70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy

By Paul Fromm

Since Nelson Mandela and the communist African National Congress (ANC) took over South Africa, more than 70,000 whites have been murdered and untold numbers have been robbed, raped and tortured.

But you will not hear about this in the Western media, which fawns over the black terrorists who now run the once-prosperous country.

Claudia Bryan is a South African activist living in London. Her grandmother owned a bakery in South Africa. One day six blacks entered the bakery and gang-raped her. They then tried to shoot her. The gun jammed. In anger they gang raped her again and the 70-something woman died. Robbery was not the motive.

One of the South African Family Relief Project volunteers, who drove this writer around Durban during a recent fact-finding visit to South Africa, related the experience of a co-worker. This man and his adult son were working on their boat at their home in an upscale area when two blacks came up the driveway and demanded the keys to the son’s car. When the father refused, the blacks shot him dead and fled.

Joulene Trichardt, my Johannesburg guide’s daughter-in-law, was one of the managers at a nightclub called Truth several years ago. The night club was open once a week for parties and dances. One night, four armed blacks burst in, firing handguns, and attacked the staff. They herded the managers and the disc jockey into an office. They beat one manager with a pistol and kicked Ms. Trichardt repeatedly when she disobeyed their orders to keep her eyes down and not to look. The bandits made off with the night’s proceeds—400,000 rand (roughly $40,000)—as well as the staff’s cellphones. They were never caught.


Every white person I met feared for his physical safety. Crime—murder, robbery and rape—is rampant. South Africa has the highest rape rate in the world and the second highest murder rate, making the country more dangerous than most parts of Iraq.

Most victims and perpetrators are black. Rapes are rampant in black schools, and parents often accept a small sum of money as financial compensation for their raped daughter rather than going to the corrupt or incompetent police.

The website “GenocideWatch.com” observes: “About 50 people on average are murdered in South Africa per day, of which at least 20 of them are whites (95% black-on-white murder rate). Please take into consideration that white people make up only 9% (4,500,000) of the demographics in South Africa, and therefore the white murder rate in South Africa is quite significant.”

For a bribe, police case files can be made to disappear and the case never comes to court. Traffic stops are often an excuse for a bribe. A hundred rand note ($10), my hosts told me, would usually make a traffic stop go away.

Worse, police are sometimes the perpetrators of carjackings and robberies.

One incident—the attempted kidnapping of a rich Chinese couple in an upper class area of Johannesburg—was captured on a cellphone and seemed to be perpetrated by police in the guise of stopping to question the couple. The video has gone viral on the Internet.

Over 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since power was handed to the ANC. Over 5,000 farmers have been murdered. Many of these killings involve hideous torture. An old terrorist chant of the ANC is: “Shoot the farmer! Kill the Boer!” This song has been sung in recent times even by President Jacob Zuma.

The communist ideology of the ANC calls for the eventual seizure of many farms. So traumatized and beleaguered are South Africa’s farmers that farm production has slumped, and South Africa is now a food-importing country.

What is going on in South Africa is a slow genocide of the white population. The mounting homicidal violence against whites, the denial of access to jobs for whites and the erasing of their history and culture mean genocide on the installment plan. Could America be next?

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Paul Fromm is the founder of CAFE, the Canadian Association for Free Expression. He is also the publisher of Free Speech Monitor in which he relates crazy governmental policies of which Canadian citizens are subject. Ask for a free booklist and sample OB 332, Stn B, Etobicoke ONT M9W5L3. $15 per year.

Obama’s African Legacy: Poverty, Crime, Terrorism

By Bill White

With his presidency nearing an end, Barack Hussein Obama may find his legacy in Africa. On the Dark Continent, Obama has done more to kill and impoverish black people and to expand Western and Zionist power than any American leader in recent memory.

Across the African continent, Obama and his advisors have targeted nearly every honest nationalist leader they can find, while consistently promoting corrupt cronies, who pocket all they can while bleeding their people poor.

Take Libya’s assassinated leader, Muammar Qadaffi, for example. Despite its tiny population, Qadaffi turned Libya into a growth engine for Africa. In 37 of Africa’s 53 countries, Qadaffi set up joint development banks, which were profitably investing in African infrastructure—something the United States, Britain, Russia and China have all failed to do in a meaningful way.

Besides subsidizing food, gas, education and housing for his own people, Qadaffi was making a minimum annual investment of $6 billion in African countries—a huge amount given the tiny size of Africa’s economy. More importantly, Qadaffi had set up a Libyan foreign exchange bank, which made a currency trading market in those 37 nations, allowing them to trade among each other. While Africa is not a nation, under Qadaffi’s influence it was acting like an autonomous economic entity.

This, of course, is why Obama, dancing at the end of strings held by international bankers, murdered Qadaffi and destroyed his banking system.

Obama acted like one of the old African chieftains, willing to sell his own people into slavery.


Or take Jean-Pierre Bemba, the Congolese leader currently facing trumped-up war crimes charges in The Hague. Bemba was elected president of the Congo with 70% of the vote. He and his staff held all-night meetings to brainstorm how to bring industry and information technology into their impoverished nation. Independently wealthy, Bemba was incorruptible, and so he had to go.

When Bemba intervened to stop members of the Central Africa Republic from butchering one another, some of his soldiers may have raped women. Bemba, a family man, had no involvement, but he wasn’t useful to the Western bankers, so he’s on trial in The Hague. In his place has come a network of Rwandan Tutsis.

Many Tutsis consider themselves Jewish. Israel does not concede this status to them, but the Mossad has been bankrolling Tutsi expansion in Central and Eastern Africa.

It is no surprise but Rwandan President Paul Kagame has recently taken up a cry more familiar to America’s manipulated and ignorant black masses—the cry of blame for the white man.

Like in every “liberated” African nation, from Libya to South Sudan to Nigeria, South Africa is also facing economic collapse and extreme violence; it is likely only years away from joining the other three in civil war. White people are being blamed for the problems there, and their property is being seized.

Remember Darfur? The Western powers would prefer that you forget it. It’s currently in the midst of a brutal civil war. Nigeria? Obama sent David Axelrod there to “change” the government. But Boko Haram isn’t going anywhere.

Everywhere you look in Africa, Obama has impoverished his father’s own peoples. And everywhere you look, global bankers are getting rich off white and black poverty—all the while blaming the white man for the problems there.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

172 Comments on 70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy

  1. It is distressing that Man’s inhumanity to one another is happening in South Africa, the U.S.A., and other nations. I,a citizen of the U.S.A.,applauded the historic transformation and also lived there for three years.

    The many opportunities that white S.A. citizens had to share their accomplishments with all willing participants were stagnated due to their selfishness.

    Even when, as I learned over there, so many of the non-European people earned education and training only to be denied employment! It was in their words ” A never ending game”!

    The same situation is here in the U.S.A., but with more tricks being perpetrated through the extensive and ever growing use of employment screening businesses. It is dastardly factual that their is a very tragic earnings divide between whites and most of the other non-whites. Why? Don’t our credentials matter?

    The answers must come from white males whom at all costs are striving to maintain control of their perceived lives while destroying others through their willful and evil actions.

    Some of you commenters are vomiting the same hatred of genocide murderers throughout history.

    You will not win; for God’s people will inherit the Earth and we will share the bounties and goodness with each other.

  2. Your comment is totally out of touch. There is no white genocide in South Africa. The murder statistics are absolute fake statistics. AfriForum (The official white farmers association who drives the white farmers “murder” campaign) admits that activist like Steve Hofmeyr and Sunette Bridges (celebrities) are cooking up all sorts of fake news and fake statistics to support their lies. Everything is not like it is supposed to be but the situation in South Africa is a far cry from what these people wants us to believe.

  3. The Veil of Secrecy Has Been Lifted….
    After many decades of secrecy and operation in the shadows, we, the illuminated ones, must begin to form the young membership. More than ever the world needs an elite group of individuals j work to create the fate of the masses. They need us, but we must once again band together. What you see in the media today was not the original plan of our organization. It is not required that you are already super wealthy, or you are already an elite member of government or business….you must simply seek the light, and seek a world of knowledge that you realize exists, but is not sought after by the masses. You then become enlightened. You have made it to the ranks of the worlds most elite group. You have made it here because you chose to seek. Chose to seek the massive knowledge and power that is provided to those that wish to become enlightened. The path of enlightenment is not difficult, but it will not come to those who do not wish to find it. Never before have we sought out, in any outlet be it traditional print or digital media, a new membership, available to the public. But we now realize that the public is who seeks knowledge, and wishes to use it in a way that helps the masses become enlightened, and live in a way that enlightened ones do ! Now is the new era of the Illuminati! It is simple. You simply must commit. Commit to the plan of enlightenment, agree to further the cause of mans god given right to not live in the dark, to be free, and to live how he was made to live, enlightened. We require that individuals that want to join our branch of The Illuminati pay a small fee to be added to the membership records, and receive an official Illuminati membership certificate. Our goal is to operate as honestly and efficiently as possible. As you imagine, we like to operate in the shadows as much as possible.

  4. The Farmer and the Viper

    The Farmer and the Viper is one of Aesop’s Fables, numbered 176 in the Perry Index.[1] It has the moral that kindness to the evil will be met by betrayal and is the source of the idiom ‘to nourish a viper in one’s bosom’. The fable is not to be confused with The Snake and the Farmer, which looks back to a situation when friendship was possible between the two.

    The story concerns a farmer who finds a viper freezing in the snow. Taking pity on it, he picks it up and places it within his coat. The viper, revived by the warmth, bites his rescuer, who dies realizing that it is his own fault. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Farmer_and_the_Viper

    The Scorpion and the Frog

    A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scorpion_and_the_Frog

    blacks: are 13% of the population, yet commit 52% of the homicide, and collect 2.5x more welfare than whites.

    for every black killed by a white in america, there are 10.4 whites killed by blacks per capita. blacks have killed more whites in the last 9 years than the kkk did blacks in 86 years.
    blacks killed by whites: 189. whites killed by blacks: 409.

    “during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks”.
    “when it comes to a specific kind of assault.. Aggravated Assault. The rate for blacks is 200x higher against whites than it is for whites against blacks”
    “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.”

    shot and killed by police: 259 black; 494 white.

    the first slave owner in america was black.

    the word “slave” is named after whites.

    what did the pot call the kettle?

  5. You are delusional mate. I have the true statistics verified by AfriForum. Yours are fake. Even Sunette Bridges and others have since updated their websites and documents with the correct data. Some even stopped the farm murder campaign altogether. Can you give me the names of the 70 000 people killed since 1994? Thought so for see those people do not exist. Fake news. Fake propaganda. Fake statistics.
    The whole campaign was built on wrong statistics. I do not believe that it was on purpose. AfriForom and others have since realized the truth although some of them just carry on with the propaganda knowing that the statistics do not back their statements. How sad?

  6. Basie Martins, you’re one delusional individual and proof that the liberal media propaganda machine can succeed on the weak mind. As for “fake” I doubt if you could distinguish a diamond from an empty Coke bottle. You probably shuttle between fenced establishments in the course of your daily routine, but still fail to see the reality of what life in South Africa has devolved to for white people. Just look around you and you’ll see that white people live in abject fear. How many white women do you see on foot in the open after sunset? It is not because they don’t have time for strolls, it’s because they feel unsafe. People fear experiencing car trouble when they drive in this country, and are frequently assaulted should they be in such a situation. I know/knew people who bore the brunt of violent crime. As a matter of fact I can easily produce AT LEAST 10 NAMES. Where do you get your murder statistics? The fact that you are Afrikaans speaking and white doesn’t redeem you from being challenged in the use of grey matter.

  7. This is fake news! I am an Afrikaans speaking white citizen of South Africa and I can tell you now that this article (the section about the killing of white people in South Africa) is not the truth. It is false propaganda by white South Africans purely because of fake statistics. The real statistics proves that about 1% of all murders in South Africa is on white people. That is an average of a mere 169 people a year compared to almost 18000 black people a year. Truly folks, somebody gave the author of this article fake statistics!

  8. Too bad, we as whites sometimes seem to think we’re entitled to do as we please, ravishing and raping, killing to get our way, then when people give it back in kind some of us want to play victim, South African whites had it coming and have no one to blame but themselves, if you lord over people and deny them education and jobs just because you can and you want to keep control you’re asking to have your ass handed to you, no amount of blaming Obama will change those facts, you moved in to steal the resources and that’s the bottom line, getting angry because you’re getting what’s coming to you is a waste, it was fine when they were killing beating and brutalizing blacks but all of a sudden you’re angry because the same is visited on you? You deserve to be murdered and property taken, you stole it in the first place

  9. It is no forking wonder you have polarity between the ‘races.’ You certainly have some weird people posting here. People are people, no what colour they are. You have good, bad and indifferent across the spectrum. STOP allowing your little dim-witted brains to be subverted to slave for, and serve the agenda[s] of the mega-rich and powerful. They spend fortunes to cultivate divisions between people … the better to rule and control the gullible.

  10. @Raymond Mays
    unfortunately, other white countries have been subverted by the left, who are only interested in bringing muslim invaders into the country. if things don’t change quickly, we will all end up just like south africa or armenia.

  11. Hi I would like to know if it is possible to for other countries to accommodate white south Africans. Specially for those who cannot afford to immigrate and those who’s lives are in danger.
    I would rather live in another country and support that country for a better life style and safety for my family.

  12. This is sad. Seriously where is the love? Hatefilled comments from both sides. Genocide is wrong no matter who it’s happening to. We could get along it would be everyone’s best interest. Sad after almost endless agony for this planet, I see everyone here is still a hatefilled being, who obviously can’t see character aside from color. Maybe by 2029 we’ll fix it.

