35 Republicans Traitors Who Voted for 1/6 Commission to Bash Conservatives

A bill to “investigate” the Jan. 6 protests passed the House on May 19 by a vote of 252-175. Despite being opposed by Republican leaders as nothing more than a show hearing to bash conservatives, 35 Republicans still voted in favor of it.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted the measure, saying the commission “does not examine interrelated forms of political violence in America” that included violent, destructive riots over the summer of 2020.

The 35 House Republicans who broke ranks to vote in favor of the bill, according to GovTrack.us:

  • French Hill, Arkansas
  • Steve Womack, Arkansas
  • David Valadao, California
  • Carlos Gimenez, Florida
  • Maria Salazar, Florida
  • Mike Simpson, Idaho
  • Rodney Davis, Illinois
  • Adam Kinzinger, Illinois
  • Trey Hollingsworth, Indiana
  • Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Iowa
  • Meijer Peter, Michigan
  • Fred Upton, Michigan
  • Michael Guest, Mississippi
  • Jeff Fortenberry, Nebraska
  • Don Bacon, Nebraska
  • Chris Smith, New Jersey
  • Andrew Garbarino, New York
  • Tom Reed, New York
  • John Katko, New York
  • Chris Jacobs, New York
  • David Joyce, Ohio
  • Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio
  • Stephanie Bice, Oklahoma
  • Cliff Bentz, Oregon
  • Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
  • Tom Rice, South Carolina
  • Dusty Johnson, South Dakota
  • Van Taylor, Texas
  • Tony Gonzalez, Texas
  • Blake Moore, Utah
  • John Curtis, Utah
  • Jaime Herrera Butler, Washington
  • Dan Newhouse, Washington
  • David McKinley, West Virginia
  • Liz Cheney, Wyoming

6 Comments on 35 Republicans Traitors Who Voted for 1/6 Commission to Bash Conservatives

  1. If they did do an investigation on the summer riots over a black man being murdered by a police officer that we all saw on video, they would find what all other studies have found – the majority of BLM protests were peaceful. They turned violent when white trash extremists like Proud [insecure] boys and those shithead that come carrying assault style weapons, and then Trump’s militant police force which included prison guards, police attacking and arresting the press, vans pulling over and throwing people in the van handcuffed and not tell them who they were or what was going on, and then arrest them (that didn’t look like America), firing riot shit like rubber bullets and pepper spray cans and s#it at people who weren’t doing anything, and assaulting the press, permanently made an Australian Reporter deaf in one ear- Australia demanded and likely never got an apology. Militant police state, and stupid right-wing media viewers know absolutely nothing about it because they are spoon-fed absolute crap, and not news, on the daily.

  2. Good. They have exposed themselves. Now, take action. No more letting these liars and turncoats, hAve betrayed trust and need a strong dose of reality to express gratitude for misleading the public. Make them get real jobs. Do some real work and relearn what they have taken for granted and are helping to destroy. It’s about the people who they were supposed to represent, not them and their personal anything. So, they don’t understand. This is our America. Not the Friggin politicians. They are the problem. They are responsible for the hole we’re in. And our election was fraudulent. We should be upset. So should they be about that. And the perps reside on the other side of the isle. Investigate the commies in your colleagues. The real insurectionist.

  3. This is exactly like the standard New York establish policy of endlessly bemoaning the “losses” in the WW2 era…while totally refusing to recognize the 100 plus MILLION sould MURDERED by communism 1917 to the early 1990’s
    Its the same totally corrupt dishonesty

  4. Did you expect anything different? There’s no Right/Left, GOP/Dem. The U.S. government is a giant monolith whose main function to incorporate the Western World into the Globalist Government. That pattern is clear to anyone paying attention.

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