Free Speech Under Siege in U.S.

February 10, 2022 AFP Editor 1

By Phil Giraldi Thanks to the Bill of Rights you can currently say anything you want in the United States as long as it doesn’t offend those who are powerful. If you do upset the […]

Like Voter ID? You’re a Racist

January 31, 2022 AFP Editor 1

By Donald Jeffries Joe Biden recently gave one of his more remarkably angry and unhinged speeches. Referencing the Jan. 6 protests, Biden declared; Last week, [Vice] President Harris and I stood in the United States […]

‘Whistleblower’ Blows Off Real Scandal

November 9, 2021 AFP Editor 0

By Larry Elder Stop the presses: Facebook seeks to maximize profits. Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, appeared on “60 Minutes,” where she slammed Facebook, a publicly owned corporation, for “optimizing for content that gets […]

Border Security Should Be No. 1 Priority

November 8, 2021 AFP Editor 2

By Mark Anderson While Congress wasted no time voting 229-202 for spurious contempt-of-Congress charges against former Trump administration strategist Steve Bannon because he would not testify about the so-called Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol “insurrection,” the […]

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