  13. Whites in SA should organize themselves and split from the blacks in SA. Make their own country. Leave the negers on their own. When whites settled in SA there were many parts that were uninhabited, so saying it was all negros land is a joke. Maybe the’ll claim the planet is theirs too one day …

  14. FACT #2: Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. (Note: This is in reference to the pure-blooded Negro.) He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head. for shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable. (21) (39)


  15. Blacks are inferior to whites. Every smart man and a scientist will tell you that.

    FACT #31: The rate at which Blacks commit murder is thirteen times that of Whites; Rape and assault, ten times. These figures, as given by the F.B.I. reports, vary somewhat from year to year but fairly represent the trend for the past decade. (27) (6) (13)
    FACT #32: According to the justice Dept, 1 in every 4 Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 is currently in prison or on probation or parole. (32) (6) (3)
    FACT #33: Though only 12 % of the U.S. population, Blacks commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60 % of all murders in the U.S. (32) (27) (6)
    FACT #34: Approximately 50 % of all Black males will be arrested and charged with a serious felony during their lifetime. (27)
    FACT #35: A Black person is 56 TIMES more likely to attack a White person than vice versa. (3) (32)
    FACT #36: Black rapists choose White victims over half (54.9 %) of the time, 30× as of ten as Whites choose Blacks. (2) (32) (28)
    FACT #37: The annual report from the Department of justice shows that when Whites commit violence they do it to Blacks 2.4 % of the time. Blacks, on the other hand, choose White victims MORE THAN HALF the time. (3)
    FACT #38: In New York City, any White is over 300 TIMES MORE LIKELY to be assaulted by a gang of Blacks than is a Black by a gang of Whites. (32)
    FACT #39: Many people argue that high Black incarceration rates show that police center enforcement at Black crimes and ignore white-collar crimes. However, Blacks commit a disproportionate number of white-collar of fenses as well. In 1990, Blacks were nearly 3 times as likely to be arrested for forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement as Whites. (32) (6)
    FACT #40: Many people believe that crime is a product of poverty and lack of “advantages.” However, the District of Columbia, which enjoys the highest average annual salaries and is second only to Alaska in personal income per capita, leads the nation in just about every category of crime including murder, robbery, aggravated assault, and vehicle theft. D.C. also has the country’s strictest gun control, highest police costs per capita, highest ration of police and correctional of ficers per citizen, and highest rate of incarceration. Its permanent population is over 80 % Black. West Virginia, which has the nation’s lowest crime rate, suffers from chronic poverty and has the highest unemployment in the U.S. It also has the fewest police per capita. West Virginia is over 96 % White. (33)


    FACT #41: 46 % of inner city Black men between the ages of 16 and 62 are unemployed. (27)
    FACT #42: More than 66 % of the children of Negroes are born out of wedlock. Per capita, their illegitimacy rate is ten times that of Whites. (32) (27)
    FACT #43: Blacks are four and a half times more likely than Whites to be on welfare. (32)
    FACT #44: More than 35 % of all Black men in U.S. Cities are drug or alcohol abusers. (27)

  16. The negro race is 200,000 years behind in development.

    FACT #17: Among human races numerous studies have been made of the comparative weight of White and Negro brains with results that fell within the range of about an 8–12 percent lower weight for the Negro brain. Such studies have been conducted by Bean, Pearl, Vint, Tilney, Gordon, Todd, and others. (23) (27)
    FACT #18: In addition to the difference in brain weight, the Negro brain grows less after puberty than the white. Though the Negro brain and nervous system mature faster than the white brain, its development is arrested at an earlier age which limits further intellectual advancement. (22) (27)

    FACT #19: The thickness of the supragranular layer (the outside layer) of the Negro brain is about 15 percent thinner, and its convolutions are fewer and more simple, on average, than that of the White brain. (9)
    FACT #20: The frontal lobes of the Negro brain, responsible for abstract conceptional reasoning, are smaller relative to body weight, less fissured, and less complex than those of the White brain. (9) (27) (23)

  17. Dear Skantbrain,
    You seem incapable of comprehending what is going on here. When this country was originally colonized by whites, population density of all races here was more sparse than your brain cells. You can just imagine how devoid of large scale human habitation this country was. Oops, my bad: no you can’t! When the blacks kill the whites off, they’re killing the host that feeds them. Kevin Carter’s Pulitzer prize winning vulture photo in Sudan vividly explains what it will look like in South Africa with whitey gone!

  18. Well, it is a black country, originally belonging to the black inhabitants (including the Khoi and San in that description), so why shouldn’t they kill off the invaders? It’s their land and they can run it as they please, whites do not belong there.

  19. Sorry to disagree with you, Thabo.

    That we have a problem in South Africa I am in agreement with. The way I see it is that most acts of violence are perpetrated by black individuals. In the USA blacks committed 52% of all homicides between 1980 and 2008, despite composing merely 13% of the population. In South Africa this is far worse, and I do also agree is that blacks experience the lions share of the crime wave committed by their own countrymen. However, black murderers do not torture other black people to death as they do to white people in rural South Africa. What kind of person burns an 80-year old person with a clothes iron, pours boiling water on them, or disembowels a young pregnant woman? Or do you deny this?

  20. White Genocide, fact or fiction?

    20 May 2013, 20:00
    “Almost 70 000 White People have been murdered by Blacks since 1994!” this is what activist Sunette Bridges Tweeted on Jan 13 2013.
    This caused quite a remarkable online spat between Bridges and several other Tweeters, including Afrikaans singer Bouwer Bosch, who questioned her astonishing statistics. http://sondag.co.za/face-te-klap/
    If 70 000 whites were murdered by blacks since 1994, it could have indeed been close to a genocide. For a time period of 19 years such a figure leads to an astonishingly high number of 80/100 000 white people murdered by blacks people yearly. (10.6 whites per day!)
    Bridges is but one of the dozens of people who have been distributing their own statistics and Fear mongering, especially aimed at an International audience.
    No wonder these armchair activists gets upset when their exaggerated statistics gets debunked.
    A letter in the PE Herald confronted the issue of white “extermination” and concluded that no such thing exists. http://www.peherald.com/news/article/15058,causing quite an outrage amongst extremists.
    Bridges and others have published various articles in which they stated the number 70 000 (murdered since 1994), but since the twitter spat Bridges mysteriously edited that figure, without making a public apology or ever admitting she was wrong.
    However, if you search the internet you will find this figure of 70 000 being quoted everywhere. Bridges herself comments on a Rapport article on 30 December 2012, “Waarvan PRAAT jy? Is byna 70 000 blankes vermoor aan die hand van Swart mense ‘n mite?”http://www.rapport.co.za/Weekliks/Nuus/Verregses-is-ver-van-reg-20121229
    After many people tried to illustrate the flaws in the 10.6 whites murdered per day theory, Bridges and other “Death counters” suddenly started with more accurate research: In her recent blog posting http://sunettebridges.co.za/a-year-from-hell-the-truth-about-south-africa/ A year from Hell, Bridges now comes clean with a more accurate figure, and strangely enough, it does correspond with previous research done into “white murders”:
    169 murders in 365 days.
    If you do a quick calculation, you will discover that this brings the murder rate to 0.46 whites killed every day. This equates to 3.6/100 000 whites murdered -per year.
    A far cry from the 17/100 000 on the African Continent as a whole.
    It is also less than the world average murder rate of 6.9/100 000.
    It is almost similar to the rate of murder in Europe of 3.5/100 000 yearly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate – As clearly illustrated the issue of White Genocide does not have any merit.
    Our whole country is a target, and we must find our collective voice and inclusive solutions.
    Comparing this to the rate of murder in our Country which is currently around 31.8/100 000, one can clearly conclude what others have been saying.

    By far the likeliest victims of murder in this country will be the black population. In fact, if you do the calculation, only slightly more than 1% of all murders in South Africa are “black on white murder”.

    Take into account that the white population is 8.9% of the total South African population. To conclude:

    – Whites are 8.9 times less likely to be murdered than black people in this country.
    – There is no way that a white genocide can be proven based on current statistics, and also the recent revelation that the 70 000 murdered since 1994, was a baseless rumour.
    – We have a serious problem in South Africa, and I believe that one murder is one murder too many. Our black population suffers much more than whites do.
    – If we stand together as South Africans, and stand up against this atrocious rate of murder against all our people, and not make it a “race exclusive” issue, we will be able to probably achieve more in combatting crime.

  21. Were in 6000 years of recorded history have whites ever had a nation for just themselves???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    FACT is whites have NEVER had their own nation in all of history. We have been hunted down for our women since the time of Adam and we have been raped, butchered and enslaved by the dark races of Satan since he deceived white Adam & Even in the garden.
    MANY MANY arab nations for all the arabs.
    MANY MANY asian nations for all the asian.
    S. America, Central America, N. America, Canada and alaska all for the indians.
    Ignorant people say you europeans go back to europe your own country but the fact is europe was inhabited by blacks before whites migrated there from asia which the asians claim is all their land.
    The whole planet belongs to all races but the white race.
    Why has that been the case for 6000 years whites may ask.
    Let me tell you who YOU are and who the real devils are.
    Strong’s #119: ‘adam (pronounced aw-dam’). to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy in the cheeks.
    Adam & Eve were your white ancestors. A white couple does not produce black, arab, asian or indian babies. They only produce white babies.

    Gen 3:15  I will put enmity=hatred=racism between you (Satan) and the woman (White Eve), and between your ****offspring**** and hers.

    Satan was a black angel in the flesh in the garden and he tempted Adam & Eve into having sex with him. That is where all the races today come from. They are white or black or a mix of the two genes.
    God destroyed the earth by the flood to kill all the mongrels because Noah and his family were the last few pure blooded whites left on earth.
    Many idiot preachers say Ham father the black race but that is a lie. Ham was white and married a black nephilim woman and that started the contasmination of the white adamic race all over again.
    The bible says the nephilim after that time. The bible says, So it was in the days of Noah, so will it be when the Messiah returns”.
    How was it in Noah’s day???
    The attempt of Satan and his black children raped the white adamic race almost into extinction.
    Now every christian white nation promotes race mixing between whites and black 24 hours a day every day for over 50 years now since that first movie called, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in 1967.
    NO and I mean NO other nations on the planet earth promote their own genocide 24 hours a day using every form of media available. From TV to basketball and football magazines with white women and their black husbands on the front covers to posters in the mall to white children being taught in schools that if they do not mate with blacks they are racist and bigots.

    This is all *By Design” and “NO Accident”.
    It is to bring about the genocide of the white Adamic peoples of the world.
    The world is being taught *The Great White Satan* and to hate all whites using every form of media.
    We are the ONLY race targeted for genocide.
    Anti-Christ is a code word for Anti-White because over 90% of the worlds christian’s are white people.

    The BEAST empire that rises to power to BEHEAD christian’s are flooding by the millions into EVERY christian white nation.
    With the anti-christ/anti-white muslims flooding into every christian white nation and all the black & white race mixing and all the promotion of non-whites to kill whitey.
    I’d say a ***WAR*** is being waged against the white Adamic Christian population of the world.

    Rev 12:17  Then the dragon/Satan was angry with the woman, and went off to make ***WAR*** on the rest of her children, those who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of (((Jesus))).

    Over 90% of the worlds christian’s are white people.
    Anti-Christ is a code word for Anti-White.

    Jesus called a negro Canaanite woman a DOG and told her, “I come ONLY for the lost sheep of the house of Israel”.
    The white Adamic seedline are the true Israelites of the bible.
    The JEWS run the banks, the government and they run most of the worlds media. It is them who promote white genocide in every christian white nation.
    Yes they look white and that’s how they get elected but they all have brown eyes.
    You will not find a blue, green or hazeled eyes JEW.
    They are contaminated white adamites.
    Revelation 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars.

    These fake jews put the word JEW in the bible in the 1800’s.
    None of the 1500, 1600 or 1700 bibles had the word JEW in them.
    Like Satan they have successfully deceived the world into thinking they are the apple of God’s eye and the true Israelite’s of the bible.

  22. to the femely of otis livingston your son is acting bad against russian american comune otis livingston mus be invistigated. if we will catch him he will go to jail and his famely too.

  23. @Eloh Sadiq
    So you’re saying the Somalian pirates who attack ships on the open ocean are also merely taking back technology stolen from them? Before the crackers in SA started allowing blacks into their cracker hospitals about 2/5 black children didn’t reach the age of 5, dying of dysentery. South Africa is an arid country, but supports over 45 million people, half of which came running from the north when Apartheid ended. Who feeds them, genius? I’ll tell you because you will never figure it out: cracker Free State farmers producing the corn producing their beloved mealiemeal porridge.
    @black kidnapped african (whingeing with the full stomach)
    Your ignorance is matched by your mastery of the English language, so let the latter be the judge of the content of your contribution: pitiful!

  24. Honestly we don’t need white people to survive we was here way before them actually they come from us what a bad seed all they do is bring diseases etc.even the sun don’t like there nasty non color skin eeeew p.s it’s simply Black red Brown etc. Let’s all get together and handle this situation by any means necessary!!

  25. Long story short all nationalitys come together as one and get rid of the enemy and trust me (faxs) you know who u are you done cause trouble all over the would your time is coming believe me !!!p.s you come from my Jewels faxs.mankind kind of a man Boy or Boy…..

