When Nukes Start Dropping Where Will You Go?

By S.T. Patrick

As a vocal majority of media consumers in America call for intervention in Ukraine, there is little regard for the effects of potential nuclear annihilation, which could become a likelihood if a third world war is ignited on the Russian border. As hundreds of nuclear warheads begin touching down on major American and international cities, it will become difficult to go on Twitter and assign fault to your most despised world leader. Arguing whether Fox News analysts or MSNBC pundits report the story correctly will be fruitless. Meanwhile, the world’s largest populations will face their final days as the global elite hole up within the comfort of their well-stocked, securely constructed secret bunkers.

The most famous bunker in history is the one in which Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun may have executed a suicide pact in at the end of World War II. That, however, was temporary and built specifically for the war. The safe house currently rumored to be housing Ukrainian’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is also more of a CIA safe house than a long-term bunker constructed for years-long stays. Those bunkers, however, do exist around the world, and they will not house women, children, the elderly or the infirm, nor will they house veterans, pastors, social workers and local school board members. Though a troublesome hierarchy of prominent families exists in your hometown, it’s likely that no one from your municipality will be saved. Who will be?

According to Russian professor Valery Solovey, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and his family have been voluntarily locked away inside an “underground city” in Siberia since the tensions with Ukraine began. The high-tech bunker inside and under the Altai Mountains was designed to withstand nuclear blasts and the winter of death and deterioration that would follow. Solovey stressed that it is not merely a bunker, “but a whole underground city equipped with the latest science and technology.”

The Australian “News.com.au” website reports, “Solovey, who claims to have insider contacts in the Kremlin, is believed to be referring to a sprawling mountain dacha built ostensibly by energy behemoth Gaz­prom around a decade ago in the Ongudaysky district of the Altai Republic, a region of Siberia bordering Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan.”

Underground bunker construction in America was a result of Cold War defense spending, a place where the powerful could go in case the Cold War turned hot and nuclear, as it almost did during the Cuban Missile Criss of 1962. The most notable location is the Greenbrier Bunker in West Virginia, close in proximity to Washington D.C., the sight of which opened CNN’s miniseries on the Cold War. The U.S. government built an addition to a hotel in 1958  on the site in exchange for the rights to build a 120,000 square foot bunker beneath it. It was eventually made public and then it was decommissioned in 1992.

Pennsylvania’s Iron Mountain (10,000 sq. feet) is the classic underground site in the United States and may be the most well-known today. However, there are others.

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (Pennsylvania-Maryland) was constructed to relocate the Pentagon. It has five three-story buildings that include a dental clinic, a Starbucks, restaurants and a barber shop.

Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado is located 2,000 feet below ground and was built to withstand a five-megaton nuclear blast.

Mount Weather in Virginia is a replacement command center for FEMA, meaning any urgent presidential or FEMA-related warnings and announcements would most likely be coming from there.

The most recent building projects have been beneath the Denver International Airport in Colorado.

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None of the above have been described as secret, long-term bunkers. If the American public has heard of the site, it is probably not the one in which the nation’s elite will be housed, fed and sheltered for years. As is the case in any nuclear holocaust film, the elite expect thousands upon thousands of people to come to these sites, begging for shelter if nuclear war occurs. They expect panic, and they have planned for that. That is why these more familiar, well-known sites may not even operate in those apocalyptic times.

How long those housed in a bunker would have to remain underground is arguable. Supposedly, after 48 hours or so, 99% of radioactivity is significantly dissipated. However, anyone studying the area around the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine or the nuclear power plants around Fukushima,  Japan knows that nuclear wastelands take centuries—if not millennia —to  fully recover.

If Americans become actively engaged in a conflict with Russia and its allies, it will once again be the young adult American men that fight the war. The offspring and loved ones of the elite power brokers and politicians will be saved in the event of nuclear war, hidden away in their secret bunkers. You are on your own.

Americans often operate as if war is a sport to be cheered for and bet on. With one button, everyone would lose except those who began the war. Think of that the next time you see someone urging military action be taken against the Russians.

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  1. If the nukes fly and USA cities are targeted some of the pain of the horrors to follow will be alleviated via the knowledge that finally a sizable portion of the elite class and their well-paid lackeys will finally suffer the same fates as the common folks.

