Pacifist Historian Denied U.S. Entry

Ernst Zuendel cannot come home to join his wife, an American citizen, after serving his sentence in Germany for “thought crimes,” says the Department of Homeland Security, yet untold numbers of illegal aliens are allowed to “come home” repeatedly, even after committing felonies. 

By  John Friend

Ernst Zuendel, the internationally renowned historical revisionist and activist who has been persecuted by a number of Western governments for his political activism and historical research, has been denied entry to the United States after seeking to rejoin his wife in Tennessee, it was recently revealed.

Zuendel, 78, who has served jail time in Germany and Canada for questioning the official “Holocaust” narrative, had been attempting to obtain an immigrant visa to travel to the United States and live with his American wife, Ingrid Zuendel.

Under normal circumstances, a foreign national seeking an immigration visa to join an American spouse would find little difficulty in obtaining the visa. However, due to Zuendel’s views and imprisonment for thought crimes, he was deemed “inadmissible” by Ron Rosenberg, the chief of the Administrative Appeals Office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which decided Zuendel’s fate.

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In its ruling, the Administrative Appeals Office cited Zuendel’s 2007 conviction in Germany of 14 counts of “incitement to hatred” and one count of “violating the memory of the dead,” Orwellian thought crimes institutionalized in Germany and many other Western nations following World War II in an effort to criminalize political dissent and historical inquiry, particularly as it relates to the official narrative explaining WWII and the Jewish “Holocaust.” Zuendel served five years in prison in Germany after facing legal challenges in both Canada and the United States.

IRS Loses Cases

The DHS’s ruling also noted that Zuendel is “a historical revisionist and denier of the Holocaust, distributing writings, books, tapes, videos, and broadcasts to promote his views” and contends that he has a “long history of inciting racial, ethnic, and religious hatred” while agitating “for aggressive behavior against Jews.” Zuendel “has been a leader in these activities for decades and has shown no regret or remorse for his actions,” the ruling stated in an attempt to justify its decision to ban the historian from rejoining his elderly wife in America.

Of course, Zuendel’s previous political, historical, and educational activities—hysterically demonized and twisted by the Administrative Appeals Office’s characterization in its ruling—are not in any way illegal in the United States. Whatever one believes about WWII history, Zuendel, who is a pacifist, went to great lengths to document the controversial statements and perspectives he was publicly offering in a scholarly fashion.

Liberty Stickers

Ingrid Zuendel, Ernst’s American wife who has long been involved with his political and historical activism, denied the U.S. federal government’s characterization of her husband as an inciter of hatred and instigator of aggressive behavior toward Jewish people.

“Canada has had a ‘hate law’ statute on its books for decades,” Ingrid explained to this newspaper in a recent interview. “If Ernst had been guilty of ‘racial hatred,’ he would have been charged decades ago. Ernst was never charged, much less convicted, of any hatred, much less racial hatred.”

Ingrid also disputed the notion that her husband ever advocated “aggressive behavior” toward Jews—or anyone else for that matter.

“Ernst has never been charged with ‘aggressive behavior,’ much less convicted for having acted aggressively against anyone. He is a pacifist with a sterling record of lifelong Ghandi-like conduct. We have FBI and other police reports that say so,” Ingrid told AFP. “Not only has Ernst never acted ‘aggressively,’ he has always counseled his supporters to conduct themselves peacefully, as a matter of moral principle as well as for tactical reasons.”

The latest legal setback for the Zuendels came as no surprise to Ingrid. They have been struggling for years now in the judicial system, only to be stymied at every opportunity.

“We were not surprised by the ruling of the DHS’s Administrative Appeals Office,” Ingrid explained to this reporter. “The courts are no longer the means of last resort to get justice in America. The courts have been co-opted and are corrupted to the core. Justice can no longer be had from the bench.”

She continued: “That doesn’t mean that we are giving up. There are other means than courts to win this most important battle in the courts of public opinion. The struggle for historical truth has never been just about what happened to Ernst Zuendel. It was and is about revealing false flags and self-serving lies as tools of control by the powers-that-be. It was and is about revealing historical lies as weapons of war wielded brutally by what is now referred to as the ‘deep state’ or the ‘shadow government.’ ”

John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

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  1. We are overlooking another important detail concerning laws against speech against the holocaust.

    As true as everything we state against it being a holocaust, our efforts are in vain as long as free speech is denied.

    What we have here is a failure to communicate. The failure results in the denail of allowing the animated contest of reading, comparing and judging the truth.

    No one has a patent on the truth. The truth needs no laws to protect it. Quite to the contrary the truth demands to be tested, analyzed, attacked, questioned and assessed from every conceivable aspect and angle.