  26. FamerDave you are an ignorant cracker…Africans countries been around since the beginning of time and did not need Caucasians from the barren hills and caves of Europe for survivor…crackers like everywhere else in the world invade other civilizations bringing disease and pillage…stealing ….they have a right to kill every cracker in SA …they do not have any business being there with their white privilege off black people land and resources…I don’t feel any pity for invaders and criminals from Europe…

  27. The problem with blacks is that they love the fruits of modernization, but both hate working for it. Just look at Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe for example. Though he’s forever renouncing- and spewing hatred toward European “colonialism”, the inside of his mansion looks like it’s been stolen from a European palace and before they were banned his wife was frequently flying to Europe on shopping sprees to spend all the money they steal from their impoverished countrymen. All blacks do this. The moment they get their hands on wealth, they lavishly splurge it out on only themselves in order to be notices. When it comes to performance and accountability, they fall infinitely short. When cornered to produce and be accountable, they turn to violence. This is what is happening in South Africa 22 years post-democracy. As we speak the universities are closed due to violent protests allegedly due to high enrollment/class fees but actually because they don’t perform. “Coincidentally” these protests ignited just before final year exams. This is fact because people protesting high cost do not burn down the academic infrastructure which would lead to even higher costs. All they do is want, want, want, but deliver absolutely nothing of value!

  28. yeah, The rule of nature is to progress, without progression, you only get regression, regression means to loose all energy and vanish. Progression is the cruelest law in nature. The races that did not progressed, had to go into slavery or permanent extingtion.The truth is that the black race cannot cope in today.s modern world. They cannot compete.The whites in south africa had no alternative but to fight back in the days, they won and ruled the country, building a great country for the black people of south africa today. Now the Whites have no place to go… I lived in the Apartheid Era. There was NO violence like this from us on blacks. It is clear that we cannot live in harmony with black people.. they showed us this in history all over africa and killed all whites in the countries they reclaimed, they still all cry cause the had to modernise…and they could not.In their own country they kill us whites, but then they beg all the time for money from the whites in europe…. while the kill us here… nice… if you white, and believe in anything of africa… go there… see if you will find mercy… your money will just be stolen.

    The whites in south africa wants a province in south africa, they fully deserve it for their part in building the country. We have no choice anymore… we will stand up … we will not vanish…we are a great nation that did great things… we are the boers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come kill us …,,!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @barry joe
    You not only laughed your fao, you also must have lyf brains out long time ago, because you don’t seem to have anything left to think with. What id!ots like you do not seem to realize/know/understand is that the whites did not force anything on the blacks. They developed the parts of the country where they settled whereas the blacks merely subsisted where they settled. Inevitably with South Africa being an arid country, when droughts came knocking, the latter found themselves migrating to white settlements where they could find food and shelter. The whites did not understand ritualistic torturing of cattle to appease forefather spirits or raping of goats and sheep as initiations ceremonies for sangomas (witch doctors) or harvest body parts off live infants, that these people brought to their doorsteps and tried to teach them their ways. The blacks though do not do in Rome what the Romans do. They start demanding benefits they never worked for and shove their sick culture down the throats of others, and turn to violence if their demands aren’t met. Where do you get the n0nsense you’re driveling? Are you on drugs?

  30. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    What Is It ?

    Hollow points, thousands of shells, night vision goggles, packs of dogs, fences, 24/7 camera in all directions, sleep lightly.

    Killing danger before it kills you is ” Self Respect ” a part of humanity some among us have lost due to childhood and adulthood abuse by controlling, manipulative monsters allowed to be community leaders.

    There is no crime if you cannot describe it, if that’s the rules they live by, then okay by the community leaders rules.

    Or you can be a famous DRAFT DODGER and sneak off into Canada or the USA and abandon your community and become a political donor kickback artist and still be the; controlling, manipulative, psychopath that draws others to you like yourself and become whatever you want to call yourself, invent the lec-trick car, or hire servants to install solar power Chinese Slave made devises that will last several years, or get cash from the POTUS (WHO HONORS SOUTH AFRICAN WHITE GENOCIIDE) to hire aerospace engineers to make rockets, if you can keep away from anything scientific and not interfere with actual physicists.

    Otherwise the Dragons will probably get you. If some angry victim/victims of your time doesn’t get you first

    Paid in full by mostly WHITE WORKING CLASS Citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  31. reading the comments on here I realize the right thing to do is kick the whites out , starve Europe out… Asians,blacks & indians must realize eliminating the people all together is best for the planet ,they are the enemy of mother earth .. some of piece of white sh*t are on here calling black people “negros” and don’t realize why people glad when you and people are killed …. wtf is a negro?

  32. lmao…. is this really news? these people forced their language,culture and Jesus on others … this is the down side of being evil deal with it white people

  33. Noneya_Buziness

    “Zimbabwe was a test-run for South Africa. South Africa is a test-run for Europe. And the end plan is global communism.
    If ethnic Europeans become a minority in Europe, they will be faced with the accusations about colonialism in order to redistribute wealth. There is a lot of hatred by Blacks towards Whites due to the colonial past of Africa, I see it on many internet forums. While Whites have been brainwashed with multiculturalism and cultural Marxism, Blacks are still being brainwashed with racist revolutionary communist propaganda… so there will be a clash. Don’t think the mass immigration into Europe (and the USA) is co-incidental……it is social engineering deliberately planned by the elites to weaken nations. .”

    “White South African’s battle for refugee status in Canada ended by appeals court” (but canada is taking tens/hundreds of thousands of muslims) armenian genocide take two

  34. Why Whites stick around is beyond me. Apply for refugee status in a western country, or like the mudbloods do in Western nations all the time, overstay a temporary visa. Leave them to their own devices, quit producing food at all. I saw a report that the muds take the land that was “given”, read stolen from Whites, by the “government” of Zimbabwe and let the land go while only scrapping the equipment. If it’s not Whitey doing for them, they starve. Let them starve…

  35. I hate the part whereby you call Africa a dark continent also I feel bad for what is happening to whites then you forget they came to Africa by choice and to extort from stupid people right ? The thing is you know no damn thing about what blacks as well suffer and suffered from them whites, the thing is how can they come to Africa and own 87 percent of South African land, my grand mother suffered apartheid if they had stayed in their civilized countries and left Africa alone things would of been better, I do not hate anyone but as well ask yourself why?

    Killers do not like to be killed haven’t you noticed and stope writing big digits count how many Africans suffered as well.

  36. You want the truth about Africa and the slave trade?

    ISLAMIC SLAVERY And the “Black” Angle.

    “Black” angle of Islamic slavery never discussed in the black community. The Islamic slave trade. Without which, the American slave trade would never have been possible.

    And now blacks are hooking up Muslims and announcing their “solidarity” with their Muslim “brothers” without having one clue when it comes Islam’s history of Arab racism and the Islamic slave trade:

    2015: Black Lives Matter Visits “Palestine”, Links Jihad Against Israel to Race War in US.

    Opportunistic Jihadists and “Black Lives Matter”, a growing Alliance lead in by Christine Williams to Arab Social Media Gloats Over Cop Murders in Dallas by Ali Waked. “Jihadist mantra is “death to the Jews”. BLM mantra is “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry em’ like Bacon”.

    Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat by Peter Hammond in conjunction with:

    Article Islam as a Vehicle for Arab Supremacism by Hugh Fitzgerald for all those OnlyBlackLivesMatter thugs and all other Useful Idiots singing kumbayah with Muslims who have hijacked Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights narrative.

    The Berbers and Islam as a Vehicle for Arab Supremacism by Hugh Fitzgerald.

    What Does the Religion of Peace Teach About…Slavery and Sex Slavery by The Religion of Peace.com.

    The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew Bostom.

    Stanley and Livingstone 1939 (You Tube)

    Here’s a good documentary to go along with the movie:

    David Livingstone.

    Racially Incorrect Facts on Slavery: African Slave Traders by Jack Kerwick. (Note: See related links in articles; The ‘First Slave’ – the Case of John Casor. The Black Slave Owners by Joseph E. Holloway.)

    Slavery: Racially Incorrect Facts by Jack Kerwick. Truths That Obama and BLM Revile. (Related leftist propaganda: The Police Hunting and Killing of Black Men Stops Today by Trey Ellis.)

    The History Channel’s Unhistorical ‘ROOTS’: The Lie That Won’t Die by Jack Kerwick. (Or Wow. White Folks are Wicked.)

    Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa by Ilana Mercer.

    Europeans Abolished Slavery; Africans/Muslims Still Practice It: The Black Lives That Don’t Matter To The Left by Ilana Mercer (FrontPage Magazine)

    Slavery Convictions in Mauritania: Real Reform or Deliberate Deception? By Stephen Brown. World’s worst slave state sends two slaverholders to jail while releasing two ani-slavery activists.

    African American Slavery Beginnings by Dr. Joseph A. Bailey.

    The ‘Same God’ Question by Ralph Sidway.

    Read the article by Hugh Fitzgerald, People Are the Same the World Over and The Vast Majority Myth by William Kilpatrick where they expose the fact that not everyone, everywhere loves the kind of “freedom” America is based on.

    Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross by Raymond Ibrahim.

    Was Islam Really More Tolerant Than Christianity? By Danushka Goska.

    How Islam Erased Christianity From History by Ramond Ibrahim.

    Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Christians by Raymond Ibrahim.

    Muslims Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Israel and the Jews by Raymond Ibrahim.

    In Memory Of The 50 Million Victims Of The Orthodox Christian Holocaust. Compiled by Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes.

    RAVISHED ARMENIA , the original 1919 movie also known as [ Auction of Souls ]

    You Tube video: The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story. Where the author, in an interview, cites The Legacy of Arab-Islam In Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue by John Alembillah Azumah. And gives an ass kicking comment about reactions from the politically correct left who will criticize the book but who won’t be able to dispute or debunk a single word of it and a brief history of the Islamic slave trade.

    Daniel Greenfield Moment: Palestine is Colonialism.

    And women: From Jihad Watch: Lesbian CNN Political Commentator [Sally Kohn] Defends Sharia.
    The Western Journalism report’s title says it all: “Here’s A Contender For ‘Dumbest Tweet Of The Year’ When A CNN Lib Says THIS About Sharia Law“. The title referenced a tweet by CNN’s Sally Kohn that defended Sharia law.

    One wonders whether Kohn realizes what will happen to her in an Islamic state that enforces Sharia, given that she is openly gay. The Religion of Peace site reports:
    Islam and the ‘Sexual Ethics’ of Jihad Slavery by Andrew Bostom. See reference to Traveller page 1.

  37. @Javari

    You show the typical “entitlement syndrome” symptoms. Your very body is covered by western “White” clothing, your body is transported in “White” vehicles, you watch “White” television, you survived your childhood due to “White” hospitals and meds, and yet here you are biting the hand that fed you. May your wish be granted and the whites leave you to your own devices. May they ignore your begging pleas for help when you’ve destroyed your resources and are delivered to the harsh mercies of nature.

    Like your fellow entitled cousins, you are the epitome of hypocrisy.

  38. Glen, please be advised that Gene is probably not black. take note of his grammar & formatting – do you ever hear racist ignorant blacks write or speak like that?

    he might be a troll – just doing this for some perverse kind of fun/ out of boredom. he might be an agent, here to disrupt /discredit / derail / incite /…

    “An agent provocateur (French for “inciting agent”) is a person who commits, or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act. An agent provocateur may be acting out of their own sense of duty or may be employed by the police or other entity to discredit or harm another group (such as a peaceful protest or demonstration) by provoking them to commit a crime, thereby undermining the protest or demonstration as a whole.”

    /similar to False flag.

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” ISRAEL COHEN (1912. 3 years b4 armenian genocide. 8th century j_ws betrayed visigoths and opened the gates to muslims, 12th century Byzantine J_ws supported the invading armies of Seljuk Turks, 14th century j_ws support the invasions of the Ottoman Turks the final conquest of Constantinople.. 1915 muslim genocide of christian armenians. 1917 Bolshevik genocide of 65 Million Christians. ~2010-present zimbabwe. ~2012-present south africa. present – rapefugee invasion of europe. 100% rapes oslo. canada liberal party selling $15B weapons to saudi arabia. canada removes passport restrictions with mexico. germany ‘can’t find 600,000 refugees’. “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” -Kevin Alfred Strom. “Watch out for those dogs, those people who do evil, those mutilators who say you must be circumci$ed to be saved [from… sin, dirt, aids, curvature of the spine, etc…]” Philippians 3.2)

  39. Gene..poor Gene here in South Africa blacks tribal and politics are killing one another and I’m talking about the past month not years ago.They have always done that for status and cattle not land as the tribes kept on chasing other tribes off their land and killing them. The Zulus now Matabeles in Zimbabwe were chased by local Zulus to Zimbabwe where the Shonas now a few years ago killed thousands of them. WTF are you talking about?
    I live here I see them rob and rape other blacks daily hijackings murder the Tsotsi’s the MuRussians the scum of the earth.
    Your’e a typical black idiot.
    Pity the only few good ones that believe in the Lord feel the brunt of it.Zuma the c.nt president fired his finance minister the Rand plummeted then he appointed another one and fired him. Now he is getting the hawks ((like CIA) to invesitgte him because he refuses to let billions be spent on Jets,nuclear power stations from the Russians that we cannot afford and the more and more and more.
    Imagine how embarrassing it is to have a president with over 700 charges of fraud and theft against him and he has already been found guilty on some.(got away with the young girl he raped though).
    You are dreaming pal.I live here.

  40. Total nonsense. American whites have very similar tendencies with Arab Muslims. A tendency to play the victim and a love of mindless hatred to sustain that victimhood.

