2 Comments on Israel’s Victimhood Schtick Has Worn Thin

  1. We know that Hungarian born Arthur Köstler lost his life after publishing his book,The 13th Tribe, about the AshkeNazi Khazars with Yiddish-german slang.Professor Dunlop lost his job for book, The History of Jews in Southern Russia, revealing in Long and Short letters, between ibn Shaprut and Chagan Bulan of Khazars, how the Khazars converted to Babylonian Judaism…These Long and Short letters are in University of Oxford Library, then at Magyar Historical Museum in Budapest, and in St.Petersburg Ermitage, Russia…We know that Hungary( Magyarorszagh) was bilangual country unto the 13th century, absorbing 400-500,000 khazars from Crimea, and until today,there are 2 khazarian counties in Hungary! The Ma- gyars are like the jews, Maternal society admiring the Gyar as Jar, the symbolical Graal! And their brothers, the Lha-gyars of Lha-sa in Tibet, became buddhists and Patriarchal society…The Magyar language has hundreds of the same turkic like khazarian words in their language, as it has also the Yiddish language with German mixed words, after Khazaria was destroyed and dispersed to the Germanic lands of Hallstadt…So, we have in Europe this explanation for the AshkeNazi zionists: they claim 80 years that they are an ASH in Auschwitz, whose 2nd and 3rd generation of ” survivors of German nazi genocide” are most li-ke-ly Nazi survivors who are turning into an ASH their Gaza-Auschwitz!!! This is the most modern definition who the zionist, brutal AshkeNazi ” jews” of Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 with the German-Yiddish realy are!!! They talk like Nazis,they act like Nazis, turning everything into an ASHes….

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