  2. All wars are bankers wars. International Organizations must find a way to restrict the initial flows of money and other investments that go into emerging conflict zones. This financial restriction or nipping at the bud, will stop
    the next major war from starting. In effect, commentators must be vigilant and follow the money from the very start to the finish line…

    Be it atomic or conventional weapons warfare, all military conflicts initially, have a specific goal. But how to address the premonitory period leading up to escalation and then mass slaughter? The UN and similar agencies tried desperately to create recognized rules of engagement-to no avail. Despite the Nuremberg trials, attempts to and codify what constitutes a war crime failed to do what was and is impossible to do, reduce the needless savagery of war. Let us take a moment to review recent U.S. history; Congress delivered on a platter the fate of Vietnam handing it to that devil’s lieutenant, LBJ. Giving him carte blanche to do whatever he ordered the military to do there. Thus Congress took steps to relinquish most of the responsibility and guilt attached to war, in this case a “police action”…not unlike the biblical Pilot of old, washing their hands of the entire matter. In the end, and with the help of President Nixon, more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in all of World War two and then indebted our tax payers with a one trillion USD (circa a 1965 valuation) price tag. At the same time these same facts shook the Christian foundations of morality when B-52’s carpet bombed, napalmed, used Agent Orange against a third world and impoverished nation. The western media began to publish rumors of a phenomena colloquially known as “fragging”, murdering officers on patrol committed by their subordinates. Gradually over time all these atrocities became common knowledge. The one trillion USD did not include long term health care costs or the suffering wounded veterans endure to this day. My point being, no legal writ, policy or standardization can ever solve the riddle of how to turn war into a series of respectable engagements (killings). The prospect of another world war has yet to awaken the citizenry at large to denounce statements by Naval officials at the Pentagon, who now incorporate the use of small atomic munitions into conflict scenarios. They truly believe that the use of these weapons will not expand beyond a battlefield or specific region of the globe.

    The handwashing by Pilot has returned with the introduction of AI software into Atomic munitions on the battlefield where decision making will be made inside the bomb and not some three star general.

    Zooming out of this picture and prior to the Vietnam “conflict”, war bonds, war taxes, savings stamps, or other financial instrument(s) were used during any major conflict. They were a means to finance a nations war footing however were not applied after the Korean War ended. Consequently, any military actions after 1953 (Vietnam and the next seven “conflicts”) reduced the purchasing power of USD, do mainly to the printing of money (going into debt) but the economic impact was negligible at first because of a global confidence in our USD coupled with two undeniable facts. At that time, the USA was number one in a wide variety of finished product production(s) for domestic and foreign markets and Fort Knox stored most of the worlds gold, with bullion free of Tungsten !

    Not to wander too far off from the original subject, somewhere between 1960 and 1970, the House Ways and Means Committee had a closed door session. To deliberate on strategies that could finance future “police or kinetic actions” since a Declaration of War by Congress automatically translated into destroying valuable private properties situated on the soil of the enemy or nonbelligerent. These properties were owned by Western Occident Oligarchs. Surely, alternative countries could be found, put in the cross-hairs of our MI then after war’s end, foreign investment would flood in. For example; During WW II German civilians were astonished by how accurate and destructive allied bombing was of residential areas adjacent to weapons manufacturing facilities, yet factory buildings were left completely unscathed. You may very well ask, why? Factories belonged to the Oligarchs. As Shakespeare once wrote, there’s the rub…in this case, property is always more valuable than life! Along similar lines During WW II, Switzerland manufactured and delivered both day and night via rail guns and munitions to a war torn Germany, yet those factories and transportation systems were never bombed…

    The grumblers at Ways and Means concluded that the only solution to investing in war, regardless of the outcome was to tap into the largest pile of money anywhere around, our Social Security Fund -SSF. In effect to finance the “softening up” aka bombing, of commodity rich but human resource(s) poor second and third world nations. This choice was far better than tapping speculative investors or issuing treasury instruments at an enticingly high interest rate for those capitalists trained in the black art of turning blood into gold. However a few congressional lobbying efforts had to overcome certain limitations within the SS Act. The fund was in a lock box, could not be borrowed against nor monies withdrawn from it for alternate purposes. FDR saw to it that restrictive protections were built-in. A necessity during promulgation, knowing the greed and rapacity of his very own aristocratic classes. Well, like contracts, any good (corrupt) lawyer can break one. So too the fate of our Social Security Fund by legislators who betrayed the rank-and-file worker, permitting the theft of monies they never intended to replace back into the SSF. Borrowing lock-box monies to fiance war. It was so easy, circulating a simple amendment to the original Act. Since 1975, the MIC has ravaged Social Security not to serve national interests but to steal from a retirement fund, that every day workers paid into and was deducted from their weekly employment checks. To add to their sins, the US war machine then insisted on burning the candle at both ends by printing money atop of what they were pilfering from the Fund. Total nihilists and maniacs because the MIC knew what was indeed down the road (financially) and did not give a hoot! With three or more different passports, private jets, ready cash in their strong boxes and dozens of Greek islands to choose from, the Oligarchs could care less what flag was flying on their new overseas estate(s).

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