The AFP Report – Dr. Kevin Barrett on Multipolarity

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Kevin Barrett, a leading voice in the alternative media and a regular columnist for American Free PressDr. Barrett and I discuss the rapidly declining hegemony the U.S. has in the realm of international relations and the emergence of a multipolar global order led by the budding alliance between Russia and China. What has the unipolar, U.S.-led global order brought to the world? Is U.S. hegemony finally over? What would a multipolar world order be based on? We address these and many other related topics in this podcast!

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3 Comments on The AFP Report – Dr. Kevin Barrett on Multipolarity

  1. So, this is the Jiddish/ Yiddish Theatre from Henry Ford Intl.Jew book, played out in the proxy war in U’kraine, described below in my comment…

  2. Ukraino in Latin means REAPER, the one who shall reap the ripe grain of the world( human souls) during the Feast of Tabernacles…And the judeo-chfistian St.George of Russia is already harvesting U’krajinu…U’ krajina means U shaped land or body area, just as in kabalistic teachings means O,Y,V,W,M, symbolising the FEMALE GROTTO, as Eden/ Paradise in Milky Way-goddess and queen of heaven( Genesis 2:8-14), where GOLD is…( in the Black hole)…U’ krajina is also the homeland of the khazarian chans, and Khazaria…Their, U’krajinian ” Trident” is from closer examination an INSEMINATION OF THE WOMB (galactic Center) rather than the ” Trident”! Pregnant Womb, before is the Sun and Earth REBORN! And the Blue & Yellow colors matches the blue Kali- juga= Fiery Age ending in 2025…And the yellow symbolises the Golden Age of Christ,the On and Sun to arrive in 2033,as Krita- juga!( The reason,why the religious temples have golden copulas/ domes)…And our Sun is cutrently as Jaguar Sun, full of erruptive sunspots, untill 2033 repolarisation!) Troubles are ahead with Russian jews from Chabad nuclear strike of United zionist Snakes…Be aware of,snd listen to ” prophet” Medvedev words,for he is also a spoke’s person for the Great BEAR/ MEDVED in Russian…

  3. All is well organised by the Intl.jewry, enforcing the Tao( Tav)- Path/ Road of Heavens on Earth, in the West by the Blue, warmongering zionists and their Blue lodge of the West, and by the Red judeobolsheviks( now Chabad Lubavicher) of the Red East, with the Yellow new sunrise soon to occur over China, in new cycle of Sun and the Great Anno Magnus-Precessional year! For this ” end time” scenario the satan agenda enforcing jew falsified elections in 33 democracies ( 27 successfuly), and collectively forced the entire Western world to became fanatically Madd and Crazy against Russia as russophobes, we never have seen before!
    And do not be naive, Rus.Putin plays the role assigned to him and to Russia, scrutinised by the Chabad Jew Congress and oligarchs around him, to make sure, he follows their instructions! What will be the outcome? The destroyed White populace from Russia,across Europe to North America! With nuclear strike at North America, mainly at the “United Snakes”, that’s what is it today…And thre will be by amnesia afflicted white ” indians” afterwards roaming the Midwest prairies once again, not knowing what has happened to them…Every Sun Age of the 5 within the Great Precessional Year of cca 25,920 years, rules different race! Before, it were the ” Indians” from India and thdir colonists in North America which did not get alone…The Indians of North America were wiped out, and the indians of old India nearby the Indus river, were hit by nuclear weapon, and today, we have in Mohenjo-daro a radioactive, nuclear archeological site, no one wants to explore! And in the next,6th Sun Age shall arrive to North America the Yellow race colonists…Perhaps, the dame way perished the black ” Olmecs” as Jaguar people with Fiery Eyes, who could be also called as Yama people, whose souls perished in the Black hole spiritual energies, the ” kvarks” from Kvant physics calls as antimatter…There is the real ” River of Life”, flowing across the galactic center of sacred India Cow-the Milky Way…See Codex Zouche-Nuttall,page 36, there is is depicted the entire Life Path in the Path of Heaven…

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