Liberals Are Waging War on Reality

February 12, 2021 Staff 0

Leftists erasing and then rewriting history, denying biology, ignoring real science. By Dr. Kevin Barrett I am something of an expert on San Francisco’s public high schools. I have been inside more of them than […]

Attack on U.S. History Continues

October 1, 2019 Staff 1

A San Francisco school board has voted to censor murals painted on George Washington High School—ironically, created by a radical leftist emigré—lest some fragile snowflake be triggered by seeing images of George Washington mistreating blacks […]

Modern Thanksgiving Just a Tall Tale

November 23, 2017 Staff 2

As we pause today to reflect on the many reasons we have to be grateful, the editors and staff of AFP gives thanks for you, our readers, who support, challenge, encourage, and defend American Free […]