Soros Strikes Again


George Soros-funded LA prosecutor wrecking city

By John Friend

George Soros has struck again, dealing a major blow to the rule of law and public safety in Los Angeles, one of the most populous counties and metropolitan areas in the nation. Soros, the plutocratic globalist and slash-and-burn speculator, racked up yet another victory for his agenda to ensure radicals gain important positions of power and influence across the country, namely powerful district attorney (DA) offices in major American metropolitan areas.

Soros-sponsored DAs in many major American cities have won elections in recent years and have then worked tirelessly to undermine the rule of law, cut deals for crooks, vilify law enforcement officers, and make excuses for degenerate criminal behavior, all in the name of fighting “racism” and “white supremacy.” Countless radical Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have had charges dropped by local Soros-approved DAs, ensuring the radical left fails to be held accountable for the terrorism, mayhem, and criminality unleashed across the country over the past several years.

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George Gascon, a former Los Angeles (LA) cop, police chief, and district attorney in San Francisco, won the recent DA election for LA with the backing of Soros and other wealthy leftist donors. Gascon, who ran on a campaign dedicated to criminal justice reform, received $12 million in donations, mainly from ultra-wealthy donors. Soros contributed $2.25 million, according to the Los Angeles Times, a hefty amount that helped Gascon secure victory over two-term incumbent Jackie Lacey, the first woman and first black ever to serve as Los Angeles DA, who was vilified and regularly protested by the Black Lives Matter activist community for, in their eyes, being too soft on law enforcement officers.

Gascon’s platform was dedicated to criminal justice reform and holding police officers accountable, issues that resonated with Black Lives Matter militants and other social justice warriors. Gascon has argued that too many people are locked up in California’s prisons, and has vowed to “hack our justice system.” Gascon recently declared, “The first hack is that we have to turn our court system upside down.”

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Since assuming office, Gascon has made good on his promise. In a directive issued earlier this month, he instructed all LA County prosecutors to decline to prosecute a slew of misdemeanor crimes, with certain exceptions. Gascon expects the prosecutors in his office to not prosecute individuals charged with trespassing, disturbing the peace, prostitution, resisting arrest, criminal threats, drug possession, public intoxication, and loitering, among other misdemeanors, which law enforcement and public safety experts believe will increase crime and decrease quality of life throughout the county.

Gascon has also insisted his office will never seek the death penalty no matter the crime committed, reduce sentences for individuals with mental health problems, and be much tougher on officers who use force against suspects.

Many LA County Deputy District Attorneys disagree with Gascon’s new policies and directives and have vowed to refuse to follow them. Gascon and his cronies, however, will no doubt have their eyes and ears peeled for any disloyalty in the office, punishing those who refuse to go along with his left-wing agenda.

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The most amazing part of the story, perhaps, is that Gascon has vowed to end cash bail, one way or another, even though Californians just voted 55% to 45% to keep a cash bail system in place. Far-left bail reform activists in California were stunned at the defeat of Proposition 25, but are ecstatic that Soros’s man is in place in LA.

This underscores the importance of making sure citizens pay attention to local races and vote in elections for district attorney, local prosecutor, sheriff, and city councils. In the end, these people can basically do what they please once they are in office.

And if George Soros has funded their campaigns, that is a good enough reason to vote against them.

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.