  41. We know the facts less a thousand whites S. Africa deaths and Over 1,000,000 Native Africa`s on Their Own Land in Their Own Country. Whites people so-called are MURDERERS. It`s Show Definite in Their History These Are Straight Killers Murderers by God`s Law. South Africa Do Not Belong To The British that stole that land should be ousted or given chance to leave or killed.
  42. To NobodysaysBOO,

    My thoughts exactly. Those damn Negroes hate us so much, well who’s going to feed those animals once they kill us all off? You know who? NO ONE! All those who hate us will live in the most vile conditions once whites are all gone. Who sends the aid to black and brown countries? Whites do, that’s who. I agree, LET THEM STARVE. When Europeans arrived in Africa they were already starving and killing each other off. I look at it like this; The Lord is bringing HIS WHITE CHILDREN HOME and then hell will be unleashed on these subhumans. Look at the average black IQ. They can’t even keep up and running what whites built in Africa. I’m an American senior female and it disgusts me when blacks say they built my country. For shits sake, they were freaking COTTON PICKERS. Negroes in America teach their chilluns that blacks invented cars, phones, electricity and so on. They teach their black monsters that Shakespeare, Mozart, and Beethoven were black. Oh, and Jesus was a grunting vile Negro, too. If I thought Jesus was a groid, I’d never step foot inside a church again.

    One more time: Let the groids freaking STARVE! And fu*k you all you damn filthy Jews for bringing us to this point. Jews, even your own encyclopedias used to say that there was more Hebrew blood in Europe than there was in Israhell. Jews are edomites and they KNOW IT and THAT is why they hate the true Hebrews, the white race. Yes, we might be gone, but this earth will be a living hell for blacks and most dark-skinned sub humans. You can take this next sentence to the bank: China or any other Asian country will NOT FEED YOUR UGLY FACES NOR WILL THEY GIVE YOU AID.

  43. All black men wanna do is screw white girls. Their girls are ugly and white girls are deemed a status symbol. Poor things.
  44. White Christianity is White Supremacy and whites know it. It is also blasphemy. Without a connection to God the only thing that matters is money and getting more of it at any and all costs. That is what whites do universally. Europeans are not native to this planet. They are some form of embodied karma from the past of normal human beings. Their time will be short as we are already seeing race-mixing is destroying them along with declining birth rates because they would rather make and spend money than raise a family. Can’t blame that on anyone but whites. This land belongs to Afronatives. Most blacks are NOT descendants of slaves. The artifacts, mounds, Olmecs, etc., all prove this. Whites formed illegal treaties with the reds (black + Asian) and then screwed blacks out of our own land. Now they have the never to tell us to go home when they are the true illegal aliens interloping through the legal fiction of the U.S. corporation. America is A-Moor-occ-a. Amerigo Vespuci was some BS they made up to cover up the truth as they always do. All whites have to do is separate. Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. Go preserve your race. Blacks don’t want you around anymore.
  45. Again Aiiden, White Privilege® is having the word “slave” named after you. We’ve been over this—over and over again; but you don’t bother to read/or you’re a robot.
  46. Why is it that wherever Christian whites go, they spread poverty, destroy culture and reign misery onto the native people? Why is it that wherever Christian whites go they prop themselves up into the law and displace the original people, then wonder why the native people fight back? Why is it wherever Christian whites go, they segregate the original people from gaining any means to a happy, healthy life? If vile Christian whites didn’t do this, native Africans wouldn’t have had any problem living with you.

    Then they prevent ‘immigration’ of others; when they out right stole the land to begin with. It’s not enough until Christian whites own everything, is it?

    Do you really expect anyone (except white supremacists) to care? When your legacy is:

    Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act
    Population Registration Act
    The Immorality Amendment Act 21 etc…

    “I can say that the majority of the white people in the country were born there and many don’t have ancestral right to live elsewhere.” Really how interesting;

    “3.5 million non-white South Africans were removed from their homes, and forced into segregated neighborhoods, in one of the largest mass removals in modern history.”

    Because when the Euro Christian imperialists took the lands over, they managed to remove millions of people from their native homes and then revoke their citizenships. Why should anyone cry over karma?

    Native Africans are fighting back against their brutal colonizers and modern oppressors, who despite being a tiny fraction of the population still own the majority of wealth and land.

    “People talk like first generation blacks were so intelligent we could have just handed it over to them and all would go on like normal . . . when actually first generation Africans could not climb stairs and had to work only on first-floor of homes, they could not read, write or do any mathematics, they knew nothing about the world outside their own tribes, but some here speak like whites should have just left and taught them NOTHING, they would still be hunting dogs to eat and know NOTHING about farming. But instead of learning and changing things they just return to tribal murderers and kill their only chance at learning . . . well now that all the white farmers are DEAD, they are now starving . . . GO FIGURE!”

    Which is funny, because if you had any Africanist knowledge of history you would know, African tribes/kingdoms/empires had written language, mathematics, agriculture, metallurgy, astronomy, etc. There is nothing for you to “hand over,” you can’t steal someone’s house and sell it back to them.

    Euro colonists in Africa are so devoid of reality, it’s unbearable.

    Basil Davidson’s Africa should clear up that horrible case of ignorance.

    AND DO NOT come to Australia Christian whites, we have enough imbeciles STOPPING aboriginal land/human rights at every front; you are NOT welcome. You barbaric ancient creatures sicken me.

    As an Irish-Australian, I couldn’t care less what happens to any of you; you are getting back exactly what you give and what your ancestors gave.

  47. They had no business being in South Africa ruling body in the first place…I feel they need to get their country back…they did not asked the white man to come …..and take over black Africans land as the whites did America…so death to those thieves.
  48. 5thofSilence:

    You may not have been bitten in the arse, but you’re surely talking through it. Perhaps you should rather keep reading the MSM tripe you clearly want to believe.

    I don’t know where you get your “rape/murder” statistics for South Africa, but blacks were treated very well in this country by their so-called oppressors. In fact some today are longing back to what YOU call mistreatment and humiliation:

    We were better off under apartheid‚ say EC villagers

    You should perhaps get your head removed from your backside and try to understand what’s really going on around you.


    What came first: the chicken or the egg?

  49. Thank you, Serf.

    Bladerape-torture-mutilation known as genital mutilation known as circumcision is my specialty. Satanic ritual abuse is also a good way to describe it. Reptilian/predator/wolf/snake/demon/vampire there are many words to describe those creatures who suck the life out of children, but the one they call themselves is doctor: (to falsify); origin: “church father.”

    “Snatched on their way to school then castrated or decapitated: Horrifying rise in child human sacrifice in Uganda at the hands of witch doctors.” let he who is without sin cast the first stone “When the ‘gentle child’ was asked about what should happen to his attacker, he replied: ‘He should be killed.’”
    Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Exo. 22:18

    “The reality of pain memory (and birth memory) is confirmed by a mother whose premature baby was shunted for hydrocephalus without painkillers and while paralyzed with curare. Large incisions were cut in his scalp, neck, and abdomen and a hole drilled in his skull. She writes that 10 years after the operation her son will still not allow anyone to touch his head, neck, and abdomen in the areas touched during surgery. The mere sight of the hospital provokes in this child violent trembling, profuse sweating, screaming, struggling, and vomiting.”

    —American witch doctor

    Rupture of the Lung

    The medical literature details cases of circumci$ed babies whose lungs have burst as a result of intense crying. In one case, at Georgetown University School of Medicine, a 15-day-old baby with severe respiratory distress was circumci$ed. He turned blue, started breathing frantically, and cried incessantly. Finally, doctors discovered that the crying had caused the baby’s right lung to burst. A drainage tube was inserted and the baby was hospitalized for 19 days.

    Rupture of the Stomach

    In Richmond, Virginia, a healthy two-day-old baby was prepared for circumci$ion by denying him food for five hours. Terrified, the baby began crying hysterically as soon as the circumci$er strapped him to the restraining board. After half an hour in this position, the baby vomited. Doctors pumped his stomach. The circumci$er proceeded to amputate the baby’s foreskin without anesthesia using a Gemco clamp. The baby cried vehemently throughout the 90-minute ordeal. After the surgery, the baby refused to feed. His abdomen became distended and doctors discovered that his stomach had ruptured, requiring emergency abdominal surgery and the insertion of a feeding tube. After 25 days in the hospital, the baby was released. This baby had a perfectly normal stomach when he was born, but the trauma, excruciating pain of circumci$ion, and his prolonged crying caused his stomach to burst and spill its contents into the abdominal cavity.

  50. There are many reasons for violence and violent acts some of which include but are not limited to the following:

    All races can and do commit violence and violent crime upon others as has been seen throughout history.

    Physical factors that can influence violence include genetic disorders, genital mutilation known as circumcision. psychopathy, alcohol, meat, hallucinogenic drugs and certain prescription drugs, mind control (MKULTRA), vaccines, and brain injury. Failed and absent parenting such as resulting from alcohol, drug and substance misuse and mental health problems.

    Another possibility for those who commit  violence are reptilians and other non-humans who appear in human form and can be of any race, age, male or female, income group etc, but are all very evil.

    Metaphysical/spiritual factors could result in violence include Satanism, demonic possession and those whose consciousness(es) is/are of evil.

    Evil entities such as demons and their more evil masters continually demand greater suffering to release spiritual energy (they have none of their own) and they of evil voraciously devour for their survival as parasites devour their hosts.

    Societies and cultures that mutilate their people’s genitals particularly those of children from an early age in a process called circumcision both male and female have been shown to exhibit much higher levels of crime, antisocial behavior, violence.

    Studies have shown that problems of crime, antisocial behavior, violence have also increased due to criminals who as babies and infants who were denied human skin on skin contact and eye contact such as by being held close to their parent’s/carers chest and resting the baby’s/infant’s arms and legs on their parent’s/carer’s arms when the baby/infant was distressed. Studies have shown the lack of human contact results in greater mental health problems later in life.

    Circumcision is Mother/Child Trauma Brainwashing

    Circumcision Should be Stopped

  51. People talk like first generation blacks were so intelligent we could have just handed it over to them and all would go on like normal . . . when actually first generation Africans could not climb stairs and had to work only on first-floor of homes, they could not read, write or do any mathematics, they knew nothing about the world outside their own tribes, but some here speak like whites should have just left and taught them NOTHING, they would still be hunting dogs to eat and know NOTHING about farming. But instead of learning and changing things they just return to tribal murderers and kill their only chance at learning . . . well now that all the white farmers are DEAD, they are now starving . . . GO FIGURE!
  52. 5thofSilence:

    ‘From the start of the 17th century to the early 19th century, between one half and two thirds of all the White colonists who came to the New World came as slaves, and the white slaves were treated much worse. Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa. 16th – 18th century, Africans enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade.

    When the Trans-Atlantic slave ships docked at African slave markets to buy slaves, they bought slaves who were already slaves. It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans themselves who captured members of rival tribes and took them to the coastal slave markets to sell to the Whites and Jews. White people didn’t go into Africa and kidnap free black people.

    African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant.

    Most of the American slave ships and American slave markets were run by Jews. But no one blames modern Jews. Because if anyone today says anything was “run by Jews”, they’re immediately dismissed as a crazy anti-Semite, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

    Native Americans and Jews owned Black slaves. In fact, Jews were the biggest slave-owners in America per capita.

    “In the pre-Civil War United States, 2% of white gentile households owned slaves. 40% of Jewish households owned slaves. Jews were 2,000% more likely to own slaves than white gentiles.” To this day.

    In Mauritania slavery was only made a punishable offense in 2007!

    Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S. Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners.

    What’s the situation like in America now?

    Blacks kill more than twice as many whites as whites kill blacks.
    Blacks are 7-8 times more likely to be murderers.
    40% of cop killers are black.
    Police are 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than to kill an unarmed black.
    Black cops are 3.3 times more likely to fire a gun than other cops.
    Black criminals commit 52% of homicides in the U.S., but are only 25% of those killed by police.
    Blacks are 32% of welfare recipients.

    Impressive numbers for a group totaling just 13% of the U.S. population.

    And now we have the Black Panther Party in the street singing “black lives matter.” Who are they trying to convince? It wasn’t a whitey who slit Shanynthia Gardner’s four kid’s throats.

    2016: Unarmed white Dylan Noble 19, shot dead by Fresno California police.
    2014: Unarmed white Ronald Carden shot and killed—in the back and on the ground as he’s running away.
    2011: Homeless Kelly Thomas beaten to death, killers walk free. “Now you see my fists? They are getting ready to f##k you up,”-Manuel Ramos

    White Privilege® is having “slave” named after you.

    #WhiteLivesMatter #StopWhiteGenocideInSA

  53. Not taking sides, but this is what happens when you mistreat, humiliate, rape, abuse, and murder a people for centuries and then they fight back! The captives have gotten loose and are taking their revenge. Are you people surprised? You’ve treated them people like animals and they’re turning around to bit you in the arse.

    Moral of the story: This is what happens when one race dehumanizes and brutalizes another race. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated until they give reason not to. However, murdering innocents of any race is not the answer.

  54. Reno Reese, you’re a misinformed idiot.

    Statistics from a left-wing anti-Apartheid report published in the early ’90s with the intent to incriminate the former National Party government in South Africa, placed the statistic on blacks killed in police custody over their full 20-odd year reign, at somewhere just over 70. The report even specu-ranted about the figure probably being close to 100 due to under-reporting. Today the so-called police force appointed by the ANC government is averaging between 600 and 800 deaths in police custody PER YEAR!

    You though, are probably related to Jacob Zuma who doesn’t know the difference between 100 and 1,000,000, and cannot even pronounce figures exceeding the digits on his hands let alone comprehend them!

  55. As in all Africa except, tell me which countries? Go ahead tell me. You can’t, because you are too embarrassed.


  56. Well at least you won’t have intelligent people left in SA. Then you can again suffer in poverty and murder one another.


  57. I guess they need another 5 million more to catch up to the blacks murdered since the whites invaded Africa. Don’t worry, be patient. Then you can call it even.
  58. Glen Blignaut:

    “Forgive and forget.”

    Well, there’s your problem. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

  59. snownignog: niggy niigyy noggy noggy:

    Are you a goyim?

