Computerized Vote Counting Is the Real Election Bandit

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By Mark Anderson

Word is finally starting to get out, in widening circles, that one of the “big three” voting machine companies just might have something to do with possible vote fraud in the 2020 general election. In an apparently unprecedented development, spurred by the highly charged political atmosphere amid Democrat Joe Biden’s claimed victory in his presidential bid, “” managed to utter the words “Dominion Voting Systems,” thereby naming the software company whose product “glitched” in both Georgia and Michigan during the tense election count.

Fox News host Lou Dobbs also raised the issue of electronic voting’s strong potential to flip elections while interviewing Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The election software that ‘glitched’ in both Georgia and Michigan—which in Michigan’s case incorrectly gave Joe Biden thousands of votes—is being used in 28 states,” “Breitbart” added in a Nov. 7 report, taking the first steps toward what AFP and its predecessor newspaper, The Spotlight, have been reporting for decades: Computer vote-counting is at the heart of election fraud, and extraneous concerns about people faking their identify at the polls or dead people voting are noteworthy but not decisive in stealing an election.

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Specifically, some of those “thousands of votes” Breitbart referred to were meant for Republican candidates but were wrongly counted for Democrats in Antrim County, Mich., which is one of 47 counties in Michigan, which has 83 counties in all, that use the same software that brought about this “glitch.”

Moreover, it appears that “the presidential election results for Antrim County were later corrected, flipping the county from Joe Biden to President Donald Trump after the ‘glitch’ was fixed,” noted “Breitbart,” adding that two Georgia counties that use the same voting software also reported encountering glitches during the 2020 election.

It’s interesting that when Georgia’s Spalding County Board of Elections Supervisor Marcia Ridley referred to a technical glitch that halted the count in Spalding and Morgan Counties, she said it was caused by a vendor having uploaded an update to their election machines on the eve of the election. Ms. Ridley observed: “That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election.”

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The foregoing is remarkable, not so much for what it says in terms of specific claims about the Michigan and Georgia elections—significant though those claims are, making them prime examples for further investigation by Trump’s legal team—but simply for the fact that one of the “big three” companies and its software was even mentioned at all. Kudos to “Breitbart” for breaking the general silence about the voting machine companies, although “Breitbart” did not go nearly as far as AFP has in outing the huge problems presented by widespread computer-based vote counting.

Veteran election fraud expert Jim Condit Jr. has told this writer on several occasions, and strongly reiterated on Nov. 8, that those three companies—Hart InterCivic, Election Systems & Software, and Dominion Voting Systems—together count the votes in about 96% of the nation’s 3,141 counties, and 99% of the overall vote when the big cities are included.

Condit was careful to emphasize that, as Fox News recently acknowledged, the people assigned to work in voting precincts across the nation—amid the feverish mass-media coverage that has largely portrayed President Trump as an ogre for simply calling out the obvious perils of a largely mail-in election and challenging the predictable outcome—have only been counting the number of ballots piled on tables, not manually counting the vote results. Thus, it cannot be overstated that the actual counting of the votes for candidates only happens when the ballots are fed into the computerized machines made by one of the big three companies.

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“And 20% of elections involve no paper ballot at all, and solely rely on touchscreen machines,” Condit added, while noting that little to none of this 2020 election impasse would have happened if past presidential candidates such as Ron Paul, and organizations like the Tea Party, the NRA, and the political parties, among others, would, once and for all, step up and strongly insist that all vote counting—the actual tallying of the vote—can and must be conducted in the open, under properly controlled conditions, manually at the precinct level—without any loss in the chain of custody of the ballots.

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This is absolutely crucial, Condit said, in order to end the almost total reliance on computers whose software tells the computers how to count the vote, well-hidden from any election observers, whether they’re being kept away or not. As for Dobbs, he and Fitton noted that the state legislators in the most contested states must consider seating a “clean slate of electors” for the Electoral College due to the strong doubts about the election outcome, based on numerous examples of evidence—involving postal workers’ testimonies of improper ballot-handling and inaccurate ballot postmarking, on top of the above-noted electronic “glitches.”

Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving editor. Email him at [email protected].