Help Defeat Trade Deal, Now

May 17, 2015 AFP 1

By Mark Anderson — It’s time to call Congress—big time. Don’t for a moment fret and say “they never listen,” because members of Congress simply need to hear from enough everyday citizens right now—to finally […]

Iranian General Insists U.S. Did 9-11

May 16, 2015 AFP 6

By Ronald L. Ray — Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan is the commander of ground forces in the Iranian army. In a television interview on Iran’s Arabic-language news network, Al-Alam, on April 19, 2015, the […]

Zionist Intrigue in Argentina Exposed

May 16, 2015 AFP 1

By Ronald L. Ray — What do Israeli imperialism in the Middle East, Zionist lobby groups and Wall Street vulture capitalism in Argentina have in common? They are all part of a vast conspiracy to […]

What Exactly Killed Baltimore Drug Dealer?

May 11, 2015 AFP 13

By John Friend — As mayhem and destruction consumed the city of Baltimore, Maryland following the still unexplained death of black criminal Freddie Gray, unconfirmed reports are emerging that Gray’s “life-ending injuries to his spine […]

Liberal Black Rule the Problem, Not Law & Order

May 11, 2015 AFP 0

By Victor Thorn — Since President Barack Hussein Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder have chosen to interject themselves into racially inflammatory matters recently, maybe they should instruct black […]

Riots Prediction Rings True

May 11, 2015 AFP 3

• Book warns more racial violence will hit U.S. cities. By Victor Thorn — When this author predicted in AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s latest bestselling book, America’s Racial Powder Keg, that the United States would erupt […]

Stand With Cops—But Against Police State

May 10, 2015 AFP 3

By Mark Anderson — Today, the police, who are responsible for maintaining law and order in the worst parts of the country, have become a punching bag for the mainstream media and professional activists, taking […]

Israel’s Dirty Nuclear Secrets

May 4, 2015 AFP 0

• How Netanyahu became a nuclear terrorist and Russia became Iran’s ally. By Ronald L. Ray — In the sociopathic mind of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, any Middle Eastern country seeking to defend itself […]


May 4, 2015 AFP 32

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Sandy Hook: Still Looking for Answers

May 3, 2015 AFP 28

By Victor Thorn — When serious investigative journalists confront a particular case, it’s imperative that they rely on critical thinking and logic rather than emotionalism and blind acceptance. With this extremely simple premise in mind, […]

‘Hated’ SPLC Attacks AFP, Again

May 3, 2015 AFP 5

One of the crude and ghastly Jewish mouthpieces of the increasingly irrelevant and vilified Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has reared its nasty head to attack a syndicated columnist  whose articles appear in this newspaper, […]

Black Cops Killed Black Baltimore Criminal

May 2, 2015 AFP 5

The races of the six Baltimore police officers have been released . . . confirming what many knowledgeable observers have been speculating since the charges against the cops were unveiled. If all the cops responsible […]

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