    Time will tell. See what’s happening in Zimbabwe. We’re expecting a whole lot again to run across the border soon.

    Google: Pastor Manning. This will shock South Africans.

    The old perpetual lie. We all know it but we try and hope some sense will come but zero.

  60. Not your country or continent. Snow nig*ers don’t belong there, as you snow nig*ers always seem to point out whites for Europe.

    Well, guess what? Blacks are only doing what you scum snow nignogs can’t, so who gives a fu*k if 70K snow nig*ers are murdered. You snow nig*ers sure have thin skin. They got what they deserved.

  61. WTF:

    Yes we do and also intended to forgive and forget, the fact that out of all the race groups in SA that want to change a lot of misguided blackS are the ones that don’t, and use the past as an excuse not to go forward for political power.

    When the English in 1901 interned all Afrikaner women and children in concentration camps and 26,000 of those 70% were children that died, then the Afrikaner nation looked forward and started afresh . . . meaning that we forgave and forgot.

    Not even 1% of that amount as far as ‘freedom fighters’ who were ‘people’ planting bombs and killing innocent civilians died during the struggle for corruption (because it wasn’t for freedom . . . just freedom to rob, steal, murder, and rape).

    The white South Africans voted to give all in South Africa total freedom, but now South Africans don’t have freedom of speech even.


    Give me a break and enjoy your day.

  62. White South Africans do not want change. They can’t even relocate anywhere in the world because their attitude stinks. They will never accept black people as their equals.
  63. The black tribes hunted and killed one another here before the whites came to the area now known as South Africa. As an example, the Matabele were chased up by the Zulus to present-day Zimbabwe where Mugabe proceeded to commit genocide against them with the whole world watching. As the Dutch and French farmers and tradesmen and traders left the Cape colony (British) to get away from their laws the came upon the Zulu king Dingaan who invited 60 trekkers into his kraal (hut town LOL) but told them to leave their guns outside. The good Zulu king offered the Trekkers who were there to negotiate safe passage and to sign a treaty some kaffir beer and as they sat down jumped up and screamed to the Zulu warriors, “Kill the white witch doctors!” From there the Zulus, with a force of around 30,000, attacked the Boer ox wagon laager.

    On Sunday 16 December 1838, while laagered near the Umslatos River or Hippo Pool, they were attacked by more than 30,000 Zulus, being outnumbered more than 60 to 1.

    As Bantjes wrote in his journal:

    Sunday, December 16 was like being newly born for us—the sky was clear, the weather fine and bright. We hardly saw the twilight of the break of day or the guards, who were still at their posts and could just make out the distant Zulus approaching. All the patrols were called back into the laager by firing alarm signals from the cannons. The enemy came forward at full speed and suddenly they had encircled the area around the laager. As it got lighter, so we could see them approaching over their predecessors who had already been shot back. Their rapid approach (though terrifying to witness due to their great numbers) was an impressive sight. The Zulus came in regiments, each captain with his men behind (as the patrols had seen them coming the day before) until they had surrounded us. I could not count them, but I was told that a captive Zulu gave the number at 36 regiments, each regiment calculated to be “nine hundred to a thousand men” strong.

    The battle now began and the cannons unleashed from each gate, such that the battle was fierce and noisy, even the discharging of small arms fire from our marksmen on all sides was like thunder. After more than two hours of fierce battle, the Commander in Chief gave orders that the gates be opened and mounted men sent to fight the enemy in fast attacks, as the enemy near constantly stormed the laager time and again, and he feared the ammunition would soon run out.

    With the power of their firearms and with their ox wagons in a laager formation and some excellent tactics, the Boers fought off the Zulu. After three hours, the Boers had killed an estimated 3,000 Zulu soldiers and had only three of their men wounded, among them Pretorius. Jan Gerritze Bantjes kept his journal of the entire campaign and the Battle of Blood River. The Zulu withdrew in defeat, many crossing the river which had turned red with blood and thereafter known as the Battle of Blood River. The Boers celebrated the Day of the Covenant every year on 16 December and most of them credit the victory to God. After the battle, follow up attacks on the capital UmGungundlovu set the Zulu King Dingaan to flight with what retainers chose to follow him into exile.

    Blacks had nothing and fought each other tooth and nail for territory women and livestock. Not a toilet not a fork nothing.

    Now they say the whites stole ‘their land’ ha ha ha

    They are murdering white families, boiling or burning women and babies or burning them with irons and more, the scumbags.

    Winnie Mandela started the necklace killing method by putting a tyre around a person’s neck with diesel or petrol in and setting it alight. Killing mostly their own dissidents or people wanting to go to work when a boycott was on, mostly old black women. Thousands they care not for any but them self and will stand together and fight it out with each other to gt it all. Total corruption.

    One cannot understand these beasts. They trap birds and throw them alive into a fire before eating them. Such is the sh*t here.

    Chicken heads and feet (Walkie Talkies) they pop into their mouths and crunch, crunch; even the beak gets eaten.

    They never had nothing. Could not write, did not know what a book was or soap. No pads or tampons. LOL and soap imagine.

  64. Robbie:

    Whites are neanderthals (literally) they can’t run $#!+; that’s why slaves are named after whites (slavs). The world is run by pedophiles in white capes and stupid hats—aka ‘doctor’ (etymology: ‘church father’). It’s all due to the satanic ritual child abuse we have Africans to thank for—Uganda witch doctors castrating boys. Whether you are a shill or actually black, we have a common enemy, and its name is doctor.

  65. Well, now that I’ve read part of this tripe, and if any of it is true, it’s a matter of what’s been comin’ down the pike, as they say. The sword swings both ways, and the black in their own motherland have been brutalized for centuries: raped robbed and, murdered. And now you want someone to give a fu*k? Strange how the playing field has changed and people want to play fair all of a sudden. This is a prime example of one making one’s bed and lying in it. I am sorry for the innocent ones that are taking on the brunt of the past atrocities, but that ain’t even a drop in the bucket. As far as America goes, this country is a baby country and those that have ruled all this time were just as babies with a fu*ked up attitude about their position in the grand scheme of things. And brats need to be spanked also, and that’s what’s happening now—Israel’s next—and you’d think they would’ve learned a lesson from Hitler. Incidentally, they did, and you are killing off the Palestinians. This world is run by the “white elites.”
  66. I have pets and I sterilized them. Blacks are not our pets. We do not care for them, feed them. If they want to breed too much out of wedlock (70%) no one has to feed them. I think maybe they got too used to it?
  67. The ANC has a saying ‘pick pick (krap krap) at the sore. The genocide against whites and blacks that are not beneficial to them is an age old African tradition.

    They fired the finance minister Nene because he would not allow the corrupt Gupta’s to continue their conniving with the ANC president Jacob Zuma in that apart form several other corrupt ventures they and Zuma’s son bought a Uranium mine for a pittance and colluded with Putin’s mafia government to build several nuclear power stations which South Africa couldn’t afford.

    Really strange that in the preceding two years to this fact becoming public knowledge that South Africans suffered continues power cuts because of power stations being ‘unable’ to deliver enough power. This then despite the fact that we deliver cheaper stable power to neighboring countries. I have been warned once in a bar in Witbank when talking to Irish technicians at a restaurant ‘not to speak in a bar’ by a large well-dressed African male who also knew my name.

    Nontheless, Duvha power stations one unit ‘ran away’ and exploded after the Irish maintenance job, and blew up spewing debris through the 10-story roof and over a one kilometer radius. Apparently the floor emergency stop button did not work and the controller wasn’t in the control room but having a ‘shower’ during the test. Can’t blame the Irish for that—they said we treat ‘our’ people badly in this country.

    We have rapes of not only white patients but also a doctor was hit by a brick in the face and raped viciously by a black man at Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein. I shudder to think what happens in the psychiatric hospitals as I already know what happens to white women at the police stations, and at large.

    I was also told by two unknown black men in Stellenbosch that I should be ready to go to Robin Island the next day, and I was arrested the same weekend on no charge and luckily released the following day.

    There is no chance of me getting out of South Africa I fear as I’m 56. However, I shall stand for my rights and the truth! Viva Internet! (I have more stories to tell; one appeared in Wikileaks, the woman with the red dress)

    Die meisie met die Rooi hare-Volksblad.

    [email protected]

  68. Plenty of useless ni*ger filth (about as useless as cockroaches) posting here.

    Shouldn’t this ni*ger filth be on a ni*ger website?

    Or better yet beating a ni*ger drum somewhere? If this ni*ger filth hates Whites so much why are they using our technology?

  69. I’m OK with this genocide of whites. It’s only fair, right? It’s not like whites didn’t steal land and resources. And slavery, Jim Crow, and destroying history. Maybe ya’ll shouldn’t stayed your as*es in European. That cold a*s places with no real resources, sun or, overpriced wine. You shouldn’t have started it. Africans are doing the right thing. The only way we Africans will survive is if we get rid of whites. Nothing else ever works. We tried reasoning with you but you blame us. Ya’ll gotta go. To any young brothas and sistas, I respect that you are taking your land and birthright back. We’re the only people willing to take this BIG step and it shows so much self-love. And don’t let whites make you feel guilty. You are a BEAUTIFUL being that deserves to EXIST. Whites don’t feel bad so, neither should you.
  70. Yes let’s remove all the white people (the only intelligent people in Africa) and watch that continent implode. Black people need white people because they are of much lower intelligence to succeed in this world. White S. Africans will come to the states and in turn we’ll give you African Americans, whom you will LOVE by the way! They use up all your welfare and will make you pay for them! We’ll gladly trade these loud mouth monkeys for white people. White people are on the only race to make anything technological. Without white people you’d have NOTHING. We are the smartest race on the planet and we should NO longer share our technology with you. No Internet! No WiFi! No smart phones! No flat screens! The only thing blacks know what to do is milk goats and American blacks just use their food stamps. Alexis Acosta and Ebony Black, I’ll pay for your one way trip back to Africa but you can’t use your welfare check there shaniquas. That’s where you came from! Whites fought, died and bought the land of America. He who conquers is who wins. You can’t conquer crap without your SNAP card! Look how easy non-whites are conquered, because they are too stupid to know how to fight the white man. Good luck!
  71. As an outsider, whose relative emigrated out of South Africa after the Boer War, I watch events on the continent with detached interest. It seems to me that the takeover by a majority indigenous Negro population in all African countries, including South Africa, has lead to social decline, financial ruin and high crime and corruption. Why is this so? It may be that the indigenous African culture is so disjointed and tribal-based that they can never come together, as nations, for the good of all.

    This must surely be genetic-based as well a culturally influenced. It is sad to see African nations who have assets a plenty just fall into abject poverty and decay. Is there an answer? I think not. The gene pool is too dissolute and weak after millennia of inbreeding to improve without significant out breeding to other gene pools. With AIDS so prevalent, there is little chance of that happening now. Africa, including South Africa, is simply doomed to failure.

  72. Every comment written here from an African has to do with the blame of white men, how the white man is evil, and condones violence against the white man.
  73. These scumbags commenting here like wanda blackwell and Alexis Acosta sound like shills.

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    BTW shills, whites WERE happy in Europe until you betrayed them, like when you opened the gates of Constantinople to invading Muslims. And again, 600,000 missing “immigrants” in Germany, 100% rapes in Oslo, 300,000 “immigrants” going to Canada. Philippians 3:2

  74. For those who really want to know what’s going on in South Africa, take a look at the following:

    Hospital murders: the hidden genocide of whites in South Africa which goes unpunished

    Apart from the brutal torture and murder of elderly white farmers, this is just another form of the most cowardly form of genocide in existence! This is not some 2¢ opinion of some delusional liberal, but a true reflection of life of (mostly) impoverished whites in this country. Never during the full manifestation of Apartheid were blacks ever treated in this way. In spite of whites being a minority under the present regime in this country, these ongoing crimes against humanity goes not merely unnoticed, but ignored.

  75. Thank you. All lives matter. No matter how much people try to deny it, we are all the same and we all come from the same place. The very wealthy and governments love hate and indifference because it breeds war, which makes them richer. So just stop it. No matter the color, it was wrong. Multiple wrongs don’t and won’t make it right. Only understanding, symbiosis, and togetherness will begin the healing. Individuals forgive family and friends for transgressions everyday, but it’s too much to ask for a group of people to forgive another group just because their skin is a different hue. So the cycle of hate continues. Life itself has become insanity because everyone’s doing the same things expecting change. When the world stops seeing a person’s skin color as a “race” or “sub-species,” and we get beyond the menial things like differences in appearance or beliefs, then we as human beings will truly be evolved. The universe is vast and we aren’t alone.
  76. At what time in the history America had belonged to the white man? The white man is so evil everywhere he goes he brings death, misery and violence with him. Came in America spread death, when to South Africa spread death. Your continent is Europe, should have stayed there. The white man does not know hospitality, which is what he found everywhere he went. Did he return the favor? That is not in his vocabulary; everything belongs to him. From 1652 to the 1990s how many millions of South Africans were killed, tortured, assassinated, raped? The white man, if I may remind people, is from Dutch, German and Scandinavian descent, the Calvinist not African descendant. The white man is from every place in Europe but claims every piece of land on Earth as his.
  77. America should trade and relocate Afro Americans back to Africa and relocate all whites from South Africa etc. to America? The American blacks would be happy back in their ancestral lands and whites would be welcome in America. Of course this would be open and voluntary. Then everyone could be happy and free.
  78. I’m Black American living in Florida. All you racist colonial whites should go back to where you came from. Karma is hitting you Atheist racist. Pack your trailer park and take it back to Europe. You do not deserve positions of government because that is how conquer a country from the inside out. Whites have disenfranchised Blacks for centuries. How many Blacks our in political positions in Britain, Australia, Germany, Finland, etc? You whites do not deserve any government position in Africa, not even low level government worker positions;that is how Black would lose power in their own homelands. I’m against murdering these whites, but they should be deported out of Africa. All you anonymous cowards keep hiding, unlike you I post my real name, my real email, you racist cowards.
  79. JESUS FUC*ING CHRIST. I just looked to Joburg uptowns through Google Earth. Those barbed fences around every house of white people. Terrible. We Europeans should send armies to liberate all whites from ni**ers. Let’s send all ni**ers to Madagascar. South Africa was built by white people. Those neanderthal ni**ers aren’t able to build prosper civilization. I feel so sorry for my white brothers who have to live together with ni**ers. I’m 31 and I saw just 10 ni**ers in my whole life. We Slavs don’t like dark races; they’re like human parasites. But we got an even worse kind: gypsies. They’re also dark-skin non-European origin. 95% of them are thieves on welfare. GODDAMNED DARK RACES! Now they’re invading even our continent. Goddamned Islamic Arabs and ni**ers from North Africa. War is coming on. We have to break them all. Peace my white brothers.
  80. Prophet Elijah, much of what you said can be summed up with Philippians 3:2

    SCUM (“society for cutting up men”) is a book written by Valerie Solanas.

