my first choice for the Supreme Court will make history as the first […]

Senate Report Exposes Multiple Lies

October 13, 2020 Staff 0

Findings show impeachment scam was a diversion to hide Biden family corruption. By Donald Jeffries The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Committee on Finance released an 87-page report on Sept. […]

The Biden Family’s China Connections

October 8, 2020 Staff 0

Joe Biden has never had a problem enriching his family at the expense of the U.S.A. By Donald Jeffries A new documentary, “Riding the Dragon: Uncovering the Bidens’ Chinese Secrets,” reveals how Democratic Party presidential […]

The ‘Red Mirage’ Strategy

October 5, 2020 Staff 0

All mail-in votes should be counted by election night. By Betsy McCaughey The left and its media allies are warning Americans not to expect a winner on election night. If Donald Trump leads on Nov. […]

Are You Kidding? More Russia Fantasies

October 4, 2020 Staff 0

Now the Democrats are blaming Russia for Joe Biden’s rapidly advancing senility. By S.T. Patrick In the early 14th century, the Mongols controlled over 17% of the world’s land. By 1920, the British had amassed […]

Trump Reveals Supreme Court Picks

October 1, 2020 Staff 0

Would a list of potential Biden picks for Supreme Court scare voters away? By Donald Jeffries Demonstrating again his flair for the dramatic, President Donald Trump recently released a list of his potential Supreme Court […]

The Biden-Sanders Platform Is Scary

September 9, 2020 Staff 1

By Donald Jeffries The most progressive elements of the Democratic Party are understandably upset that grassroots favorite Sen. Bernie Sanders was cast aside by the party hierarchy once again. Presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s lengthy career […]

Will Biden Coast to Victory?

September 8, 2020 Staff 0

By Patrick J. Buchanan Accused of being a serial harasser in 2019, Joe Biden did what comes naturally. He apologized for perceived past misbehavior, and, to appease his accusers, pledged to choose a woman for […]

Who Is the Real Kamala Harris?

September 7, 2020 Staff 1

Democrats’ choice for VP is a political chimera of the worst sort. By S.T. Patrick Handlers for Democratic Party presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden have chosen former California Attorney General Kamala Harris […]

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