Many Professors Living in Fear

Professors Scared
Students take their seats for the diploma ceremony at the John F. Kennedy School of Government during the 361st Commencement Exercises at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts May 24, 2012. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES - Tags: EDUCATION) - RTR32KV6

Cancel culture racists have conservative teachers afraid to speak their minds.

By Paul Craig Roberts

Academics, if they are white, live in fear of losing their jobs. Professors lost their authority when administrations ceased backing them and instead allowed student complaints to result in investigations. Once an investigatory procedure is in place, it keeps itself funded by investigating. Feminist complaints, followed by political correctness, had the investigative process well-oiled prior to the rise of wokism. Now almost any word can be turned into an offense requiring investigation. One professor is in trouble because he read to the class Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham jail.” King’s letter contained the word “nigger.” By reading aloud King’s letter, the professor committed hate speech and perhaps a hate crime. There are more ridiculous examples than this all over the internet.

Biggest scam StansberryNot only do professors have to try to anticipate the next offensive word or expression—you can’t say things like “girls’ night out,” for example—but also they live in fear of something that they might have written years ago. They are going through their published books and scholarly articles trying to prepare in advance for the accusations from the lynch squad. Indeed, today far more academics—and commentators—get lynched than ever black Americans did.

I learned about this when I asked a professor friend about where I could find his article anticipating the rise of “wokism,” the state where one finally awakes to the rampant social injustices allegedly occurring everywhere. I wanted to say how prescient he had been and include it in an article I was writing. He asked me to forget all about it and not to quote him on any subject as, “no attention was essential to survival.” He said he was even afraid to visit my website, which is nonwoke, because it could lead to charges against him. He said if I were still a professor, I would have long ago been fired, as the truths I state are today impermissible. Voice them and you are out.

At least some white academics are beginning to understand their peril, but not all. Dr. Leslie Neal- Boylan, the dean of the Nursing School at the University of Massachusetts, was fired for writing in an email that “everyone’s life matters.”

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“I am writing to express my concern and condemnation of the recent (and past) acts of violence against people of color. Recent events recall a tragic history of racism and bias that continue to thrive in this country. I despair for our future as a nation if we do not stand up against violence against anyone. Black Lives Matter, but, also, everyone’s life matters. No one should have to live in fear that they will be targeted for how they look or what they believe.”

Someone only identified as “Haley” found this innocuous statement “uncalled for and upsetting,” and that sufficed for the university to fire the dean, a person they had recently praised as “visionary” and an asset to the university.

Many ordinary people do not understand their peril, because the media conceals the situation in order to better carry on with its anti-white agenda. Recently a young white mother was murdered by black thugs for saying “all lives matter.”

Other white people have discovered that Democrat prosecutors, and probably Republican ones, as well, will indict them for defending their property against “peaceful protesters” who threaten to kill them or burn their property. Other white people have discovered that calls to the police are futile. Widespread destruction of private property and public monuments has taken place because public authorities have given the green light.

This stark demonstration of the loss of white confidence can only lead to a worsening situation.

Even left-wing journalists are being purged. The editor of The New York Times was fired because the op-ed editor published a “disapproved” article by a U.S. senator. The editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer was fired because a newspaper headline angered Black Lives Matter.

A New York Times editor resigned because the former newspaper has become a “Ministry of Truth.”

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Meanwhile, in the universities, the situation could not be worse. There is no confidence at all. The board of trustees of Princeton University decided that Woodrow Wilson, the 13th president of Princeton University and a Democrat who was the 28th president of the United States, was a racist and removed his name from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. According to the board of trustees, the tragic killing of George Floyd “renewed attention to the long and damaging history of racism in America.” The board decided that Wilson’s name gave the school a racist image and had to go.

Some might think that there are many better reasons than racism for removing Wilson’s name. Nevertheless, notice the rush to judgment by the trustees, people one would imagine to be intelligent and thoughtful, that Floyd was killed. The toxicology report shows a lethal dose of fentanyl in Floyd’s blood. He would have died whatever the police might have done. The presstitutes have withheld this fact from the public.

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What we have here is that allegedly responsible trustees removed a president’s name on the basis of fake reports from the media that Floyd was murdered by police. What better image of a people on the run could we have?

At Oxford University, where 25% of admissions are reserved for people that Oxford admits are not qualified to be there and for whom the university will have to finance at least one year of remedial education if they are to have a chance to graduate, the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College is to be removed because a colonialist is offensive to students from Britain’s former colonies. One wonders what will happen to the once prestigious Rhodes Scholarships. If there is a stigma to the statue, there must be stigma to the scholarships as well.

