American Public Brainwashed to Hate Iran

February 12, 2020 Staff 1

President Trump and the U.S. public have been thoroughly brainwashed on Persia. By Dr. Kevin Barrett President Donald Trump wants to get out of the Middle East, so why did he murder Iran’s most popular […]

Americans Support Assassinations?

February 11, 2020 Staff 1

Decades of brainwashing have convinced Americans we should kill foreign leaders. By Donald Jeffries In 1976, President Gerald Ford signed Executive Order 11905, which prohibited any member of the United States government from engaging or […]

The Iran Hostage Crisis: 40 Years Later

February 8, 2020 Staff 0

CIA dirty tricks against Iranian democracy led to Islamic fundamentalist revolution. By S.T. Patrick “Do you believe in miracles?!” Al Michaels screamed as the ragtag team of amateur American hockey players defeated the dominant Russians […]

What Can U.S. Learn from the UK?

January 30, 2020 Staff 0

Adoption of radical leftist policies and endorsements from celebrities are “political poison.” By S.T. Patrick Extrapolating one country’s national election results into a global trend or a long-term lesson can be challenging, yet there must […]

‘Barbarians’ Sack Sweden

January 23, 2020 Staff 1

Bombings, rapes, and assaults are rising as multiculturalism fails. By John Friend The once stable, prosperous, and homogeneous nation of Sweden has seen steadily rising levels of violence, crime including rape, and, shockingly, bombings and […]

Leftist Policies Are Ruining Europe

December 16, 2019 Staff 2

If suicidal immigration policies are not reversed, Christian-European culture will die. By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts In Sweden the rape of white Swedish women by black immigrant-invaders never stops. In the latest outrage four black […]

A Failed Legacy of Regime Change

December 13, 2019 Staff 0

By S.T. Patrick As citizens of nations around the world line the streets as far as the eye can see in protest of tyrannical governments—many linked to U.S. corporations, financial institutions, and politicians—it is worth […]

Is NATO Brain Dead?

December 12, 2019 Staff 1

The divides between NATO member states is growing larger. By Richard Walker After 70 years, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has gone into steady decline. While its supporters, to quote Mark Twain, will insist […]

The Syria-ISIS Fraud Exposed

December 3, 2019 Staff 0

Alleged assassination of terrorist leader took place in area protected by U.S. By S.T. Patrick As American militarists continue to rejoice in the killing of self-proclaimed ISIS caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, they are forced to […]

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