Bilderberg 2023: Lisbon, Portugal

May 17, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By AFP Staff Multiple sources are reporting that this year’s gathering of wealthy elites and world leaders will take place at the five-star resort Pestana Palace Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, the weekend of May 20-21. […]

Why Did They Meet With Sex Trafficker?

May 16, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By John Friend The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently reported on a trove of previously unreleased documents connecting billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to several high-profile individuals, including current CIA director William Burns. These revelations […]

End of the American Petrodollar

May 4, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By Dr. Ron Paul Future historians may say that the most significant event of 2023 had nothing to do with Donald Trump, other 2024 presidential candidates, or even the war in Ukraine. Instead, the event […]

U.S. Hegemony Over?

March 31, 2023 John Friend 5

By John Friend Burgeoning alliance between Russia, China challenges unipolar order The U.S. has long maintained its geopolitical hegemony through threats, military action, color revolutions, disinformation campaigns, and other dirty tricks, but that is all […]

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