Win or Lose, Donald Trump Has Left a Huge Footprint

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America-first policies changed political landscape forever.

By Patrick Buchanan

Donald Trump may end up losing the 2020 election in the Electoral College, but he won the campaign that ended on Nov. 3. Democrats had been talking of a “sweep,” a “blowout,” a “blue wave” washing the Republicans out of power, capturing the Senate, and bringing in an enlarged Democratic majority in Nancy Pelosi’s House. They visualized the ouster of Trump in a defeat so massive and humiliating that it would serve as an eternal repudiation of the man. And, most intoxicating of all, they believed they would be seen by history as the angels of America’s deliverance. It was not to be.

The American electorate failed to perform its designated role in the establishment’s morality play. Indeed, Democrats ended election night terrified that America had again turned its back on them and preferred President Trump to the leaders and agenda they had put forth. By the campaign’s end, Democrats were freezing the ball and running out the clock.

Consider the immense burdens candidate Trump had to carry. Early in his reelection year, the nation was struck by the worst pandemic in a hundred years that, by Election Day, would kill nearly a quarter of a million Americans and cause an economic collapse to rival the Great Depression.

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Trump had to endure daily the near-universal hatred and hostility of the nation’s academic, media and cultural elites. How hostile is this city to President Trump? He lost D.C.’s three electoral votes by a margin of 20-1.

Yet, even so burdened, Trump won 3 million more votes in 2020 than he had in 2016, and, as of midnight on Election Day, he seemed headed for victory in the Electoral College. Giving the energy and effort he put into his campaign—a dozen rallies in the last three days—and the enthusiastic response from the huge crowds, President Trump has much to be proud of. He may in the end lose the presidency, but Trumpism was not rejected.

Nor was it repudiated by the people if, by Trumpism, one means “America First” nationalism, securing our borders, using tariffs to bring back our manufacturing base, bidding goodbye to globalism, staying out of unnecessary wars, and swearing off ideological crusades.

And if Joe Biden becomes our 46th president—as now appears likely—the tenure of office of this visibly frail and enfeebled leader is likely to be among the more abbreviated in American history and bereft of high achievement.

Democrats appear to have lost seats in Nancy Pelosi’s House, and, instead of sweeping to power in the Senate to make Chuck Schumer the new majority leader, Senate Democrats appear to have gained only a single seat. [That could change with run-off elections in Georgia.—Ed.] As of now, Sen. Mitch McConnell is set to be the gatekeeper to any passage of the Biden-Harris and Sanders-Cortez agendas.

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Good luck getting something enacted that Mc-Connell doesn’t like.

As of today, the 2020 election has restored to Senate Republicans veto power over any and all administration legislation, be it liberal, progressive or socialist. This election may have made Mc-Connell the most powerful congressional leader since Lyndon Johnson.

With McConnell leading a GOP majority, Democrats would be unable to end the filibuster or pack the Supreme Court, and the GOP majority would have the power to kill the Biden tax plan, “Medicare for All” and the “Green New Deal.” There will be no statehood and two senators for Puerto Rico or D.C., and no reparations for slavery. Mayors and governors seeking blue state bailouts to avoid defaulting on overdue debts will need McConnell’s blessing.

In times past, there was often comity between the parties, or at least an attempt at comity. In mid-August of 1974, after he took office, President Gerald Ford went before Congress to declare: “I do not want a honeymoon with you. I want a good marriage.” It was not to be. And in the ideological divide and poisoned politics of this city, there is little likelihood of compromise—or even civility.

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Biden faces other troubles, too. The worst of the Covid-19 crisis, in terms of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, may be ahead of us. And Democrats will not be able to blame Trump indefinitely. And if their answer is, as Joe Biden has at times indicated, a national “shutdown,” a Biden honeymoon is unlikely to last. Bottom line: Joe Biden is not going to be the “transformational” president of his imagining. Nor is he going to be the “most progressive president since Roosevelt” as some Democrats have been promising. And the reasons are obvious. FDR had massive Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress throughout the 1930s. And he won the presidency in 1932 by capturing 57% of the vote and 42 of the 48 states of the Union. In 1936, he carried 46 of 48 states, losing only Maine and Vermont.

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Biden has no such mandate and no such power base, and he lacks the natural gifts of FDR. Sorry, but there is no new “Era of Good Feelings” in store for America. To the contrary.

Pat Buchanan is a writer, political commentator and presidential candidate. He is the author of Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever and previous titles including The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? and Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War, all available from the AFP Online Store.

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    Yes, great …at allowing the fracking corporations to release more methane into our air,…. GREAT at allowing the coal industry to spew more sulfuric acid into the air ( only important if you are an oxygen-breather)….GREAT at aiding and abetting the killing of innocent children in Yemen, who pose NO threat to the USA…..GREAT at appointing swamp monsters to the EPA, FDA, and USDA who then work to increase the poisons in our food, air, and water ( the very basics of life)….GREAT at funneling hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to corporations in secret with no oversight ….GREAT at giving permanent tax cuts to the rich, and small disappearing cuts to the middle class…GREAT at removing our troops who were protecting our allies the Kurds…..GREAT at sending troops to protect Saudi Arabian oil fields…..GREAT at illegally separating little kids from their parents …GREAT at lying about who pays the tariffs….GREAT at lying about who will pay for the Wall.

    Trump vetoed legislation designed to stop the killing of children in Yemen, so the killing continues to this day.
    Trump has reversed bans on poisons that were being phased out due to their toxicity , thus allowing more infants and children to suffer long-term health damage.

    Trump’s EPA is allowing a certain class of poisons called Neonicotinoids to be increased in the US ( while most European nations are decreasing them). Honeybees, that pollinate real food, die when exposed to neonicotinoids .
    Also, Trump’s justice department is trying to nullify jury decisions against Monsanto’s dangerous product Round-up (glyphosate). These juries learned that glyphosate damages human immune systems, and hinders humans’ ability to absorb vitamins
    and minerals.

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