    Africans have their own witch doctors raining misery down upon them “Rise in child human sacrifice in Uganda by witch doctors” it’s a kind of training, teaching people when they are very young to attack the weak for fun and profit—as they are now doing to Afrikaners.

  81. Satanic people feel intimidated by productive people, so they love promoting unproductive people, because they are unproductive themselves. Then communistic people take advantage of this situation, to brainwash everyone into believing that these unproductive victims are the cause of society’s problems.

    Unproductive people are not scum—they are victims of mankind’s socialistic manipulators, just like productive people. Productive blacks are shown unproductive whites, being worthless, and productive whites are shown unproductive blacks, being worthless. Then they are brainwashed to hate each other’s race.

    Everyone who wants white people to create their own society, and to hell with unproductive blacks, are victims, too. Your anger should be directed at your manipulators, and not your nation’s victims. People who turn into criminals because they support their criminal leaders are scum, not kind-hearted blacks. All productive and unproductive people need to support each other, regardless of their race. They are the smartest selection of their particular race, and they must survive, so they can re-populate Earth, after criminals destroy their society completely. Otherwise morons will breed up, and fill their world with filth.

    A quality religion selects for quality people, and a degenerate religion selects for degenerate people. So upgrade your belief system if you want to live in paradise, and downgrade your belief system if you want to live in Hell. The Bible is quite clear on this point, so respect the Bible if you want to create Utopia.

  83. Reply to Ebony Black, Nekents Tombe:

    So it’s karma when indigenous/blacks kill whites because whites killed blacks/indigenous. Wow, I thought Bantu education had evolved under Mandela. LOL. Sorry, history is just not that simplistic! And it’s voodoo when blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites. LOL. All whites are the same and all blacks are the same tribe. LOL?

    The Zulu terrorized Southern Africa, killing Xhosas and other tribes, the Matabele and the Shona clashes, Uganda’s Idi Amin and Tanzania, Rwandan genocide Hutus murdered Tutsis. Bloody black civil wars that rage on to this day in Central Africa Republic, Mali, Nigeria, Congo, Somali, Sudan, Zimbabwe, etc, etc.

    Karma for South African blacks necklacing African refugees, especially Zimbabwean refugees running from Mugabe. LOL? Oh, that’s voodoo, right?

    Wake up from Bantu education, you are being deceived! The British are laughing at you all the way to the bank! Boers are not the British, the British are not Boers. Britain is communist, their WW2 ally was Soviet Union! WW2 genocides (besides the commercial obvious monetized by Hollywood) like the Holodomor, gulag killed millions. Communist genocide of Mao Tse Tsung cultural revolution killed millions. Africa does it’s own genocides on behalf of the colonizers. Extinction on a budget…what a bargain!

    The Boers being killed in South Africa NEVER colonized anything! The British colonized and created apartheid LONG before the Boers INHERITED the system in 1948, LONG before it was even known as apartheid your black brothers were slaving away in BRITISH CARTEL OWNED mines of CECIL JOHN RHODES and the Jewish OPPENHEIMER family, mines they own to this day.

    Queen Elizabeth KNIGHTED murderer Sir Robert Mugabe who killed thousands, blacks and whites! She probably found the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya orgasmic, just like King Leopold II of Belgium who killed over 10 million Congolese. Clinton about the Gadaffi murder: We came, we saw, he died.

    Wake up, it’s a little more complicated. Study some factual history for a change, it helps to connect those blood stained dots of Africa.


    Actually the one who commented “KARMA IS A BITCH” needs a love button!

    It is documented history that ANY WHERE WHITES HAVE LANDED THE KILL THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, the rest they enslave or indenture and the rape the land of its resources.

    THEN THEY CHANGE HISTORY and make it look like it’s the indigenous’ fault.

    When the tables turn on them, they play like they are innocent victims.

    It’s a worldwide phenomena that has come home to bite them and their descendants in the ass!


  85. Karma is a bitch. Hahahaha. Just read your history. Of how White Boers and English came to SA. Tricked, massacred, intimidated and compelled native kings and leaders to give up land. Then your ancestors breached their already unfair treaties and grabbed some more land and massacred more natives. This was nothing compared to the humiliation, rape, murder and cruelty the natives were subjected to when gold and diamond was found in SA. No, your civilized ancestors did not stop there, they took a step further and enslaved natives, dispossessed them of their own lands and yes introduced apartheid. I am pretty sure everyone is aware of the dispossession of lands, state-sponsored violence on natives, daily police violence, rape and murder of natives, machine gunning of school children and unarmed civilians. The list of all the civilized acts done by your civilized ancestors is pretty lengthy. I do not condone violence and or criminal acts, but stop spewing racist sh*t and half truths about being targeted to be robbed and murdered. Wake up and you might realize that these criminals and murderers are not targeting only one group in SA. Everyone is fair game. More blacks and coloreds are victims then whites. It is just because you no longer live in your safety shell provided by apartheid that you think you are a target. Fear not for you just joined the blacks and coloreds who were already a target for criminals and murderers. More of them have been killed and or are being killed. Now, man the fu*k up, be a proud SA, get your black/colored/white brothers and sisters of like mind together and do something about the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats running SA.
  86. Reply to M BROWN:

    The White People (Boers) being killed in South Africa NEVER colonized anything! The British colonized and created apartheid! There were NO BLACKS in South Africa when the Dutch settled at the Cape in 1652! The British annexed South Africa when Gold was discovered, attracting Black migrant workers who came to work on Cecil John Rhodes and Harry Oppenheimer’s mines! Rhodes was a Brit, Oppenheimer a Jew, who monopolize South African mines to this day! They funded apartheid and they funded communist Mandela! Study some FACTUAL history for a change!

    British Apartheid Laws inherited by Boers in 1948:

    1) 1892: Franchise and Ballot Act, limited black vote by finance and education
    2) 1894: Natal Legislative Assembly Bill, deprived Indians of the right to vote
    3) 1905: General Pass Regulations Bill, denied blacks the vote altogether, restricted them to fixed areas, inaugurated the infamous Pass System
    4) 1906: Asiatic Registration Act, requiring all Indians to register and carry passes
    5) 1910: South Africa Act, enfranchised whites, giving them complete political control over all other race groups
    6) 1913: Native Land Act, prevented all blacks, except in the Cape, buying land outside reserves, effectively stole 87% of their land
    7) 1918: Natives in Urban Areas Bill, designed to force blacks into locations
    8) 1923: URBAN AREAS ACT, introduced RESIDENTIAL SEGREGATION in South Africa providing cheap labor for the white mining and farming industry
    9) 1926: Color Bar Act, preventing blacks from practicing skilled trades
    10) 1927: Native Administration Act, empowering the British Crown over all African affairs, instead of paramount chiefs
    11) 1936: Native Land and Trust Act, complemented the 1913 Native Land Act
    12) 1936: Representation of Natives Act, which removed blacks from the Cape voters list
    13) 1946: Asiatic Land Tenure Bill, final apartheid legislation by the British, banned any further land sales to Indians

  87. lorenzo

    Your ignorance of South African history proves your (lack of) intellect. This country was populated by both European seafaring nations as well land migrants driven from fertile lands up-north by stronger African nations. Those originally indigenous to this land, have died out 100s of years ago. This notwithstanding, every bit of infrastructure in this country was not only established by the settlers of European ancestry, but also (only just) maintained by them to this very day. Through draconian BEE laws, blacks have walked into positions of employment in “white” organizations, peer-pats on the back to the popular “we have arrived” cheers of applause. Their incompetence in these positions are infamously legendary, the country currently on the verge of utter bankruptcy as a result. When the chickens hadn’t come home to roost, our currency was trading at ZAR0.71 = $1.00 in spite of the full onslaught of international economic sanctions. Today with the blacks at the helm, it is trading at ZAR15.40 = $1.00 with NO economic sanctions imposed! Not only must you be blind to not see how your “roosting chickens” have raped the resources of this once first world country, you have to be just as stupid as the president of this country (If you’re as ignorant as I expect you to be, his name is Jacob Zuma for your information).

  88. Chickens have come home to roost. They need to give the land back from whom they took it. It’s time to stop thinking because you are white you have special privilege.
  89. #blacklivesmatter

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    —ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

    THE WORD *SLAVE* – slav – Slavic whites.
    100% rapes in Oslo committed by Muslims.
    85,000 and counting whites murdered in South Africa, untold more raped and tortured.
    300,000 immigrants going to Canada.
    600,000 migrants missing in Germany.
    1915 Turkish Muslims genocide 1.5M white christian Armenians.
    712 *They Who Cannot Be Named* betray the Visigoth empire and open the gates to Muslim invaders.
    16th – 18th century, Africans enslave 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade.

    From the start of the 17th century to the early 19th century, between one half and two thirds of all the White colonists who came to the New World came as slaves.

    Native Americans and Jews owned Black slaves too, but no one seems to assign a collective guilt to modern Native Americans and Jews for their slavery. In fact, Jews were the biggest slave-owners in America per capita.

    Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day. In Mauritania slavery was only made a punishable offense in 2007!

    Less than 2% of Whites in America ever owned slaves.

    Only 5% of the black slaves transported across the Atlantic actually went to the modern U.S. Most in fact went to Latin America to serve Hispanic slave-owners.


    “The state of Israel must invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the methods of provocation and revenge . . . And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.”

    —From the diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli’s first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956

    USS Liberty, 9/11

    “Why are we here today?” she asked.
    “To make revolution,” they answered.
    “What kind of revolution?” she replied.
    “The Cultural Revolution,” they chanted.
    “And how do we make Cultural Revolution?” she demanded.
    “By destroying the American family!” they answered.
    “How do we destroy the family?” she came back.
    “By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly.
    “And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
    “By taking away his power!”
    “How do we do that?”
    “By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.
    “How can we destroy monogamy?”
    Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears. Was I on planet earth? Who were these people?

    “In the 1950s President Eisenhower’s administration repeatedly demanded the leaders of the American Zionist Council register as “agents of a foreign government.” In November 1962 Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s Department of Justice ordered the American Zionist Council to register as a foreign agent because of FARA violations alleging it was being funded by the Jewish Agency for Israel and acting on behalf of Israel. Under pressure from the Israel lobby and the President Lyndon B. Johnson administration, the Department of Justice later withdrew its demand. The American Zionist Council was reorganized as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). In 1988 former Senator William Fulbright in the 1970s and former senior CIA official Victor Marchetti, unsuccessfully petitioned the Department of Justice to register the lobby under the Act.”

    Federal Reserve

    “The roots of the Nazis and their eugenics program lie in the USA (funded by Rockefeller) as revealed by Edwin Black, you can see the Nazi symbols, Fasces in your face now … 1,500 Nazi doctors and researchers under Operation Paperclip, some of them went into the nuclear industry in Los Alamos, but many of them were placed in key positions in hospitals and in medical research facilities, both in the United States and in Canada … along with heinous mind control ‘experiments’ that are based on the torture of children.”

    Rupture of the Lung

    The medical literature details cases of circumcised babies whose lungs have burst as a result of intense crying. In one case, at Georgetown University School of Medicine, a 15-day-old baby with severe respiratory distress was circumcised. He turned blue, started breathing frantically, and cried incessantly. Finally, doctors discovered that the crying had caused the baby’s right lung to burst. A drainage tube was inserted and the baby was hospitalized for 19 days.

    Rupture of the Stomach

    In Richmond, Virginia, a healthy two-day-old baby was prepared for circumcision by denying him food for five hours. Terrified, the baby began crying hysterically as soon as the circumciser strapped him to the restraining board. After half an hour in this position, the baby vomited. Doctors pumped his stomach. The circumciser proceeded to amputate the baby’s foreskin without anesthesia using a Gemco clamp. The baby cried vehemently throughout the 90-minute ordeal. After the surgery, the baby refused to feed. His abdomen became distended and doctors discovered that his stomach had ruptured, requiring emergency abdominal surgery and the insertion of a feeding tube. After 25 days in the hospital, the baby was released. This baby had a perfectly normal stomach when he was born, but the trauma, excruciating pain of circumcision, and his prolonged crying caused his stomach to burst and spill its contents into the abdominal cavity.

    doctor: to falsify.

    caduceus hermes mercurius god of trickery and thieves.


    “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?”

    14 million Jews, 330 million Semites.

    USS Liberty, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Dorner, Elliot Rodger, etc.

  90. Black failure…bad…white scapegoat…good. Black privilege…good, white privilege…bad.

    Where are the rock stars? Where are the boycotts? Oh yeah, only black lives matter.

