Issue 27&28, 2023 News You May Have Missed

The Horrors of War

The extent of the hellish World-War-I-like fighting that is currently taking place in Ukraine has largely been lost on the American public. A recent article published on Forbes magazine’s website hinted at it, explaining, “An attempt by the Ukrainian army’s 47th Assault Brigade and 33rd Mechanized Brigade to cross a minefield in southern Ukraine on June 8 was even more disastrous than we knew. … Russian scouts spotted the 47th-33rd Brigade battlegroup approaching Robotyne on June 8 and called in Kamov attack helicopters that plucked at the Ukrainian column with anti-tank missiles. But it was the mines that did in the 33rd and 47th Brigades. … In a bloody hour or two, the 47th-33rd Brigade battlegroup lost nearly a fifth of Ukraine’s M-2s [armored fighting vehicles], a fifth of its Leopard 2A6s [tanks] and half its Leopard 2Rs [tanks].” Early estimates indicate thousands of young Ukrainian and Russian men have lost their lives in the past month’s fighting alone.

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Russian Base in Cuba?

Despite what President Joe Biden claims, U.S. support for Ukraine is ramping up another cold war with nuclear-armed Russia. In late June, Cuba’s minister of defense arrived in Moscow to meet with the Russian minister of defense. Russia announced that it is ready to provide assistance to Cuba, which, according to Russia’s minister of defense, is “under illegal trade and economic blockade of the United States.”

Elites Owned Slaves

In late June, Reuters published a list of 100 political elites who had ancestors that owned slaves. On that list were Joe Biden, George W. and George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Elizabeth Warren. Even Barack Obama’s forebears on his mother’s side owned slaves. The only living president who didn’t have ancestors that owned slaves was Donald Trump.


Record Number of Unmarried

As of 2021, a record 25% of all 40-year-olds in the U.S. have never been married, according to new polling data from Pew Research Center. This is a significant increase from 20% in 2010. This is not because the 40-year-olds are choosing to not get married to their boyfriend or girlfriend and live together. According to the data, in 2022, only 22% of the never married 40-year-olds were cohabiting.

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More Women Are Liberal Today

An increasing number of young women identify as liberal, especially when compared to young men. According to Gallup’s “Social Series” polling, in 2021, nearly 45% of all women aged 18-29 identify as liberal, up from 29% in 2000. In contrast, only 25% of men in the same age bracket say they are on the left, which is down from 29% in 2000.


Jail for Regular Folks

On June 21, former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Kendra Kingsbury was sentenced to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of willful retention of classified documents. Kingsbury was found guilty of storing classified documents in her home, including her bathroom. Her sentence mirrors charges brought against former President Donald Trump as well as the allegation that President Joe Biden has kept classified documents at his office, his home, and his garage. The only difference is prosecutors never offered to drop all charges if Kingsbury turned over the documents.

Out of Wedlock Births

Out-of-wedlock births have risen dramatically in the past few decades, according to new Census data. As a share of total births in the U.S., out-of-wedlock births have risen from 5% in 1980 to a whopping 41% in 2020. When broken down by race, in 2020, 74% of births among black Americans were to single moms, while only 12% of Asian mothers gave birth outside of marriage.


Golden State Schools Tarnished

Something is very wrong in California public schools. In June, the Los Angeles Times compared the grades of sixth-, seventh-, eighth-, and 11th-grade students in 2022 to state assessment test scores that judge whether students are proficient in English and math, and the newspaper found major discrepancies. According to the findings, in 2022, 73% of 11th-graders earned all As, Bs, and Cs, but state assessments showed only 19% actually met grade-level standards in math and English. When it came to eighth-graders, 79% earned all As, Bs, and Cs, but only 23% met grade-level standards. The Times found similar discrepancies for seventh- and sixth-graders. Conclusion: California is falsifying students’ grades.


Lying About Honesty

The following story exemplifies why the public has lost all faith in major U.S. institutions. In late June, a prominent Harvard scientist, who has published dozens of studies on the topic of honesty, came under fire for allegedly fabricating her own research, reports the National Review. Harvard Business School’s Francesca Gino has made a career out of her research on lying, teaching students and regularly appearing on prominent left-leaning outlets such as National Public Radio and The New York Times as an expert on the subject. Now, both outlets have been forced to admit that Gino’s research was likely fabricated. Harvard has placed her on paid leave while it conducts its investigation.

Horrifying Case

On June 27, the nation’s first male transsexual legislator, former New Hampshire state Rep. “Stacie-Marie” Laughton (D), was arrested for allegedly distributing child pornography. The case is connected to a childcare center in Massachusetts involving children who are believed to be as young as age three. A woman who worked at the daycare and who has been romantically linked to Laughton allegedly took photos of the children during diaper changes, sending them to Laughton over the course of 2,500 alleged text messages that are now in police possession. Laughton has faced prior charges for stalking, credit card fraud, and making a bomb threat.


Victory for Free Speech

The 69-year-old California lawyer who was arrested at a Mennonite academic conference on the Holocaust in 2018 and then sued the host has won a $50,000 settlement after a partially successful appeal on his false arrest and breach of contract claim.  Bruce Leichty brought two Jewish revisionists to Kansas to speak at an event near Bethel College north of Wichita, but was expelled after he tried to announce the event, and then arrested after the college president lied to local police and said he warned Leichty he would be trespassing if he returned to the conference for which he had registered.  The 10th Circuit ruled in May that Leichty, himself a Mennonite who has represented controversial figures such as 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, deserved a trial on whether he was lawfully expelled.  But the college “had no stomach for a trial,” says Leichty. So, after four years of litigating, they agreed to pay money to avoid being in the spotlight.  The police officer who made the arrest, Levi Minkevitch, was a Bethel alumnus who was killed in an off-road vehicle crash a week before he was to be deposed in Leichty’s false arrest lawsuit.


Left to Die By Its “Fathers”

On June 27, Jennifer Lahl, the president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, wrote on her advocacy group’s website that, earlier in 2023, two homosexual men in California had rented a woman’s womb so she could carry to term a baby that contained the DNA of all three of them. Twenty-four weeks into the pregnancy, however, the woman received a medical diagnosis that might cause a premature birth. At six months, the woman wanted to induce labor and keep the baby, but the two men refused. The two homosexual men demanded that the baby be birthed early, but they refused all life-saving measures. As a result, the healthy but premature baby was induced and left to die in the birthing room of the hospital.