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Was former Gov. John Hickenlooper indoctrinated at the last Bilderberg meeting? This Bilderberg “graduate” recently told prominent Chicago globalists about his foreign policy and outlined his NWO-centered presidential candidacy.

By Mark Anderson

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper appears to be a changed man ever since he fraternized in Turin, Italy with some of the world’s most influential transnationalists at the secretive Bilderberg meeting last year. Having cast aside comparatively mundane local and state issues, the 2020 Democratic presidential aspirant has morphed into a foreign policy “expert” and is going global all the way, Bilderberg style.

On May 20, Hickenlooper became the first 2020 presidential candidate to address the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) in Chicago.

CCGA originated in 1922 as the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. The group has welcomed several regular and semi-regular Bilderberg attendees over the years, though few who have sought the White House.

Hickenlooper’s message was clear: President Donald Trump is a menace not just to the U.S. but to all that is global, largely because, according to Hickenlooper, Trump’s rhetoric and actions “divide” the American people from within and drive a wedge between the U.S. and its allies in terms of the big picture.

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In the world of Hickenlooper and his CCGA confreres, Trump’s intransigence couldn’t possibly be a simple opposition to a rigged globalist system that nearly always gets its way and keeps centralizing wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands. It couldn’t be that Trump won the White House because most people agree that globalism’s days should be numbered and a return to principled nationhood could be the answer. Nor could the nation’s divisive climate be the result of a media-fed frenzy trying to second-guess and upset Trump’s efforts at every turn.

Oh, no. It could only be that Trump is bad and that Hickenlooper, the assembled CCGA globalists, and their fellow travelers know what’s good for everyone—the glaring failures of forced, clandestine globalization notwithstanding.

Hickenlooper made several boilerplate points, typical of those who’ve experienced the “Bilderberg immersion,” including that he’d rejoin the Paris Agreement “on my first day in office” to counter Trump’s move, on the eve of the 2017 Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, to withdraw the U.S. from that nebulous climate-change pact.

While Hickenlooper’s most salient point was that the U.S. needs “cyber-walls” to protect its vulnerable computer-intensive mass transit, communications, financial, defense and energy systems, he contrasted that with Trump’s efforts toward creating an effective border wall (tactical infrastructure system) in an arguably unfair manner.

“Trump obsesses about border walls,” Hickenlooper lamented, while avoiding the more objective view of seeing both kinds of “walls” as important, especially with tens of thousands of people a day, many with unknown backgrounds, now being apprehended at the southern border, largely in Texas.

While Hickenlooper voiced the tiresome trope that “Russia invaded the 2016 election,” implying, like most good globalists, that Trump would have lost the election to Hillary Clinton if it wasn’t for those rogue Russians, he trounced Trump for enacting tariffs against Chinese goods. But he did so without taking into account that America’s long-term trade deficit with China, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year, has caused a huge forfeiture of U.S. wealth to China, enabling the communist-based nation to leverage its surplus from such gravely imbalanced trade to vastly bolster its military and cyber-spying capabilities.

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Hickenlooper even went so far as to say that Trump “launched tariff wars” and is hostile toward trade itself when 95% of consumers of U.S. production, he said, live outside U.S. borders.

Trump has so far mainly reoriented trade, in an apparent effort—though the jury is still out in some areas—to make it fairer and more balanced, partly to avoid what happened with trade with China, which was set up by veteran Bilderbergers (the late) David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. But Trump’s trade efforts also appear to be geared to give American producers a boost and, to a degree, increase overall job creation and spending power.

Hickenlooper appears tone-deaf to such details and instead dutifully spouts the one-world line pretty much across the board. If elected, he also would:

  • adhere to UN mandates and initiatives with few if any exceptions;
  • rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership megatrade pact (that Trump left in early 2017) “to influence China”; and
  • never pull U.S. troops out of Syria or anywhere else without consulting all available inhouse policy experts, implying that Trump’s more autonomous approach to reduce troop levels is wrong-headed.

Hickenlooper added that NATO “demonstrates all that is right” about the new world order, claiming that Trump’s basic approach to make more of NATO’s members pay a fairer share of operating costs is somehow ill-advised when, in fact, Trump—as is the case with tariffs on Chinese imports—has fought for better equity for America regarding NATO and other global arrangements. All told, Hickenlooper seems to have been cured of any nationalist notions that he may have harbored in days gone by, as might be expected from a recent Bilderberg graduate.

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor. Email him at [email protected].

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