    The Boers need to to multiply, and take their country back. America is in financial collapse, and we won’t be able to interfere soon. Maybe when we default on our debt, and the banksters are out of business, the Boers can return to the rule of law again within their own country without our stopping them.

    I hate any type of injustice and especially, genocide of civilized people. It goes unreported by the mainstream media. Good luck.

  91. I am South American, and it always amazes me why the white man insists on taking another people’s lands. The rightful homeland of white people is Europe. All countries outside of Europe populated by white people are as a result of invasion not because of invitation. So no white man claim an African country as his own. The UK claimed Australia as empty land while massacring the natives, but the truth is out in the open to be shameful history of white Australians. The crime in South Africa is not exclusively against whites; it affects all South Africans. There are die hard white South Africans who want to live in the past. Those days are gone and no one feels sorry for you lot. Blame your own white people for chasing you out of Europe.
  92. Africans blaming the whites for their problems is a joke. Whites did not steal this land. The (mostly Jewish) international bankers are behind the world’s problems. These people are not white.

    What is happening in South Africa is a shame and fits the pattern of worldwide white genocide. There are actually laws preventing humanitarian aid to whites. Even more shameful is that the mainstream media ignores it.

    I agree with the comments here that whites should be relocated out of South Africa, and the blacks should simply be allowed to kill each other off.

  93. M Brown:

    You don’t know sh*t about South African History.

    When the first Dutch settlers came to Africa, the only people living in or near the Cape peninsula were the Koisan (San People and the KoiKoi people) and they where nomads constantly moving where grassing was for there livestock. The other African natives were nowhere near the southern tip of Africa; they where thousands of kilometers in the interior of Africa. They only came down from the interior way after the Dutch settled here. So if you want to accuse people of stealing another man’s land, then all this actually belongs to the KoiKoi and San people.

    As for raping and murdering—show me actual evidence where a white person raped a black person in this country. I can show you thousands of actual police reports and dossiers of white woman, children and babes as young as three months old that were raped and murdered by black people even to this day. It is happening and what is the government doing about it? Absolutely nothing, because the president himself is singing phrases like “Kill the farmer, kill the Boer” on live television.

  94. It’s very sad to see how many justify what the black man does to the white man. In today’s society we are all more educated and know what violence does and the end result of it; to encourage it will not solve the problem. The black man in South Africa is educated and opportunities are given to them for free. There’s no nonsense like: “they are uneducated”!. What rubbish is that? You also say that its OK for them to kill whites and to take jobs away from whites; how cruel are you? Apartheid ended many years ago and the world was told that we will all live in peace yet it never came. How can another white man’s crimes become mine just because we have the same skin color? I think that maybe you need more education and maybe some love and compassion in your heart and soul as you clearly lack it!
  95. It’s amazing you steal someone’s land by killing, raping and pilfering. Whites killed millions and continued the process through apartheid. One reason Africa has not advanced like it should have is because it was disrupted by your colonist policies. The same thing in India. Everywhere you have been you have caused chaos. Karma is a bit*h.
  96. Hi all:

    We are in the process of establishing a fund for CDSA (Currently disadvantaged South Africans).

    It is not a racist gesture, it is just a way to protect the White South African future.

    Currently no white South African can apply for any job in government or in some of the major international companies even.

    Did you know that Chevron, Shell and other petroleum companies now only allow black operators to own fuel stations? Bullying white people out of family businesses and giving it to the young inexperienced black businessman that got a loan from the government. They call them HDSA (Historically disadvantaged South Africans). Even though apartheid ended more that 20 years ago, the bulk of these applicants that get generous funding are barely 20 years old themselves.

    So, the inception of CDSA.

    This is not just to promote white business, but you must remember that something a few people know about happens almost every day. Affirmative action and broad based black empowerment forces business owners to appoint a black partner into a business that they didn’t even work for in a lot of cases. Due to the increased difficulty in finding large government tenders by these once successful white business owners, these businesses are now scaled down or closed down, resulting in lost jobs. And here I am talking white and black jobs. A lot of business owners do join up with black partners just to get the B.E.E. accreditation. I would rather join someone of any race because its beneficial to the business not because there must be 51% black ownership.

    We work with young entrepreneurs that cant find work even with a degree or with years’ experience, and at the same time a 20 year old historically disadvantaged South African with limited business experience gets a R8 million loan for a business from the (NEF).

    So we will be establishing a fund and are looking for investors to fund young CDSA entrepreneurs in South Africa in various industries and businesses. The fund will work on a loan structure and is repaid on an agreed interest rate. The current value of the RAND makes it easier to fund businesses privately for international investors, because your dollar is worth almost double than two years ago.

    The other thing to consider is that this is only a temporary thing as we hope that racial issues and unfair business practice in South Africa will come to an end. The ultimate goal is to see white and black businesses grow, but in the meantime we need to save the intellectual property of what the white entrepreneurs can bring too.

    Interested parties to join discussion on [email protected]

    Google the following links:

    Caltex South Africa, Liquid Fuels Charter, National Empowerment Fund South Africa, B.E.E. South Africa, E.F.F. South Africa, HDSA South Africa

  97. “Over 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since power was handed to the ANC. Over 5,000 farmers have been murdered.”

    The article doesn’t say 70,000 white farmers have been murdered. It says 5,000 white farmers have been murdered.

    Your numbers say 60,000 white farmers at the end of apartheid, and 8,000 white farmers murdered? Do note that 8,000 is ~13% of 60,000.

    Which means, according to you: Of the white farmers at the end of apartheid, about half have left the business because they no longer have the easy ride they are used to, and about one-eighth have been brutally murdered.

  98. This article’s central assertion, that 70,000 white farmers have been murdered is a fabrication. That is 10,000 more farmers than there have been in South Africa in the last three decades! The true figure is about 8,000. The truth is that of the 60,000 farmers at the end of apartheid, half are no longer farmers, having found the new South Africa unfavorable having had an easy ride during the apartheid era. This number is blatantly being inflated to incite racial hatred—utterly shameful.
  99. Hi,

    We live in the 21st century. I am neither black nor white. Irrespective of who we are, we all want to live in good homes, drive good cars and live a safe happy life with our families. Hence the economy and good quality of life is the most important. There is no black man, white man lands. The land came FREE when the earth was created either by whom we are taught to believe in which I do but have not seen called “GOD” or by SCIENCE.

    In the early centuries, people were not educated and the social systems and justice systems were just evolving.

    In today’s times education has provided us with an understanding to respect the fellow human being should they earn the right to respect.

    Nobody has the right to take another human being’s life, irrespective of what color you are. If you behave like an animal, then imprisonment is where one belongs.

    The black man gave his labor and strength to build the country, the white man gave his intellectual capacity and vision. Both were needed.

    As much as I have been a victim of racism, I rather tolerate that than have my family murdered.

    As we speak today on the 16 February 2016, it is the white man in today’s times that has saved the black man from extinction, with the medical treatments for AIDS and EBOLA, not the Asian/Indians.

    The past is gone, now it’s about which country will have the best economy so their citizens can live the best lives.

  100. Paul Fromm, this is a terrible and dangerous article. The ANC are not a communist party, you in the western media will never hear about any of the murders not just the farm killings. There are substantially more violent crimes and murders in places like the Cape flats, JHB and Durban. How can you call the government a bunch of black terrorists? The people you claim to have spoken to sadly have the same old mentality that many white people have in SA and spout the same old sh*t like every black traffic cop can be bribed while if you look at demographics then of course most crime will be committed by black people and if you factor in the massive disadvantage many of them still live with from the apartheid era like no member of their family was ever allowed tertiary education. and these two…”This song has been sung in recent times even by President Jacob Zuma” IT is a song sung by Julius Malema and his followers he is a opposition figure once part of the ANC and … “The communist ideology of the ANC calls for the eventual seizure of many farms” This is just land relocation and is one of the stereotypes spouted by disgruntled white people but is something that is sorely misunderstood among the general population in SA.

    This is a terrible article that propagates racism and division between people, you should write about your own country!

  101. B.A.:



  102. Dan Wilson:

    What does that even have to do with 3 million European descanted South Africans being butchered because they’re a 6% minority? You’re such a vagina.

    Tell me what Western country is over 90% white and isn’t comprised of shi*heads like you cowering at the thought of being “racist”? Are black people being lynched in America today? Are they doing shi* besides us having piggish piece of shi* cops that are fueled by the same media and government that you cower behind when it’s appropriate because you can’t form a single independent thought?

    Not even Europe can be purely Europe anymore without being “racist” because you’re so unwilling to see that, due to your programmed thought process.

    No disrespect to you, but that mindset is exactly what makes “white” people angry and become the thing you’ve been telling them they are for so many years.

  103. I’m a white South African and South Africa doesn’t belong to the blacks or the whites, it belongs to all South Africans. No one was here first in the 1700s. The Khoisan were here and had nothing. The blacks must remember one thing: our forefathers were also black, so like it or not the blacks are also Europeans, and if they want us whites to leave, it’s cool, because South Africa is not South Africa anymore. But then they must let us get legal rights in the UK and Holland.
  104. God is love he created us in his image. 1 Samuel 16:7 states God looks at the heart not the outward appearance. There is so much hatred in this world on both sides only God can bring peace. Jesus can do the impossible he destroyed the wall of hostility on the cross (Ephesians 2:14) We must know that people aren’t the enemy but Satan is as it states in Ephesians 6. Who ever reads this know that Jesus loves you know matter what you have done he loves each and every person all you have to do is believe it. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son who ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
  105. It is a fact of the human race that whites have created everything that makes life worth living, from medicine to energy to technology. It is a fact that white people invent civilization everywhere they live, with nations of law and order, commerce, and prosperity. If all the white people were gone, as blacks and brown people envision—born of jealously and hatred—what would that world be like to live in? I’ll tell you what it would look like: disease ridden, high infant mortality, short life span, no electricity, no clean water, rampant crime, starvation, utter chaos—we know this because in places in the world where they’ve gotten their way, this is what they rot into. They turn civilized countries into third world sh*t holes. Who knows why. Facts are facts. In the USA, we are arming ourselves at a lively pace: Obama has been this country’s best arms salesman in history. I am a peaceful grandmother, a writer of humor, with a rose garden who knits and bakes cookies: I own two weapons, a hand gun and sniper rifle with which I am a dead shot, and have a closet full of ammo, and I plan to buy more guns and more ammo this year with all of my extra money. We will not go into that good night with out a fire fight: White America is alive and well-armed.

    To the blacks here who have honestly spoken your hatred toward whites: may God damn you to hell, where you belong. To the whites on here: get your message out. I pray for you and your families, for your children and for your nation home. May God heal your country. And if you wish to leave there, may you find peace and safety. I myself would not stay there at all. Let them starve and let them die at the hands of their own kind. People who are filled with that much hatred aren’t even human beings. They are demons.

  106. Linda Mankqoyi:

    Your one-sided deluded diatribe regarding Europeans illustrates the underlying genocidal attitude of your race against an ethnic minority less than 10% of the total demographic. This country is governed by YOUR democratically elected political ANC party (for over 20 years now). Your people do not even vote for a multi-racial party because it is all about “black” and “white” to your racist Xhosa, Zulu, and Tswana/Sotho so-called “tribes.” Your president is a vile polygamist who has absolutely no respect for women and is clearly not qualified to run a post office let alone a country. Still you’d rather vote for him before choosing non-black people to rule the country! In spite of your so chosen “black majority rule” being exactly to your liking, you are still filled with racist hatred toward people of European descent and still this country is riddled with “service delivery” protests and riots against the very same democratically elected government.

    What right have you from East African descent to state that this country is only for black people? Who established this law, and on what authority? This is the only country on the continent with a motor manufacturing industry, and only barely thanks to the poor work ethic of the people from your tribes! When Fiat Uno cars were built here over 25 years ago, the “nasty Apartheid government” made the manufacturer modify the fully automated production lines merely so more of YOUR people could be employed, at the cost of making the product more expensive. When your incompetent countrymen land their new overpaid BEE jobs and they pull out in their brand new luxury European vehicles, they coin the term that they have now “ARRIVED”! Why do you feel so proud of owning technology created by people you clearly hate and despise, as is shown by the genocidal hatred toward their descendants? Or does this impart a feeling of power over the conquered victim? This hatred is generally not found in African countries north of South Africa! It is so ironic that in the country which offers more (European-descendant created) opportunity and wealth for black people than ANY other place on earth, the recipients thereof are filled with an insatiable racial hatred toward Europeans! When northern African migrants come to make use of these opportunities, even they are mercilessly murdered and driven out of the country under the so-called guise of “Xenophobia.”

    Little I have mentioned here isn’t fact that can most likely be researched and verified! I have lived here for very long and I can provide more than 10 names of white people I personally know who have been murdered/maimed by black people! I know of no country in a non-war state where the average citizen can lay a similar claim! To me this proves without reasonable doubt that the article above is true, and conservatively so!

  107. This country belongs to Africans and Africans only. It belongs to the dead, the living and the still to be born Africans. Europeans did not bring land with here. They found us living in this land in peace. They killed our people, tortured them, enslaved them, robbed them of their belongings, including the land. Now they claim to be owning farms, mines, marine companies. According to Whites, Africans in South Africa must just accept that the end of apartheid means that all is well, it means that we are all equal. In 1994 there was just a change captains an oppressors to the oppressed. The initial destination of the ship from Africa to capital slavery and imperialism never changed. Hence Africans are still the most destitute in the land of their forefathers. Hence our countries is still a big supplier of mineral resources to western countries, while our people live in poverty.

    According to the selfish whites, the word compensation does not exist to Africans. It only applies to whites and whites only. Hence the government has to buy the land in order to compensate Africans for the land that was stolen and robbed during apartheid and the British regimes.

