India vs. Monsanto

August 23, 2019 AFP Editor 0

Farmers in India are rejecting genetically modified seeds from Monsanto.  By Mark Anderson In this age of seemingly unstoppable corporate-government collusion and power, it’s refreshing to see some promising pushback. India’s cotton farmers represent a […]

Ruling Against Monsanto Upheld

November 12, 2018 AFP Editor 0

An appeals court has rejected Bayer AG’s argument that the original trial jury lacked a basis to conclude that subsidiary Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer caused Dewayne Johnson’s cancer. While, the judge also ruled to dramatically […]

Inside the Poison Papers

August 25, 2017 AFP Editor 0

“Poison Papers” is the sadly appropriate name for an online compilation of documents that reveal decades of government cover-ups on the use of toxic chemicals, collusion between the chemical industry and regulatory agencies, deceit, incompetence, fraud, and […]

Monsanto Caught Red-Handed

August 15, 2017 AFP Editor 1

Despite the mega-corporation’s desperate attempts to keep company secrets secret, internal emails written by top Monsanto executives that were gathered during the discovery phase of a lawsuit now underway have been unsealed. What did this treasure […]