Cambridge University is also cleansing itself of racists. Gonville & Caius College is removing a window that commemorates Sir Ronald Fisher, Fellow of the Royal Society and former president of the college. Fisher is considered to be a genius who almost single-handedly created the foundations for modern statistical science and is regarded as the single most important figure in 20th century statistics. Fisher’s crime was to have headed the University of Cambridge’s eugenics program.

This in our mindless times makes him a racist, because eugenics acknowledges differences in races, and such differences are forbidden to be acknowledged.

Consider the insouciance of the Cambridge administration and the Princeton trustees. If Fisher is a racist whose memory must be expunged from Cambridge because he was interested in eugenics, Cambridge University must also be racist for having a eugenics program. If the president of Princeton University is a racist, the university that appointed him must also be racist. Is what we have here, two organizations trying to shove their racism off on two individuals? It is Cambridge and Princeton that need to be changed. And not merely the names. All the white faculty, white administrators and white subjects, such as mathematics and science, must be turned out. Only a Third World faculty and Third World subjects are permissible.

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While throwing a past leader of Cambridge University and founder of modern statistics in the memory hole, Cambridge University rushed to the defense of a Third World female lecturer who declared “white lives don’t matter” by promoting her to full professor. Priyamvada Gopal got into no trouble for her hate speech/hate crime. She was rewarded for it, because it was expressed against white people.

Cambridge institutionalized racial bias against white faculty and administrators awhile back when the university assigned each member a person of color as their commissar to ensure no untoward word was said or offensive truth taught. The only reason for a white person to attend Cambridge University is to become a self-hating white full of guilt and contrition and thereby helpful to the cause of overthrowing Western Civilization.

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No one escapes. At the University of Chicago, economist Harald Uhlig, editor of the prestigious Journal of Political Economy, for which I was once a contributor and a reviewer, was investigated by the university, temporarily relieved of his editorial position, and lost his contract with the Federal Reserve simply because he tweeted that Black Lives Matter had harmed its cause by supporting defunding of the police. After a groveling apology for expressing a non-controversial opinion, Uhlig apparently escaped with his job, but not with his Federal Reserve contract.

Michigan State University scholar Stephen Hsu was forced to resign his position as vice president of research and innovation for accurately reporting a study from a year ago by a Michigan State University professor of psychology that found police shoot more white Americans than black Americans. Hsu—who, judging by his name is Asian—is nevertheless another “white racist” for reporting conclusions of a study that did not support the woke contention of “systemic police racism.” The question that I have long asked—if it is racist when police shoot a black person, what is it when they shoot a white person?—remains off the table.

Universities are unsafe places for white males. Faculty and staff live in fear of baseless accusations that can destroy their careers and their financial lives. White male students are routinely graded down by feminist and black professors and cannot complain, as all complaints are regarded as proof that the white male is a misogynist and a racist. Identity politics is the ideology that prevails in universities, the media, the Democrat Party, and, increasingly, in the corporate workplace. Identity politics deprives the white male of any basis for complaint because it identifies the white male as everyone else’s victimizer. Everyone is his victim. As he is the oppressor, he can never be supported, only denounced.

My advice to white men and women is to avoid universities, especially graduate schools, as you will not get an academic job. The universities prefer “oppressed” Third World types, such as Priyamvada Gopal. If you insist on making the mistake of going to a university, you probably have a better chance of admission to Oxford as one of the 25% who are not qualified to be there than you would have from competing against the 75% who are qualified. On the other hand, the 25% Oxford reserves for unqualified applicants might be reserved only for “people of color” and the privileged transgendered.

It is impossible today for any white student to attend any university in the Western world without constantly hearing how evil “whiteness” is. The intent is to destroy the self-confidence of whites so that what is so widely proclaimed—“abolish whiteness”—can be achieved.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Ronald Reagan and was associate editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal. He has been a professor of economics in six universities and is the author of numerous books available at the American Free Press bookstore.

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  1. What Mr. Roberts writes about at universities(in Britain as well), is also true up here in Canada. You are not even allowed to have a white culture club in Canadian universities. But non-whites can have anything they want. Not long ago a York University student posted the innocuous statement “white lives matter”. York U. reacted as if the greatest crime in history had just been perpetrated. Universities in the western world are now the breeding grounds of white hate. It’s very much a planned subversion of western society.

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