    The truth cannot ever be destroyed but it can be hidden, buried, misstated, ignored, and the people be so dumbed down they can’t accept the truth.

    We have ended up with a people who hates the truth, while striving to inject their own versions of lies, passing them off as truth. At the same time the have no choice but to protect their versions by passing laws restricting the real truth from ever being considered in comparison to their versions. They are simply stating their version will not stand the scrutiny when compared to the truth. So we end up with suppression of free speech under the pretext of hate speech,disregarding the memory of the dead and anti semitism, a term which is also a lie.

    The truth can handle itself, regardless. All ee can do is go spread,and plant the truth.

    Michael -Deo Vindicabamur
    Classical Historian Western Civilization

  2. Tomorrow happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Jewish Holocaust:
    — [ ]

  3. I must agree with Sam Nelson .. He’s exposed the repulsive, evil crimes of the Bolshevik Jews against Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family, then, against as many Orthodox Christian Russians as possible .. starting with the clergy and intellectuals. He also stated that there was no extermination of 6 million Jews in WWII. There were hardly that many Jews in all of Europe at that time. There were just 600,000 of them in Germany itself, and many left after Hitler became Chancellor. Britain, France and other Western European countries didn’t have a lot of Jews.
    Now, nobody denies that Jews were interned in concentration camps during the war (FDR had ethnic Japanese interned in such camps in desert areas of the Western US at the same time). The 6 million myth started well before WWII (it started close to the turn of the century, in Tsarist Russia).

  4. Inciting racial hatred, as in the Jews Holocaust story, racial hatred against Germans? As in dishonoring the dead, like the dead that died just for the Jew Banker and his to be kingdom, Israel? There were no blue stains on the walls of any of the rooms the Jews swear were gas chambers, end of story. The Jews Holocaust story has so many holes in it only people who know no true reality can think the Jews Holocaust story could be true. What about the Jewish murder of the Russian Czar, his wife, and, his beautiful family, five girls one boy, was that not a crime against humanity? The young daughters and the young son of the Czar, why were they murdered, so as to destroy the root of the family the Jews insist, so, truly, is that not a crime against all that is humanity? Wouldn’t it be only right and just to convene a trial and discover what the Jews who murdered these dear people, the Czar and his family, did to them before their lives were finally through? Do it now before all the people who know what happened are themselves dead, dead of old age. Probably, rape and sodomy, of the children, if the true nature of the beast did expose itself. Crimes against humanity, the fire bombing of Dresden, the intentional murder of civilians, the whole of the Jewish people should be locked away for the crimes their leadership has committed or ordered committed against innocent people in all these Jewish insisted, wars. There were never six million Jews killed in all the wars put together, all the wars their kind made happen, made happen because Jews control our money and our future by controlling our leadership. Ernst Zundel should be welcomed to America, a parade in his honor, a pension for his troubles.

  5. This is typical. Everyone who reads this artical should question whether Rosenberg is a dual Israel US citizen. So many are who hold high rank within the unnecessary DHS, also the Dept. of State. If so he should recuse himself from the decision process.The nonsense of hate crimes is redundant. There are laws which have existed for decades that protect individuals. But the jew needs more to protect the lies they publish as history. Make no mistake here, most text books if not all are vetted by Israel. Go figure, while your at it check it out for yourself.

  6. The Victors write history and what is history…but, just a fiction agreed upon! Example: The Roman Empire did not collapse…it took on another modus operandi.Instead of the sword, as standing armies are too costly, they came up with a Mindlock, a psychological prison, still in use today!

  7. Well, why don’t they go after the wealthy Jews and others, spending MILLIONS in the U.S. to GENERATE hate and fear against Muslims and Islam that is having REAL CONSEQUENCES on the American Muslim community:

    Real Americans must unite for the Founders’ vision of their own country by removing what’s necessary:

    With THEM in control, America is on a sure path of self-destruction:

  8. In 2005 ‘O Canada sailed into The Yehuda Triangle,
    (New York – London – Tel Aviv),
    and out sailed Zio-America Jr.

  9. I can’t think of anyone else who my opinion of changed so diametrically once I learned the “rest of the story.”

    No wonder (((they))) are so determined to keep the goyim ignorant.

  10. Perhaps Churchill, De Gaulle and Eisenhower should all have been locked up as well.

    Between them, they wrote 7000 pages of WW2 memoirs.

    On not one of this pages is any reference made to the “Holocaust”.

    Let’s hope Ernst is reunited with his wife soon and that the criminal elites who sponsored the Holohoax and all the other bare-faced, outrageous lies re-WW2 rot in Hell.

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