1 Comment on ‘Just the Beginning’ of Biden Probe

  1. We know in Slovakia and Czech republic, that senile Biden is also a pedophile, who run his election rallies from basement, he often cannot climb out withour Huawei wires and software hooked up to chip in his skull…That he likes to sniff off the young girls,loved showers naked with his daughter, shake hands with the wind,trips on the steps, piss off his trausers, extorts pays from his pedophile son Hunter paid off by chinese and ukrainians,who loves a loads of cocaine as the khazarian jew Zelensky, and wallows in father’s classified documents and hide somewjere fathers briefcase with nuke’s codes,but sniffed cocaine caused him to forgot where the briefcase is…And this senile pedophile fart Biden wants run in Primaries against RFK Jr…His bossess in zionist Deep State must be insane as farth Biden who does not know most of the time what’s going on around him and in this world…Take him to mental ward instead of Primaries and White whores House!!! This knows every average Joe in Slovakia!

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