Reporter Who Exposed Secret Lynch-Clinton Meeting Dies by Suicide

By AFP Staff

Christopher Sign, a reporter with ABC News in Birmingham, Ala., was found dead the morning of June 12, the victim of an apparent suicide. Sign was best known for breaking the story about former President Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a Phoenix airport in 2016, leading some to wonder whether Sign had been “suicided” as payback for crossing the Clintons.

“Our deepest sympathy is shared with Christopher’s loving family and close friends. We have lost a revered colleague whose indelible imprint will serve forever as a hallmark of decency, honesty and journalist integrity. We can only hope to carry on his legacy. May his memory be for blessing,” announced ABC 33/40 Vice President and General Manager Eric Land.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was under investigation for her private email server by the FBI. Shortly before former FBI Director James Comey announced the FBI would not recommend charges against Mrs. Clinton, Sign revealed there was a secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Lynch—Comey’s boss—on June 27, 2016. The highly unethical get-together between Clinton and the attorney general was held on a private plane on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport.

Sign’s death was reported as a suicide, which is, of course, plausible. Author Victor Thorn, who himself passed away in 2016, however, has written extensively on the dozens of deaths of high-profile figures who were to varying degrees connected to the Clintons. These deaths have caused such concern over the years that Thorn dedicated an entire book to them in his trilogy on the Clintons, identifying over 100 individuals who were connected to the Clintons and who died under mysterious circumstances.

Thorn’s other books on the Clintons delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Ark. while Clinton was governor of the state.”


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  1. I wonder where is Mark Glenn? Does AFP still follow the honesty and sincerity on naming the enemy like Michael Collins Piper did?

  2. @FraserCrest ha ha, you really need help, dude – to rid yourself off, get cured from your grand delusions of the goodness of the Clintons, not least The Democratic Party and its hair-sniffing, young girl fondling, war-mongering, corrupt Wall Street puppet leader, the now demented Biden. And from your naive belief that his administration have any interest in improving the lives of the average US american. No, their main goal is to make more people dependent of the government, which they will make even BIGGER and secure more Federal Power meaning less freedom and liberty to the individual !
    Basically, your rant is misguided on pretty much all accounts:
    1) The Trump admin policy was highly succesful in reducing the number of illegal immigrants and so the large number of women and children who was brought to US by human smuglers to be used for prostitution, and secondly reduced the number of criminals and drug smugler
    2) Trump was also right, when he point to the use of powerful effects of Hydroxychloroquin on Sars-Cov2, which now has been proven and which along with Ivermectin if used early and in the right dosages 2-300 mg (not the deadly dosages of 2400mg used in the made-to-fail trials) could have saved 100 of thousand lives. However, that – to save lives and stop the epidemic was never the priority, the agenda of the criminal cartel behind the Covid-pandemic, namely the EVENT 201 organizers, the planners of how to “manage a coming epidemic” counting the World Economic Forum, Bill And Melinda Gates and the Rockefeller Foundations). Instead their agenda was through lockdown to worsen the crises, letting people loose their jobs and small business owners go bankrupt, to stimulate despair, disease and deaths trough overuse of medical and illegal drugs, alcohol, suicide as a reaction to the depression, anxiety and untreated diseased due to Covid “treatment” priority caused by the lockdown, besides of course the killing of hundreds of thousands hospitalized by neglegent and wrongful medical intervention e.g. the overuse of ventilators ! By these means they managed to worsen the crises so the American people once again submitted their civil rights and liberties – just like they did after the 9/11 event, which as we know was another falseflag operation orchestrated by the PNAC group.
    The Covid-19 crisis = 9/11 2.0 ! The Globalist controlled US Deep State’s second agenda was to let the Vaccine become the Hero of the day. Although Trump sniffed a bad fish and tried for a week or two not to induce the insane Lockdown of society that has only has costed more lifes that the virus ever would, through to some degree forcing harmful mask-wearing, through fear-mongering by inflating the number of cases by the highly unreliable PCR testing based on the unfounded, undocumented hypothesis of Asymptomatic carriers, a concept never accepted before. Trump did however fall in line as he probably was advised that the stakes were to high to oppose the mainstream medias propaganda machine, their network controlled by the Globalist Marxis-Socialist/Zionist cabal, who are of course the real perpetrators behind this obviously planned, man-made crises through their lab engineered corona virus, a results of 20 years research in “Gain of function” ! So only here do I blame Trump for caving in, for not much earlier firing the totally corrupted Dr Fauci.
    3) Your conviction that Trump and his crowd for the Capital were responsible for storming only shows how gullible and Trump-syndrom deranged you are. The storming was not spontaneous, but lead by paid agitators, Antifa goons, undercover FBI affiliates etc. as clearly documented in dozens of videos, which has not been allowed in MSM. Well, surely there were a relative few gullible Trumps supporters that jumped on the bandwagon. But ask yourself why Pelosi delayed the reinforcement of the National guard etc. as she had already been given ample warning by the intel service. I’m sure she along with Schumer were one of the main organizers/conspirators behind this event. Also dozens of videos demonstrates how the Trump supporters were trying to stop the agitators/agent provocateurs.
    Btw, I’m not a Big Trump fan, I’m not even a US citizen, but I follow the world politics, not trough the corrupted MSM, but through numerous INDEPENDANT researchers spanning from left to right e.g. the Grey Zone, Glen Greenwald, Ron Paul Rapport, State of the Nation, the Corbett report, Rubin Report, Jimmy Dore and many others. My main main criticism of Trump is:
    1) He was way too accommodating to the Zionist Lobby and to the racist supremacist state of Israeli and so too hard on Iran and Yemen. However, with regards to Syria, I believe he only made a symbolic retaliation for the fake mainstream media promoted fake Syrian gas attack, which I believe were one of the reason the Zionist elite turned on him as they wanted him to invade with land troops, etc. and so turn Syria into another failed state like US did with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
    2) He should have retracted the case against Julian Assange
    3) He should have been even more aggressive to drain the swamp, brought cases against the Deep State actors, the corrupt Bidens dealing with China, Ukraine. The case against the corrupt FBI agents , Comey and his gang, but he failed to see through William Barr, which snapped him in the back

