Jewish American Says ‘Trump No Anti-Semite’

AFP recently sat down with a pro-Israel Jewish-American supporter of Donald Trump to get his views on, among other things, the mainstream media and the recent charges that anti-Semitism is growing in America under the billionaire populist president. Interested readers can get even more details by listening to the audio of this provocative interview.

By Dave Gahary

After a “reporter” asked President Donald J. Trump a question at an impromptu press conference on Feb. 16, the fake news media launched an attack against the America-first billionaire-turned-politician, pulled right from the pages of their rotten playbook.

What topic was so compelling and important that the elite media felt it was absolutely imperative to devote page after page of their publications on? The answer is anti-Semitism.



When Trump fielded a question toward the end of his 77-minute press conference from “Jake Turx” of Ami (“My people”) magazine—which caters to the Orthodox Jewish community in the U.S. and Israel—things got ugly, at least according to the fake news media.

The “reporter,” whose real name is Abraham Jacob Terkeltaub, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a humorist and satirical writer, and the first Hasidic Jew to become a member of the White House press corps.

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Turx stated at the press conference in part: “What we are concerned about and what we haven’t really heard you address is the uptick in anti-Semitism and how you intend to take care of it.”

Turx was alluding to a rash of alleged “bomb threats” against Jewish community centers across the country. Out of the 69 “threats” directed to 54 of these centers in 27 states, all have been hoaxes.

After Turx rambled a bit more, Trump said, “OK, sit down. I understand the rest of your question.”

That was all the fake news media could stomach.

“Trump clashes with Jewish reporter over anti-Semitism question,” lied The Hill. “Anne Frank Center slams Trump: ‘Do not make us Jews settle for crumbs of condescension,’ ” screamed The Washington Post. “ADL Head: Speak Up Now Against Anti-Semitism, Mister President,” ordered The Jewish Daily Forward. “Trump’s long-tangled history of anti-Semitism,” later changed to “Trump too late in denouncing anti-Semitic acts, critics say,” squawked USA Today. And on and on and on.

In his speech before Congress on Feb. 28, however, Trump cleared up any confusion as to where he stands on the issue of anti-Semitism. That seemed to pacify the fake media, at least for now anyway.

However, in order to find out what a man on the street thought about all this nonsense, American Free Press interviewed Steven I. Marcus, a 74-year-old pro-Israel Jewish man, who voted for Donald Trump. Marcus worked in the construction and development business, where he met Trump on at least two occasions, the first of which was an unpleasant one.


Listen to AFP’s exlusive interview with Marcus by clicking the image below:


“In 1977, I was with a large development and construction company in New York City, and Trump was converting a hotel into condominiums on 42nd Street,” Marcus explained to AFP. “That was one of his first jobs on his own, I think.”

Marcus explained where he met Trump.

“I walked into my office on a Friday morning and Trump was [there],” he began. “I’ll tell you the truth: He was a skinny kid with dirty blonde hair in those days. And he had his feet across my desk, and he’s on the phone. I said to him, ‘Excuse me, this is my office. Can I have my phone back? Hang it up.’ He says, ‘Wait. I’ll just be a couple of minutes.’ I said, ‘No, you’re getting out of my office now,’ and I used a couple of explicit words. I said, ‘If you don’t get off, I’m gonna throw you through the window.’ I had a bad temper.”

Trump left, but it wasn’t over for Marcus.

“Five minutes later the chairman of the board of the parent company called me up and said, ‘What the hell are you doing? This is one of our customers!’ I said, ‘You know what? Let him go in your office and put his feet up on your desk. I don’t want them on my desk.’ ”

Marcus was destined to meet the future president again.

“About eight-and-a-half years later on a job I ran into Donald and he was very nice,” said Marcus. “Of course, when I mentioned to him what had happened eight-and-a-half years ago, he didn’t remember it. Whether he really didn’t remember it or not, that’s what he said.”

Marcus, who worked in the same industry as Trump, is in a unique position to counter the fake news media’s lies about Trump.

“Guys who went to work for me in the company called Titan, when they left, they went to work for [Trump],” explained Marcus. “He paid them fantastic salaries, gave them cars, and everybody I spoke to who worked for him said, ‘He’s the best boss I ever had.’”

Marcus added: “Contrary to what [the fake news media says], he loves women executives that work for him. He said they’re tougher than the men. And he pays them top-dollar.”

AFP asked Marcus his views on the mainstream media.

