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Dave Gahary interviewed (14:22) former Governor and four-term Congressman from Louisiana Buddy Roemer, who has thrown his hat in the ring for the 2012 Presidential election. The only problem for Roemer and his chances at occupying the Oval Office is very few are aware he’s in the race, since he’s been locked out of the GOP debate circuit by the powers-that-be.

If the former chief executive of the Bayou State is allowed to deliver his populist message to America, it’s safe to say that he would steal the show from the slate of cardboard cutouts now given prime-time coverage to address the nation. It’s also safe to say that the military-industrial-banking-media complex knows this, and they fear his message.


Controlled Big Media Ignores This Presidential Candidate

By Dave Gahary

Charles Elson “Buddy” Roemer III, former governor and four-term congressman from Louisiana, has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential election. The major problem for Roemer in regard to his chances of occupying the Oval Office is that few people know that he’s in the race since he’s been locked out of Republican debates by the powers-that-be.

If the former chief executive of the Bayou State is allowed to deliver his populist message to America, it’s safe to say he would steal the show from a slate of cardboard cutouts now given prime-time coverage to address the nation. It’s also safe to say that the military-industrial-banking- media complex knows this, and they fear his message.

On October 16, AMERICAN FREE PRESS conducted an exclusive interview with Roemer.

Roemer isn’t your typical professional politician. Entering Harvard at the age of 16, he graduated with an MBA at 23. Upon graduation, he went on to found not one, but two banks.

Attracted to stamping out corruption in politics, Roemer left private life and served the 4th District from 1981 to 1988, then served as the 52nd governor of Louisiana from 1988 to 1992. Dismayed by what he saw as the wholesale corruption of Louisiana’s political system, he switched political parties halfway through his term because, as he said, “The legislature was 97 percent Democratic, and that does not foster debate or transparency or fight corruption. I’m the only governor in American history to change parties while in office,” explained Roemer.


Roemer’s campaigns were unique in that he took no money from political action committees, or PACs.

“I was elected four times to Congress and never took any PAC money. I didn’t get a single political endorsement when I ran for governor,” he said.

AFP asked Roemer why he decided to run, since he’s been out of public office for nearly two decades. Apparently, his quest for the presidency began while searching for a presidential candidate to support.

“I started looking for a candidate,” he explained. “Hell, I couldn’t find anybody. They were all corporate people that took million-dollar checks, or they had been in political office, election after election after election, and they were married to the corrupt system. Washington has become so expensive and the lust for power so great that elected men and women don’t serve their constituents as they once did. They really serve the need to raise money. There’s a fundraiser a day in Washington,” he lamented.

“The problem is Washington, D.C.,” explained Roemer. “I’ll take a broom and sweep it out as president.”

Roemer’s two issues are corruption and jobs: corruption because of money in politics, and jobs because of unfair trade policies.

“I went to China as a businessman and banker while serving my clients in America,” he said. “I found out that trade was very unfair. You couldn’t get one of our products into China, yet their products were overrunning our stores. Plus, children and prison labor were producing their goods. They were made under working conditions that would be illegal in this country, yet we let them come in with no tariffs or taxes.”

He continued: “For 160 years, from George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt, we protected our manufacturers from unfair competition. After WWII we decided not to do that. It’s killing America. So, I saw all of these things, plus the power of special interest money, and I said: You know, I think somebody ought to run for president who’s free to tell the truth. Once having told it, then they’re free to lead.”

Roemer started his campaign with $50,000 of his own money, and accepts political contributions from Americans, with a strict limit:

“At a $100 limit, I have raised money from all 50 states. California is a big giver to me, plus Florida and Texas,” explained Roemer. “My average contribution is $65,” he said.

Roemer’s message would be sure to find millions of supporters across the country who are fed up with business as usual, but he has yet to be invited to the Republican debates.

“I haven’t made a single debate yet,” bemoans Roemer, “although I’m the only guy running for president who was elected to Congress and as governor of his state.

“I find it interesting that I can’t make the national debate, while the same old guys are saying the same old things. Why can’t I make a debate? It might be because I don’t take PAC money, and they don’t want that conversation to be held on the national stage. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m 2% in the polls, but came in seventh place in Florida last week, ahead of three people who were in the debate. I was ahead of Rick Santorum, John Huntsman and Gary Johnson. I’m the only guy running who hasn’t made a debate. Fascinating.”

If he is invited to the debates, Roemer is confident: “You think Herman Cain was something? (In 30 days he went from 3% to 30%.) Watch me, guys. If we get on the debate, watch what happens.” Roemer’s campaign office is located at 66 Hanover St., Suite 200, Manchester, NH 03101; (603) 782-4812.

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