Google Scrubs Politically Incorrect Sites from Searches

Google, the world’s biggest Internet search engine provider, has decided it should “help” readers determine whether or not a search result is “safe” by applying “quality ratings.” In its latest move along the censorship path, Google is now using independent contractors to tag search results that may be “‘offensive or upsetting.” Not surprisingly, sites discussing alternative views of history, including of the Jewish “Holocaust,” are considered especially concerning.  

By Dave Gahary

The most visited website in the world, whose unofficial slogan was “Don’t be evil” until it was replaced by “Do the right thing,” is certainly not doing the right thing and is also acting quite evil. Google, the U.S. multinational technology company best known for its ubiquitous, eponymous search engine, is in a new business: tagging the Internet’s search results of alternative views of the historical event known as the “Holocaust.”

But it’s not just “Holocaust” revisionists Google’s after, but all “Jew haters,” “white supremacists,” and “racists”—or at least trying to ensure that Internet searches do not end up at websites Google has classified as such.

The UK’s Guardian reported on March 15, “Google is using a 10,000-strong army of independent contractors to flag ‘offensive or upsetting’ content, in order to ensure that queries like ‘did the Holocaust happen’ don’t push users to misinformation, propaganda, and hate speech.”

Although Google’s contractors have been utilizing a manual, titled “Search Quality Rating Guidelines,” at least since 2013, “describing every potential problem they could find with a given search query,” a new update to the book orders the censors to “flag” search results that could be “upsetting” or “offensive” to Web surfers.

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Speaking of whiners, NBC News interviewed head-whiner of the hopelessly corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center, Heidi Beirich, who moaned to Google a few months ago “to update its algorithm to remove a result from a neo-Nazi website questioning whether the Holocaust happened.”

She told the fake news outlet about Google: “They’re moving away from self-reporting, relying on the public to tell you where there’s problems, and they’re talking about a systematic policy.”

The new system will not affect search results, but will, according to Google, be “used by Google to help judge the success of algorithm changes and . . . to train its machine-learning systems.” Yup, that’s right, artificial intelligence systems that ban human critical thinking.

Google—already scorned for its abuse of privacy, tax avoidance, antitrust behavior, censorship, and search neutrality—has been under additional pressure lately by critics claiming that its searches “promote extremist content.” The UK’s Guardian and Observer published a series of articles promoting this view recently, as well as complaining that it fails “to keep fake news and propaganda off the top of search results.” Of course, “fake news” is in the eye of the beholder.

Founded in 1996 and valued last year at over $133 billion, Google is now the largest subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., which has acquired over 200 companies since last December. Alphabet’s most well-known brand besides Google is YouTube, the video sharing tech company, acquired in 2006. YouTube is also notorious for its censorship of videos that threaten the powers-that-be.

It certainly is a brave, new world we are all on the precipice of, one that rejects free expression and personal responsibility and where those who cry the loudest prevail.

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s “Underground Interview” series. See for more.

7 Comments on Google Scrubs Politically Incorrect Sites from Searches

  1. This is Sad news. Yes we need a no jew involved search engine.

    Just about every rotten thing in this world can be traced to a jew at its origin. Try any rotten, corrupt, anti-moral concern and then thoroughly search it, and 97.8% of the time it’s genesis will be by a jew, or jew backed, or jew instigated. It may have a willing or coerced goyim involved but the principle activator will always (97.8) be a jew.

    A search engine with a no jews allowed (they can use it, but no jew in the creation, maintenance or finance thereof, 0-nada), not buyable, not coercible, & not bribable.

  2. HateCrime legislation currently under draft in the USSA… censorship only the beginning. Those with the ability to see and hear will know ultimately WHERE this is all headed…

  3. The “Holocaust” extortion racket (Norman Finkelstein’s term) absolutely cannot bear close scrutiny, and so much of what’s wrong with the world today depends on it.

    That is at the core of the current round of censorship. Just this month I was banned from local newspapers AND Amazon.

    The only violation I’m guilty of is questioning what absolutely must not be questioned.

  4. I’m shocked that google is censoring search results. The future is alternative search engines. We all need to us another search engine and than we take away the governments power, or we just go back to yelling loud try Lookseek com search or one of the other alternative searches.

  5. Ironically, Floyd Corkins, the gay activist who attacked the Family Research Council in 2013, in an effort to “kill as many people as possible” according to CNN, picked his target from a Google search of “anti-gay organizations” that led him to the Southern Poverty Law Center website.

    “Corkins — who had chosen the research council as his target after finding it listed as an anti-gay group on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center — had planned to stride into the building and open fire on the people inside in an effort to kill as many as possible, he told investigators, according to the court documents.”

    Naturally, Dr. Beirich and her company swore that there was “nothing to see here” when a homicidal maniac was traced to their company’s website.

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