List of Looted, Destroyed Businesses in Minneapolis Shows Looters, Rioters Were Indiscriminate

By AFP Staff

Minnesota’s corporate newspaper Star Tribune has compiled and published a list of 308 businesses that have been vandalized and looted in the past four days. The list is staggering and shows that rioters did not target the usual large, corporate brands like Target and Starbucks but instead went after hundreds of restaurants, liquor stores, corner markets, and other mom-and-pops that were barely scraping by during the nationwide lockdown in the global pandemic.

In addition to the usual businesses that were hit, like Target and CVS, the list includes businesses like tobacco and vape shop Anthony’s Pipe & Cigar Lounge, restaurants like the Birchwood Café, and even daycare centers. Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which sells used hardware and building materials, was even vandalized.

Since most businesses in the U.S. are considered “small,” it is likely that the places on the list provided hundreds of jobs to residents of the Twin Cities.


Corporate Conspiracies, Belzer


Here is how the Tribune reported this, “As of Tuesday, at least 308 businesses across the Twin Cities had been vandalized, looted or had doors and windows smashed. Some have been reduced to rubble, destroyed completely by fire. Others have reported extensive water damage or severe fire damage.”

The Tribune added that most of the damage was contained to a five-mile area in the city, but many larger companies with multiple locations closed their stores and sent employees home to avoid any potential problems.

You can read the shocking list in its entirety by clicking here.

There can be no doubt that it will be years before the city recovers, but for some local business owners, everything they have worked for has been destroyed, and they may never recover.


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