Virus Will Change the World

April 14, 2020 Staff 0

One man’s sobering predictions could help you prepare. By Dr. Kevin Barrett Will coronavirus deglobalize the world, reducing travel, sharply curtailing immigration, and fostering local production by breaking global supply chains? Will it help the […]

Forgotten Workers Keeping America Running

April 13, 2020 Staff 0

BY S.T. Patrick When talk of raising the minimum wage significantly in multiple states commenced, you could almost hear the collective sound of sighs and eye-rolls among those who instantly assessed the worth (or lack […]

Media Skews Virus Numbers

April 12, 2020 Staff 0

By Mark Anderson It’s clear that nearly every mainstream media outlet is consistently presenting an overly simplistic and hysteria-inducing “cases-and-deaths” narrative without qualifying the data and certainly without reporting the high number of recoveries. Recoveries […]

Suspending the Constitution

April 11, 2020 Staff 1

Police state using virus crisis to expand its lockdown powers. By John Whitehead You can always count on the government to take advantage of a crisis, legitimate or manufactured. This coronavirus pandemic is no exception. […]

DOJ Power Grab

April 6, 2020 Staff 1

With AG William Barr in place during Covid-19, is indefinite detention without trial of Americans on the horizon? By John Friend The Department of Justice (DOJ) is facing backlash for what many critics view as […]

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