Pentagon Study: American Youth in No Shape to Fight a Real War

By Donald Jeffries

An alarming recent study by the Pentagon found that 77% of young Americans are unfit for military service. This was due primarily to them being overweight, mentally or physically ill, or on drugs. Studies have found that 39% of young Americans use drugs regularly, while over half—56%—of those aged 18-25 are obese or overweight.

“When considering youth disqualified for one reason alone, the most prevalent disqualification rates are overweight (11%), drug and alcohol abuse (8%), and medical/physical health (7%),” the Pentagon’s 2020 Qualified Military Available study of Americans between the ages of 17-24 noted.

Most of those considered ineligible—some 44%—resulted from multiple, often overlapping reasons. As Gregory Hood wrote recently for “American Renaissance”:

 Understaffed and under pressure, America’s military may not be up to the job. We may be getting a service that can’t meet the demands America’s interventionist leadership will put on it. The Navy and the Army are both offering “prep courses” so more recruits can meet already low standards. This might work for physical fitness, but intelligence?

Hood went on to describe the “positive spin story” the AP worked up for Daysia Holiday, a young black girl who failed the academic test three times before a prep course allowed her to finally pass. “I still want to try to do Green Beret,” Holiday was quoted as telling AP, apparently with a straight face. “And, I want to do other courses—airborne and stuff like that. And I want to also try to become an officer.”

The New York Post refers to these prep camps as “boot camps without the yelling.” Hood further explained:

The armed forces must coax and wheedle recruits to serve their country. It’s not surprising, since they have done their best to purge its ranks of patriots who actually wanted to serve. With nationalists out, the Army recruits through pop culture. It resurrected its “Be All You Can Be” ads recently but put a black face on the message with narration by actor Jonathan Majors. It also spent $2.2 million on a 30-second ad during the NCAA basketball championships. “We are reinventing ‘Be All You Can Be’ to bridge the gaps of knowledge, relatability, culture, and trust among our youth audience,”  said Major General Alex Fink.

Majors, one of the most famous black actors today, was subsequently arrested on charges of strangulation, assault, and harassment against his girlfriend.

Considering the anti-white “woke” rhetoric espoused by present American military leaders like Gen. Mark Milley, it is surprising that any young white person would have an interest in serving in the military. What is the attraction of being shipped off at any moment to one of our occupied countries around the world, to enforce the U.S. idea of “freedom” on populations that understandably have grown to despise us?

Hood went on to quote a few comments to the “Be All You Can Be” YouTube video, which are a good representation of the sentiments of the general public.

“I will never fight for people who hate me,” one person declared. “As a privileged white male, I am so proud we have so many transgenders and people of color in the military. I will sit down and listen and let them do the fighting,” another stated. “Nobody in my neighborhood flies the flag or speaks English. Thank you for fighting for me,” was a comment reflective of the feelings of many young American citizens.

Indeed, what exactly would an American soldier be fighting for in 2023? To make the world safe for massive nonwhite migration into our already tapped out society? To teach patriarchal Muslim cultures the virtues of empowered women and sexual perversions? To force them to accept that gender is fluid and biological men can give birth?

White male soldiers, especially, would essentially be fighting against themselves. All official policy in the U.S. government and corporate world is now indisputably anti-white. If the continuous anti-Russian propaganda succeeds in embroiling America in a World War III, what would that accomplish other than another massive bloodletting as in the previous world wars, once again with most of the victims being white?

Drowning in Debt ad

Why would young white Americans, whose opportunities have been squelched by a tyrannical government and “equal opportunity” corporate world, be gung-ho to kill young Russians, who represent at this point the only whites left in the world with any pride or strength?

Recent polling by the Defense Department revealed that only 9% of young Americans have a desire to join the military. Again, what is the incentive here? The chance to die in one of our senseless foreign misadventures? To receive subpar health care from VA hospitals?

Maybe their propaganda can convince enough transgenders, illegal immigrants, and gang bangers to defend the interests of Israel and save us from the dreaded Russians.

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  1. RFK JR recebtly interviewed Col MacGregor. I was impressed by both men. But I heard Colonel MacGregor say our military is in “shambles”. I heard that word and it scares the Hell out of me. The collapse of our borders says it all. We becane America 2.0 after tge great lie of the 9/11 controlled demolitions. And the criminal international banksters and neocons have greatly destroyed our Republic

    Cancel the debt on the backs of international banks and their criminal communications and other corporations then nationalize banking for the express benefit of the 99% over the criminal 1%!!!

  2. Death ☠️💀☠️💀 of the Traditional Family in Western civilization is not a Joke 🤣🤣🤣.. No civilization can win wars with a Sodomite Army. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by the Father God most Holy in Jesus Christ name we pray 🙏🙏🙏..

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