Domestic Terror

BLM Terror

Black Lives Matter demanding whites give up their homes.

By the AFP Staff

As this newspaper goes to press, parts of the city of Portland have been on fire for over 80 days due to the violent riots that take place there every night. And that is not all. Other major U.S. cities, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Columbus, Detroit, and Seattle, have all seen protests break out into rioting and looting in the past two months. Hundreds of police have been injured as a result of this, along with many innocent bystanders. All of these wanton acts of mayhem and destruction have been carried out at the behest of individuals affiliated with groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. It is high time local, state, and federal law enforcement call out these individuals and organizations and slap a designation labelling them what they truly are: domestic terrorists.

Only recently, BLM demonstrators marched through a quiet neighborhood in Seattle in the wee hours of the morning, shouting on megaphones in an effort to intimidate homeowners into giving up their homes to the radicals.

In shocking video posted to the internet, a crowd of dozens of people dressed in black and wearing masks were chanting “black lives matter.” An unidentified man then moves to the front and directs his angry outburst at nearby white residents, saying they are living in a historically black section of the city. Another woman in the crowd yells that they should “give up” their homes.

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Unfortunately, while the Europeans are waking up, Americans are still asleep as our freedoms continue to be trampled. While Europeans demand an end to government tyranny, here we see states with minuscule new deaths returning to lockdown. It is as if all the wannabe tyrants from mayors to governors are finally realizing their secret dreams of ruling by decree. Their dreams are our nightmares. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy put citizens “on notice” that he will lock the state back down if people dare to go outside without a face mask or even to have guests inside their own homes. What kind of politician puts his own constituents “on notice”?”

In Chicago, a group of demonstrators, mostly made up of white, 20-something adults, gathered in front of a police station to demand that officers release individuals who had been arrested for destroying and looting dozens of stores in the Windy City.

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Ariel Atkins, who claims to be the organizer for BLM’s Chicago chapter, egged on the crowd, telling them, “I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store because that makes sure that person eats. That makes sure that person has clothes. That is reparations. Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.” But many smaller stores do not.

In perhaps one of the most shocking examples of violence, on Aug. 16, a dozen BLM protesters in Portland attacked a young man who had stopped while driving through Portland to intervene when he saw the group robbing someone.

In video that has gone viral across the internet, the group can be seen dragging the man from his truck and kicking and punching him until he is lying in the street, bleeding and unconscious. One of the BLM protesters, who was later identified as local DJ Marquise Love, can be seen kicking the injured man in the head and shouting, “black lives matter, [expletive deleted]!” Another woman can be seen pouring water over the man’s head and shouting, “Get up, [expletive deleted]!” As AFP goes to press, no arrests have been made in that brutal assault, though Portland police have issued an arrest warrant for Love.

The mainstream leftist media have been running cover for BLM and Antifa for months. Over and over again, their on-the-scene reporters have claimed that the protests are “overwhelmingly peaceful” while shocking scenes of violence and arson unfold right behind them for all viewers to see.

And if that is not bad enough, at least one legislator has implied that violent protesters are justified in their actions.

On Aug. 14, a day after the Seattle march cited above, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was asked by reporters if she would condemn the BLM activists who sought to intimidate innocent people by gathering in large numbers to demand that white people “give up their homes.”

Cortez suggested Congress should cave to their demands, saying, “I don’t know the details of the protests that are going on, but I think . . . it’s important for us to enact legislation and policy that actually addresses the core reasons behind why all of this kind of disruption is happening.”

The latest poll—a survey conducted in June by polling firm Rasmussen—found that 49% of Americans believe Antifa is a terrorist organization. Following two more months of looting and rioting, that number is almost surely higher. In addition, a Monmouth University poll from early July shows that 70% of Americans do not think BLM has improved race relations, while 38% of respondents said BLM had seriously harmed race relations.