Why Should We Believe Mainstream’s ‘Pelosi Home Invasion’ Narrative?

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

In the wee hours of Oct. 28, not long after San Francisco’s gay bars had closed for the night, something strange happened at Nancy Pelosi’s house. According to mainstream media reports, a MAGA-supporting “conspiracy theorist” named David DePape used a hammer to break the glass in Pelosi’s back door. He then entered the home and barged into the bedroom where Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was sleeping.

“Where’s Nancy?” DePape demanded. Paul Pelosi explained that Nancy wouldn’t be home for several days. DePape said he would sit and wait. When DePape let his captive use the bathroom (such a considerate kidnapper!), Pelosi used a cell phone to call 911. Minutes later, the two went downstairs together and Pelosi opened the door for police—then grabbed the hammer in DePape’s hand, lost the ensuing struggle and took a near-lethal hammer blow to the head as the police barged in.

According to the federal complaint filed two days later, DePape told police his plan had been “to hold Nancy hostage and talk to her” then “let her go” if she told the truth. However, if she lied, he would break her kneecaps. DePape expected the latter outcome, since, he said, Pelosi is “the leader of the pack of lies told by the Democratic Party.” After he kneecapped her, DePape told the feds, Pelosi would have to be wheeled into Congress.

The pre-Halloween headline-grabbing story of a deranged “conspiracy theorist” first plotting to cripple the speaker of the House, then fracturing her husband’s skull in a botched kidnapping, is as bizarre as it is horrific. Coming just 11 days before the midterm elections, the incident seems geared to evoking sympathy for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, while vilifying their “crazy conspiracy theory-promoting MAGA enemies.”

But is the account transmitted by law enforcement and mainstream media true? And even if it is, could there be more to the story?

There are many reasons—too many to list here—why official accounts of politically-charged incidents should generally be considered untrustworthy. Exhibit A for that thesis is Hunter Biden’s laptop. Just as the Pelosi assault could very well be the “October Surprise” of the 2022 elections, Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was the “October Surprise” of 2020.

As AFP readers surely know by now, law enforcement, the intelligence community and the media conspired to suppress the story of Hunter’s laptop in order to take down Trump and put Biden in the White House. Evidence of multiple felonies committed by Hunter and his “Big Guy” dad has been ignored by law enforcement, falsely “debunked” by leaders of the intelligence community and censored by the media.

So, it is entirely possible that the political and media establishment is lying through its teeth about what happened to Paul Pelosi. Numerous anomalies suggest as much: The broken glass from Pelosi’s window shattered outward rather than inward; Pelosi told the 911 operator that “David” was his “friend”; the alarm system, security cameras and security detail that normally guard the Pelosi residence seem to have gone AWOL; DePape has allegedly been described by police as a habitual male prostitute; initial reports said a third person let police in; rumors of Paul Pelosi’s drinking and consorting with call-boys abound; and much more.

James Kunstler explains what he thinks really happened:

Paul Pelosi was out drinking late the night of the incident. He hooked up with David DePape, a hustler he might have been previously acquainted with, and took him back to the house in Pacific Heights. Something went wrong with the transaction.

Kunstler is a smart guy and a fine writer. He could be right. But there is another possibility: DePape has all the earmarks of an MK-Ultra/Monarch-style mind control victim, and he could have been used by his controllers to create a “MAGA nutjob attacks Pelosi” spectacle the media could turn into an “October Surprise.”

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DePape’s lifestyle and demeanor, as described by media reports, match those of the young male and female runaways who flock to San Francisco and get captured by intelligence agency-connected mind control cultists, who pimp them out to the rich and powerful for fun, profit and sexual blackmail. Such operations are habitually covered up by complicit law enforcement and media. Some are much more depraved than Jeffrey Epstein’s, notably those connected with satanic cults. Homer Van Meter of Wisconsin has discussed with me in detail his violent encounter with one such San Francisco operation. (Listen at  www.Unz.com. Enter “satanic cults” in the search bar.)

Is DePape a mind control slave, a garden-variety male prostitute or just a crazy person who randomly mutated from a left-wing, pro-LGBTQ nudist to MAGA maniac? We will probably never know for sure because our rulers, decadent and degenerate oligarchs that they are, have corrupted our institutions and turned us into an Empire of Lies.

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., is an Arabist-Islamologist scholar and one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. From 1991 through 2006, Dr. Barrett taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin. In 2006, however, he was attacked by Republican state legislators who called for him to be fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison due to his political opinions.