The News Media Is Hopelessly, Viciously Biased

By Paul Angel

By now, the vast majority of lucid Americans should realize that the left-wing media—newspapers, radio stations, social me-
dia outlets, internet sites, etc.—puts out more fake news than Josef Stalin ever did. Getting a story wrong in this business is not a sin, as long as a retraction or correction is published admitting the story was in error. And that’s nothing new. Media outlets have been racing to publish news before verification for decades in a mad rush to get a scoop. What is unforgiveable is willingly publishing stories that the editors know are false simply to dupe the public for one reason or an- other. Recently it has been revealed that CNN, for instance (and almost every other left-wing news outlet), was more interested in forcing Donald Trump out of office than owning up to its obligation to report the news factually. Several examples come to mind.

The Origins of Covid-19

Donald Trump and several Republican legislators, including Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, came out and questioned whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus was a naturally occurring virus or one that might possibly have escaped from a Chinese lab. Be- cause Trump merely suggested that the virus might have been enhanced in a lab in Wuhan, China, and referred to it as the “China virus,” the left-wing media im- mediately ridiculed the idea, insisting again and again that the virus originated in a crowded “wet market.” Right on cue, their censorship-crazed allies in social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Google, began to limit access to any in- formation that might have corroborated the lab-origin theory. It now appears that Trump was correct, as more and more in- formation is emerging about the dangerous activities at that Wuhan lab.

But Jeff Zucker, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and others weren’t worried about the truth. Their only goal was to either discredit the president or make him appear a fool. In fact, they went to great lengths to protect China and get as many “experts” as they could to support their version. Trump may very well be right and they may be wrong, but they are infatuated with Trump, not the truth.

Alternative Treatments for Covid- 19

Early on in the Covid epidemic, President Trump mentioned hydroxy- chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug used successfully for decades. Immediately, the left-wing news conglomerates and their minions began attacking the president for his suggestion. Before you knew it, stories were appearing across television and the internet ridiculing the president and claiming hydroxychloroquine was dangerous. Why didn’t they faithfully investigate the possible bene- fits of hydroxychloroquine, instead of going on a rampage to condemn it? Simply because Donald Trump supported its use. As it turns out, hydroxychloroquine may have been used effectively in Mumbai, India, recently to help stem a rising tide of Covid infections.

To this day, however, every left-leaning news outlet that can is still insisting that it was not hydroxychloroquine that helped stop Covid infections in India. It was, instead, lockdowns. We are not sure whether hydroxychloroquine really does work, but we do know that, even if it does, the Trump-hating media will never reveal it, simply because the much- hated “Orange Man” suggested it.

Vote Fraud

For decades, Democrats have been blaming vote fraud for any losses in political races. For instance, Stacey Abrams is still complaining that vote theft cost her the 2018 race for the governorship of Georgia. To this day, Abrams appears on left-wing news out- lets to cry about her loss. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and others have rightfully questioned whether vote fraud exists and if Dominion voting ma- chines, in particular, were registering votes improperly. That was all fine and dandy for them, but the minute Donald Trump mentioned that there might be a problem with ensuring fair and honest elections in the world’s biggest democratic republic, the censors went wild, condemning the very idea and forcefully spiking any corroborating evidence. Any mention of rigged elections or faulty vote-counting machines or previous suspected election theft was now considered taboo.

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“America has the safest and most secure elections in the world,” they claimed, ignoring the mountains of evidence indicating that more than one election in America has been stolen—with both parties being complicit in the thievery. Honestly, there is evidence to suggest that the 2018 governor’s election in Georgia was stolen and a good deal of evidence that tens of thousands of votes were either swiped or miscounted in the 2020 presidential election. But the sad fact is, since Donald Trump mentioned the possibility, it was immediately condemned without any serious investigation on the part of wild- eyed, foaming left-wing media outlets.

The Capitol Protest of Jan. 6

On that morning, Donald Trump addressed an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and asked them to peacefully march to the Capitol to let Congress know there should be an investigation into the possibility that the election was unfair. He never urged them to attack anyone or storm the halls of Congress. But the left- wing media, sensing an opportunity to smear the president, immediately began characterizing the event as an insurrection. Of course, this was not an at- tempted insurrection, but it mattered not. Soon, fake stories were being circulated 24/7 by every Trump-hating news outlet that the president’s “shock troops” had tried to overthrow the government. Members of the crowd, they said, brutally murdered a police officer by bludgeoning him to death with a fire extinguish- er and causing multiple other deaths, glossing over the fact that the only per- son who was actually slain that day was an unarmed female Trump supporter.

Even though an honest investigation would have easily disproven the leftist narrative on the events of that day—none of the arrested protesters has been charged with insurrection—the media still prefer to continue to report their twisted version because it gives them a chance to bash Trump, facts be damned. There are many more examples space forces me to omit here, but the list goes on and on. And it proves that the left-wing media has morphed from a once-neutral source of news on events, to the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. They are all operating in unison, using the same exact catch-phrases and slogans with an identical goal in mind: destroy Donald Trump, and the Republican Party along with him.

Along the way, we will be forced to endure fake stories about how mentally sharp Joe Biden is (he’s really Einstein in disguise), and how giggling nincompoop Kamala Harris is actually fit to lead this nation. It’s all a sham and a shame. The good news is, you know it.

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  1. It’s criminal. They have caused a lot of harm to people. Have ruined relationships, have split friends and families apart. They are responsible for so much damage and caused strife. If there were to be a civil war, it would be because of them. Scum!

  2. Amen . Father Keep the United States of America and it’s small and large community’s Safe including the US Territory’s Safe! In Jesus Christ name we Pray!

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