“The liberal press absolutely lies about him and distorts it,” he said. “It’s disgusting. It really is. I don’t read a newspaper anymore. The only thing I watch [is] the Fox News channel, because it’s the only one where I feel I get to know what’s going on that’s real. The rest of it is all made up, with all these liberal people.”

He said, “Today these liberals, guys like this [George] Soros, who’s spending all this money, hiring these people—when you see it on television, and you see these people at marches against Trump, it’s all paid.”

Marcus continued: “These liberals can’t accept the fact that Hillary lost. God, I don’t know what this country would be like if she had won. I tell you the truth, I think she would have wound up being worse than Obama, who was an abortion.”

Marcus feels the Republicans in Congress should get behind the president.

“My only worry is that the Republicans in Congress have the backbone to back him,” he said. “They gotta realize, the fate of this country lies in what this guy can do. If they don’t back him, we’re not even gonna be a country anymore. I strongly believe we need the wall. We need more than the wall, but the wall is a good beginning. Keep these people out and get rid of all these rapists and criminals who are being hidden. And I want to see him pull the federal money from every one of these states that won’t abide by federal law.”

AFP asked Marcus—who’s experienced real anti-Semitism—about the Jewish attack on Trump, and whether he believes attacks against Jews are as serious as the fake news media claims they are.

“I personally am saddened that so many stupid Jews are loyal Democrats,” he began. “My own sister, you can’t argue with her. And the joke is—and it’s not even a joke—Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism, his son-in-law is a Jew, his three grandchildren are being raised as Jews, and to call him anti-Semitic is asinine. He’s anything but that.”

Marcus touched on his experience with true anti-Semitism.

“My first major job in construction, I was working for a company, they were basically Catholic,” Marcus explained. “I was the only Jew working there, but the owner didn’t care because I produced. But the people I worked with were not crazy about Jews. And I wound up making it bad for them, because I worked twice as hard. And the boss kept saying, ‘Why is Marcus doing all this work and you people aren’t following him?’ ”

Marcus continued: “So I fought anti-Semitism. You know what? It is what it is. I don’t care. Nobody’s ever come after me to kill me, thank God, or anything else. You can’t make the whole world love you. And, unfortunately—now, I’ll be very blunt—a lot of Jews go off the deep end. They’re sick people, these ultraliberals. You know, my father used to say, ‘The definition of a conservative is a liberal whose daughter gets raped.’ They’re all great at telling you and me how to live, except that they don’t follow the same. Nobody can love everybody. People hate the Irish. People hate the Italians. They hate the Germans. They hate this. There’s always going to be people hating different people for different reasons. It doesn’t bother me.”

AFP also asked about the Jewish groups spreading the lie that hatred against Jews is running rampant.

“You know what they want?” he asked. “They’re raising money. They’re more interested in themselves than the fact that they’re supposedly protecting Jews. These groups have their own agenda. They’re all ridiculous.”

He added: “They [should just] shut up and forget about it. Everybody doesn’t have to love me because I’m a Jew. You don’t have to love a person because he’s an Italian. Everybody has their different thoughts. But if you start running around carrying signs, all you’re gonna do is make people hate you more. So I don’t put any weight on any of this stuff. People want to be anti-Semitic, they can be anti-Semitic.”

Marcus summed up his feelings about Trump and America.

“I may be a weird Jew because I’m a conservative, but I believe in America,” he said. “This is my country, and my religion and everything else is secondary and third. I’m an American, and I believe in Donald Trump. I know sometimes he talks from the hip. Who cares? That’s why we elected him. He says what he believes.”

Dave Gahary is a writer for AFP and lives in Florida.

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  1. Please have Steven I. Marcus on again. How refreshing to hear an American speaking his mind with no holding back wants on his mind. Reminds me when I was younger when people spoke what they believed. He obviously has a lot of business sense and experience in the real world. I would not have allowed someone’s feet on my furniture neither. He was, therefore, raised when people needed to show respect for one another. Tell that to the Berkeley demonstrators. I like this guy. I hope his health improves.

  2. Of course Trump’s not an anti-Semite…far, very far from it. He’s a Zionist stooge. Look at who he picked for ambassador to Israel – the ultra-Zionist David Friedman…Trump’s bankruptcy attorney. Talk about lobbyists in the White House…Friedman is the very definition of a lobbyist for a foreign government. And Trump chose this hateful Zionist as the US ambassador for the Zionist state.

    No…the Jews who really run the US government aren’t worried that Trump is an anti-Semite. They are perfectly comfortable in the knowledge that he is perhaps the least anti-Semitic president since FDR. What they might be worried about is the possibility that thinking people might just figure that out.

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