Elites Seeking Global Pandemic Treaty

By Mark Anderson

On the cusp of the annual spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who headed the Federal Reserve Board of Governors under President Barack Obama, addressed a Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) virtual meeting April 5. In her new public role, she preached from the globalist handbook before revealing some major shifts on the near horizon.

She said that in the post-World War II years the new international system forged at the 1944 Bretton Woods, N.H. mega-summit (where the IMF itself was born, among other agencies and agreements, including the World Bank) may have “neglected” those who didn’t benefit from globalization. This takes for granted that the millions of people and companies downsized and often impoverished by rapid globalization for its own sake were merely overlooked, and if only they had somehow been “included” in the pending global utopia, they would have largely been spared the massive destruction and dislocation of high-paying dependable jobs and drastic shifts in capital that only forced globalization can bring.

Ms. Yellen’s remarks to CCGA President Ivo Daalder were not complete without taking a swipe at Donald Trump: “America first must never mean America alone,” she said, uttering a typical verbal heresy among the ruling class: the inaccurate notion that Trump’s “America first” literally meant America alone. It never did and cannot mean that, since the global elite’s non- stop insistence that the U.S. must be “vaccinated” against the dreaded “isolationism” that’s a part of its political bloodstream is based on the false premise that any nation could literally go it alone in all aspects of its existence.

Clearly, “America first” means, and has always meant, having relative independence, while making sure that the government voters elect works for them and their benefit first and foremost. As Trump understood, a stronger America is better positioned to pick its battles carefully and more prudently aid and cooperate with other nations, while avoiding unnecessary alliances and ending the recklessly expensive military intervention- ism that Joe Biden appears intent on reviving.

“The global community is in this together,” Ms. Yellen added, while noting that “the last four years” have taught America “the futility of the isolationist stance,” a stance which, she claimed, helped bring about World War II, thereby necessitating the advent of the postwar “rules-based world order” that, in a sense, is to globalists what the New Testament is to Christians.

And, after giving a customary nod to the notion that the world economic system should be weighted toward helping the LGBTQ community and “people of color,” as well as boosting “equal” rights for women—a cryptic way of saying European-rooted people are to be demoted and that women should be emancipated from the Christian order of mainly being a wife and mother (with careers simply given less emphasis)—she then predictably pressed the “vaccine nationalism” issue. She said that the world community must “help prevent the emergence of global imbalances” in terms of distributing the unlicensed, still-experimental Covid vaccines which, she understands, may not be available to some low-in- come countries until 2023 or 2024.


At that point, after noting that 120 million people in the U.S. “became financially insecure” in 2020 under the context of Covid—as if America’s descent into poverty was a passive, random occurrence and not the deliberate destruction of the economy by power-mad mayors, governors, and health bureaucrats—Ms. Yellen revealed that the world’s poorest nations may soon receive $650 billion in funds, in the form of IMF “special drawing rights,” for greater spending on “vaccinations and healthcare.” In making this announcement, she papered over the IMF’s infamous practice of driving desperate nations into impossible debt while making major social and cultural changes, and now medical edicts, a condition for poor nations to receive such usurious “assistance.”

Drowning in debt

“Covid-19 has clearly shown that threats like Covid require global cooperation,” Ms. Yellen went on to state at the CCGA forum—while trumpeting Biden-backed plans for a “global minimum corporate tax rate,” “green” jobs, rejoining the Paris climate pact that then-President Trump de- parted from in 2017; a “green” infrastructure rebuilding scheme; and Biden’s eye-popping $1.9 trillion pandemic package [read: more vaccinations] that she called “the largest relief package of its kind since the Great Depression.”

She summarized by saying the Treasury Department, under what authority she did not specify, is “working with international organizations” to pursue this “green,” meaning low-carbon, world. “The G-20 Sustainable Finance Study Group,” she said, is pursuing “green” investments and infrastructure projects toward a “net-zero” world in terms of carbon emissions—in a world replete with carbon-based lifeforms—a fact that always escapes the coldly clinical worldview of Ms. Yellen and other broad thinkers, whose imaginative scenario of a world warming to the point of no return drives their noble quest for “saving us all by saving the planet.”

Furthermore, according to the G-20, whose annual summit will take place in Italy in October, the Sustainable Finance Study Group is:

. . . tackling climate change and the other challenges needed to bring economic development on a sustainable path. [It] requires the involvement of the financial system and its alignment with the objectives of the [UN’s] Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. In line with its vision articulated in the pillars of “People, Planet and Prosperity,” the Italian presidency of the G20 has decided to restart the work of the Sustainable Finance Study Group (SFSG). . . .

The first meeting of the SFSG was held virtu- ally on March 26, 2021. The Study Group’s two co-chairs are China and the United States, with support from the United Nations Development Programme as secretariat.


Meanwhile, 24 world leaders have signed a letter calling for what amounts to a global treaty to combat future pandemics, while citing the coronavirus outbreak “as an opportunity to consign nationalism to the dustbin of history,” in the opinion of the “Need to Know News” network created by noted author G. Edward Griffin. Griffin said:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron are the leading figures behind the pledge, with 21 other heads of state signing the letter. It states that “nobody is safe until everyone is safe,” and that a “global community” must be further implemented in or- der to combat ‘“inevitable” future pandemics.

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“At a time when Covid-19 has exploited our weaknesses and divisions, we must seize this opportunity and come together as a global community for peaceful cooperation that extends be- yond this crisis,” the letter itself states. “Building our capacities and systems to do this will take time and require a sustained political, financial, and societal commitment over many years,” it adds. Echoing Ms. Yellen’s above remarks to the CCGA, the letter compares the situation to the aftermath of World War II, and urges an end to “isolationism and nationalism.”

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown added in an April 12 Guardian column that, besides the funds generated from the proposed $650 billion in “special drawing rights,” even more funds will be needed to close the “vax gap” be- tween rich and poor nations. He named an existing special tax levy on UN member states that was created to fund smallpox eradication, as well as other existing global levies, while proposing a new “more equitable” burden-sharing plan where the U.S. “might contribute about 25%” toward a world vaccination fund.