    My advice to you, start applying some critical thinking and stop repeating the taking points of the corrupted, fake especially liberal MSM e.g. CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, WP, the TNT (Young Turks) etc. and to some extent also Fox News. Your country needs you to start opposing, protesting against the Biden/Harris administrations attempt to turn US into a marxist-socialist surveillance and censurshipping nanny state, like the CCP styled Country of China !
    Here a link to info on the perpetrators behind the Covid-19 crises: Dr. David Martin w/ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “This, My Friends, Is the Definition of Criminal Conspiracy…This Is Not a Theory. This Is Evidence.” [July 9, 2021]

  3. Wow a 2000 word rant and the best you can do is a claim about ICE with no supporting documentation and an accusation, again unfounded referencing a military strike, neither of which could be attributed to the twice elected president even if true. Thats the best you can do with so much space at your disposal? That speaks more loudly than anything you could possibly say. Dont feel bad, the deep state could do no better, and that was after what is now going on six straight years of trying to nail the POTUS. Im sure they are glad to have the blind loyalty of people like yourself who dont need things like facts to get in the way of blind hate.

  4. Brilliant comment. Thank you for taking the time to elaborate on your thinking. I don’t think the same, but it was illuminating to read.

  5. Let’s talk about how many people are dead because of Donald Trump… well, until all the children his administration LOST (and deported the parents without their kids, and kept such inept records or no records at all as to the transfer and whereabouts of hundreds of children– there are STILL HUNDREDS of missing children that likely can’t be found (they are either adopted out permanently, or dead – either way, Trump admin destroyed families, and lives as 6 children died under the “care” of ICE (none died under Obama Admin),which gives the appearance that they never intended to return those children in the first place but were forced tpo look for them and reunite them with their parentsm, and forced the Trump Admin. to treat the children humanely, as Trump attorneys argued that toothpaste and toothbrush and pillows are not necessary items- the Judge nearly lost it. Trump and his entire admin. should have been impeached for that and removed from office, including Pence, by a Federal Judge. Can we find any of those children? I don’t know, so we won’t ever really know how many died because of the policies of Donald Trump and his corrupt admin. What they did sounds like something a dictator would do, something like the Bolsheviks who murdered the Czar Nicholas Romanov and his wife and children. Over 24 civilians in Yemen, including a little American girl visiting relatives, a pregnant woman who was shot in the head and suffered and bled for hours until she and her unborn baby died, a US soldier. Remember when he said he ordered the missile strike against Syria over chemical weapons and that he saw “dead children on TV”? Well, the missiles he ordered to be fired upon a closed at the time, unimportant, tiny airport, was bombed, but a couple of missiles missed their mark AND KILLED CHILDREN, but Trump never mentioned them and never even mentioned the little American girl in Yemen either.
    Then, for the constant lying about the pandemic and downplaying, offering incredibly stupid suggestions, pushing an unproven drug that turned out to be ineffective and potentially fatal , and lying more and more and more and still lying about it… I think only God could tell us just how many of the 600,000 people who died of Covid in the U.S. are on his head for his incompetence, the lies, making fun of wearing masks, pushing for armed protests in Michigan’s capitol… it just went on and on daily, the lies. But look up the author who Trump allowed to interview him for a book, and Trump called this writer on the phone and told him about the virus that was coming and how deadly it is and how easily transmitted, and he admitted he was downplaying it to the public. It’s on tape. Look it up. It is the opposite of what he was telling the public… you and me. And hundreds of thousands are dead because of him…
    Trump doesn’t make any decision without asking “How will it benefit me?” and he doesn’t like to talk the advice of experts but instead listens to his “gut” (indigestion made international decisions for Trump).
    Donald Trump is the most corrupt, dishonest, self-dealing, lawless, non-Christian, campaign money-stealing president we have ever had in history and he was stupid to run for office, because presidents are under a lot of scrutiny and his corruption and bad business dealings and scandals would come to light… which is what is happening and has happened and Trump will pay for his crimes. Remember when Trump said he never asked God for forgiveness becasuse he’s never done anything wrong… and you think there’s nothing wrong with that psycho con artist?

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