Fake News and War Party Lies

December 2, 2016 AFP Editor 5

Of course, Americans need to be wary of all of the “fake news” that is out there, but, more often than not, it is our own leaders, who lie us into new rights-robbing laws, entangling […]

Will Trump Keep His Campaign Promises?

November 20, 2016 AFP Editor 5

As soon as he steps into the White House on Jan. 20, President-elect Donald Trump should make the following his top priorities: funding shovel-ready jobs for unemployed Americans, fixing crumbling roads and bridges, bringing industry […]

Trump Wins!

November 9, 2016 AFP Editor 6

Last night, the mainstream media was left scratching their heads, wondering how they could have missed the upset of Hillary Clinton by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. What they failed to realize was the anger […]

What Hath Trump Wrought?

November 8, 2016 AFP Editor 0

What will happen if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump loses on Nov. 8? Will the majority of middle-class Americans—the so-called “deplorables” labelled by Hillary Clinton—unite behind the new president? According to this longtime advisor to […]

No Matter Who Wins Today, Health Loses

November 8, 2016 AFP Editor 3

No matter who wins the election on Nov. 8, the fact remains that critical health issues will almost certainly be left unaddressed by the incoming president. We’ve seen this repeatedly for decades. Neither the Democrats […]

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