It’s the “Tolerant” Left, Not the Right, Committing Violence

By AFP Staff

During a recent interview on a television talk show, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blasted the left-wing bias in the major media, in private industry, and in the public sector when it comes to the overwhelming amount of violence perpetrated by the left and their stooges.

“I’m sick and tired of the violence coming from the left,” Paul told Fox News on May 25, “but I’m sick and tired of the left-wing press then blaming it all on Donald Trump or on me or others.”

Paul’s recent troubles came about following statements he made on the Covid vaccine, saying he would be making the personal decision not to get vaccinated because he already had Covid and has antibodies against the virus—a very reasonable stance considering that Paul is a physician and eye surgeon.

Immediately following his statement, however, Paul began getting death threats from one former high profile Canadian musician with a huge following on the internet saying he would buy drinks for anyone who physically assaulted Paul.
The mainstream media totally ignored or downplayed the very real threats leveled against the senator, who already was viciously attacked by a neighbor in November 2017 and had to have surgery as a result of it.

Paul told Fox that he was at the baseball field on June 14, 2017, when a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) shot and almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and then wounded another five people.

Paul was specifically citing leftwing violence that has personally impacted him, but, the truth is, the widespread rioting, looting, assaults, intimidation, and threats on the part of the left that have taken place in the past few years have affected literally millions of Americans across the country. If you listen to Big Media or the U.S. government, though, they would like you to believe that rightwing violence is more of a threat to Americans than what the left metes out on a daily basis. According to the facts, however, this narrative is false. The backlash Paul has faced comes in the week that the House passed legislation creating a formal commission to investigate the Jan. 6 pro-Trump protests in Washington, D.C., which were overwhelmingly peaceful except for the hundred or so violent demonstrators out of the 50,000 Americans that showed up on that day to support the former president.

Meanwhile, the House has yet to look into the hundreds of Black Lives Matters/Antifa protests that turned violent over the summer of 2020 where hundreds of police were injured, some seriously, and dozens of people were killed. Those demonstrations, which devolved into total mayhem with rampant looting and rioting cost Americans billions of dollars and forced the closure of major parts of urban areas. In Portland and Seattle, heavily armed groups of leftists even took over entire city blocks and erected zones of anarchy where police, elected government representatives, and even taxpayers were banned from entering.

Over the past few years, AFP has documented the significant number of violent attacks perpetrated by leftists, which by far and away eclipse the small amount of violence that is carried out by radicals on the right—and we will continue to expose the lies as long as we are in business.

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