  108. I am white from dominant white country. My views about race and racism has changed a lot last few years. My opinions used to be mostly in favor of black people. I do though look at all injustice with anger, regardless of race, religion etc. But I have seen that the white racist isn’t as dominant and troubling as I thought. And it seems as blacks justify rape, torture and murder of white people because what few white people had in control of in the past. So because I am white, it would serve the justice to kill me cause of what some other dead white skinned people did long time ago. But I know it wouldn’t serve any justice. Should the Irish kill the Nordics because the Vikings enslaved them? Or should the Chinese revenge the Japanese? Persians revenge the Arabs? Well but Africa isn’t white’s man land. I really wish with the help of the United Nations, whites will simply be moved abroad away from this subhuman society in SA.
  109. Even if we wanted to leave, we can’t. Not all of us have money to ship whole families back and unfortunately our ancestral origins and roots are like “Muddied Water” because our families have been here for so long. All passports and original birth certs of our fore-fathers have long been lost or misplaced over the decades/centuries. My current surname is too like muddy waters and has evolved, so that even I don’t know where I’m supposed to be or where I came from. Even if I did relocate to Europe (example) on an S.A passport, with the rand that is worth nothing more than toilet paper, it almost seems impossible. I did not ask to be born, all I know is that I was and it just so happened to be in a country, although beautiful, full of hatred and violence. My family and are young and were not even around when Apartheid was in swing. I have two young children and a wife and we are pretty much hanging onto a thread of hope that all will come right in South Africa and that we get to see another sunny day without something happening to us as whites.
  110. South Africa is a black man’s country. If the whites don’t like it, they can always go back to Holland or the UK and take their Christian garbage religion with them.
  111. Everybody knows that if the whites had not settled in Africa, ALL of the blacks would still be living in the bush and throwing spears. Notice there are no lines of blacks wanting to migrate to Africa. It’s going downhill as we watch.




  113. The system of Apartheid is a white racists program that is very deadly to the Primordial Africans the Europeans came and murdered raped millions of the Primordial Africans now their claiming to being victims of the same crimes they committed against the Primordial Africans. The European divided the African continent among themselves without the Africans consent. The Europeans right now is engaging in biological annihilation of the Primordial Africans. They claim that the Primordial Africans is murdering and raping 70,000 Europeans in South Africa this is the same tactics they used against the Americans Primordial which in turn annihilated them; now today there prisoners of there own land. This is a prelude to the destruction of the Primordial South Africans our creator has not brung us this far to let the white onslaught of Primordial Africans to be slaughtered by these murders, slavers, rapers and destroyers of the world. This is the propaganda that is paving the way of war against Primordial Africans worldwide.
  114. All this hate. A lot of people like me now born in the new South Africa don’t even know what truly happened in apartheid and had no part in it. We need to work together. You say apartheid ended but to me, a post apartheid child, it feels more like there is a new type of apartheid. I have been discriminated on based of having white skin. You say it’s a democracy but it’s OK to discriminate against me for the actions of others before me. I had no knowledge of it, for I was not born. The problem in South Africa is not blacks. Nor is it whites. It’s the fact that people hold a grudge. Nelson Mandela did many things according to the media, good and bad, but he had some wise words. You are not born hating another based on their skin color. It’s something that you learn from others. I have seen blacks get discriminated on in modern South Africa. Hate speech in a professional workplace and everyone would laugh. I didn’t. I felt hurt that this was accepted by them and felt very sorry for the poor man. I started saying to my coworker that it wasn’t OK. He then said he felt the same but didn’t want to say something under the pressure. I left that job because of this. No one deserves to be hated for their skin. We are born the same, we die the same. Shame on you for feeling anything other than this. More work gets done if a lot of people help. So instead of pointing fingers at who did what, rather do your part in helping each other to improve our country. If you believe in God like many churchgoing whites and blacks do, you should go read your Bible. Because God did not create you to hate in such an evil way. My father is a racist and brought me up as one, but I chose not to be one—not to hate. I have no contact with him today. So to every white and black racist out there: May you one day stand in front of your God and try to explain to him why you could hate someone you don’t know. Then be sent to Hell, because that is what you are pushing this country to.
  115. Many of the comments here of full of hatred and bitterness. It’s tragic. Some of the comments here are probably from people who have probably not even put foot on South African/African soil and no doubt have little clue about what is actually happening on the streets. There is growing discontent with the ruling ANC party, and many black youngsters are disillusioned by just how corrupt many of the ANC elite really are. There are service delivery protests all the time, all over the country, because many municipalities waste money and simply don’t do their jobs efficiently. Case in point: waste cleaners in the city I live in are on strike because many of them have been employed as temporary employees for over 5 years and don’t get benefits. Their salaries are R 2000 a month—work that out into U.S. dollars and it is a pittance, all the while those in charge get astronomical salaries and the Mayor has two mercs and bodyguards. One would never see our Mayor cycling around like Boris Johnson. The president recently sacked the finance minister because the finance minister was trying to curb gov’t spending, trying to reign in the belligerent management of South African Airways and was reluctant to give the go-ahead for a nuclear energy deal that would cost the country over a trillion Rand. The South African currency is losing value and food prices are set to increase dramatically after Christmas because of the bad drought that the country is experiencing. Next year is going to be a difficult year for South Africans of all races. These problems are not the fault of whites. Yes, the predominantly black ANC ruling party had its job set out for them in trying to fix the imbalances in society that apartheid created, but they certainly haven’t made their work any easier for them—they are probably their own worst enemies—billions of Rands have been lost in corruption because of the ANC, since apartheid ended. Unemployment is over 20% and the black youngsters disillusioned with their lives in SA are generally not blaming apartheid, they are blaming the ANC, although Jacob Zuma blames Jan Van Riebeeck for all of the country’s problems.

    That all said, I am a white South African citizen. I was born in Zimbabwe, grew up there and have lived my adult years in South Africa. Yes, I know there are less poor whites than poor blacks—but don’t kid yourselves if you think all whites live in luxurious homes with maids and gardeners and have top paying jobs. Whites also beg on the streets, and many whites are struggling to keep their heads above water in these tough economic times. For many years (18) I lived in a multiracial neighborhood where whites were the minority, and I never felt unsafe because of my race Only in recent years did I feel unsafe because crime was worse and prostitutes had basically taken over the street I lived in and as a result traffic and noise increased until well after midnight, not to mention the litter and mess the prostitutes and the clients left behind. For my own sanity I moved into a a better neighborhood; it is a decent area, where there are people of all races, not just whites in a “leafy suburb” so to speak.

    Personally, I don’t believe there is such a thing as “white genocide.” South Africa is a country with a high crime rate and all races are targeted when it comes to crime, and violent crime at that. Many commercial farmers are white, and farmers are generally easier targets because of their isolation. For those who say whites shouldn’t even be in Africa/South Africa, get real. Many whites can trace their ancestry back to the 1700s. We are citizens of the African countries we live in, and for those of us born in African countries, it is our birthright. People the world over have lived in different countries for generations that their ancestors were not originally born in, hundreds of years ago.

    Times have changed. South Africa is doing its best to get over the past. Many people forget that white South Africans in 1992 voted in a referendum where they were asked if they supported F.W. de Klerk’s negotiated reforms begun in order to end apartheid rule and the result was mostly YES. However, there are a minority of people of all races that cling onto their bitterness of the past.

    South Africa has enough problems right now without a minority of people (of all races) trying to pit white against black and black against white. Most of us (of all races) want to see a successful country, and to live alongside each other peacefully, but the often disastrous ANC policies and actions are doing South Africa no good.

  116. Hi, let’s join the party then let’s also be the same. Let’s all say kill the blacks kill the blacks. If they can say kill the Boer kill the farmer, I can say kill the blacks, freedom of speech, it is my human right, that law can now work in my favor too now! We as white people must stand as one just as they are standing as one. During apartheid we did not go into their houses and rape, butcher, burn and murder them. Apartheid is LOOOOOOOONG GONE ANC, get it in your head, say it after me, APARTHEID IS LONG GONE, we must build a new country.

    But you black people hate us white people sooooo much but why do you use our products and services, why shop at our malls, as you have your own? I know the answer, it is because you are scared of your own kind and scared that they will kill you for some rama butter. So let’s go to white people to be save. I am sick of this country and allll the one track minded people!

  117. I am very pleased to see some people with common sense on the thread. Those white “South Afrikans” are getting what they deserve. Bastards shouldn’t even be there in the first place.
  118. Africans are the oldest people in existence. It’s pure arrogance on the part of Whites to think that Africans or any other indigenous people can’t live without them when they were doing just that for thousands upon thousands of years before Whites came along and murdered them by the millions to take their land and natural resources. Whites then started to deplete and destroy the land because they are so wicked that they can’t live harmoniously with nature nor man, yet they are quick to call indigenous people savages. Oh, it will take some time to get all of the White venom out of S. Africa, as a body needs time to recuperate from strong poison. And yes, things will be quite bad before they get better, but no indigenous Africans will not go extinct in your absence just as they didn’t go extinct at your murderous hands. Again, you have overestimated your importance and given the world a glimpse into your wicked hearts. Thank you, for without it, we may have felt a bit of compassion for you.
  119. White Europeans “Columbused” S. Africa like they “Columbused” N., S. and C. America along with anywhere else they found rich land and natural resources. It’s hard to feel sorry for Whites given the fact that they are simply getting a taste of their own horrible medicine; a medicine they have mercilessly doled out to the indigenous peoples generation after generation to take and/or keep the advantage/privilege in S. Africa and the world over.
  120. All the white tears on this thread is amazing. Your ancestors were dishonorable tyrants that have been robbing and enslaving the Motherland for centuries and now you want the world to feel sorry for you? How many MILLIONS of people have starved because of your greed? South Africa is one of the RICHEST natural resourced lands in the world and the black African people have none of the wealth of THEIR land. South Africa does not belong to you. Your people never had intentions of being fair and have starved the people for too long. It’s only a matter of time before the people had enough. You reap what you sow, and what goes around comes around. The fact that you people can’t understand why the people are tired of your presence is astounding.
  121. I’ve worked with lots of South Africans, and found most of them to be arrogant, lazy and totally divorced from reality. They show me pictures of palatial homes, expensive bikes and cars, and then complain about how hard done by they are from blacks living in cardboard shacks. You reap what you sow I’m afraid. How many blacks were killed by white death squads? Having said that, I’ve worked with some good south Africans whom I quite like (one of them was black) so you are just have to get over yourselves and blame your ancestors for your woes.
  122. Breaks my heart to see all the help black underprivileged children have been getting for so many years, local and international when I know of so many underprivileged white South African children going to school hungry without food of school shoes. Us whites left behind with not enough money to relocate overseas are refused jobs due to BEE (black empowerment) and we have no money. Then I’m not even going to mention the fear we live in daily and waiting for the “night of the long knives” known as Uhuru. We feeling the oppression more than ever.
  123. Imagine the president of the United States of America funding South African draft dodger Elon Musk with billions in return for donor kickbacks attends Mandela’s funeral at taxpayer costs. Constantly inciting black on white crime in the USA is a treasonous act. Both Sodom Obama and Elon musk should be deported back to Africa. Considering the probable end of Elon’s trio of companies when Obama is no longer in government, when Elon will face fair market competition without billions in taxpayer funding. If the lawyer/judge/political courts were fair, Obama would face treason charges, Elon Musk’s assets would be seized, the many mysterious murders to his associates that were honest about the severe risks to lithium ion battery may be hard to prove in the cloutish courtrooms, but I see an eminent end to corruption in government when our Christian nation removes criminality from government.

    If we were as honest as we pretend to be in doing the right things, instead of attacking countries that do not allow the Federal Reserve to handle their money, we would put an end to countries like Mandela’s ANC white hate government that continues to rape and murder white people, instead of honoring them with taxpayer-funded visits from SODOM OBAMA.

    Wake up America, know our enemies, remove them from our country or end them.

  124. South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The government declared open season on whites a long time ago. My family suffered two farm murders, one murder, three hijackings, seven robberies and one death due to medical negligence. All this in three years. My brother was a highly qualified and highly decorated police officer. He left the service because, of his skin color, he could not get any promotion. He trained most of the black officers that were his bosses. My highly intelligent daughter tried to get accepted to any university in the country. Three applications were declined with the reason that she is white. The other universities did not even bother to reply. During the past two years I was in line to be promoted at the company that I work for. In both instances, black people got the promotion and in both instances they got fired after seven months. Yes, in both instances I had to do the damage control.

    Zuma and Malema still sing “struggle songs” like Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer and Bring my machine gun.

    Jacob Zuma is by far the worst president this country ever had. He and his government are stealing billions of rands that could be used for the good of the country, money supposed to be spent on health, education, safety etc. Their private houses have bunkers and high security areas. He stole billions during the arms scandal and he and his cadres have stole billions during the past 20 years.

    Zuma maintains that South Africa is a good story (his words).

  125. And that 9% controls most of the economic wealth of the country, lives in luxurious suburbs and occupy most senior positions in big companies.
  126. More whites are killed because mostly whites own the farmland. What about the white farmers who abuse their black workers? I’m sure this comment section cares about that as well, right?
  127. Oh and I have to add that the number of 70,000 whites in 20 years murdered is a government figure and very low. There are organizations in South Africa like farmittrekker, cencorbug, and few others working with World Genocide Watch that keeps track of the real numbers. The death toll of black on white murder is over 300,000 in last 20 years. Last I read it surpassed 400,000 in April this year.
  128. Not true. The leaders of South Africa are not looking to pay white farmers to return. Currently they are openly and publicly inciting the black population to lay in claims on the white farmers’ properties. They call it redistribution. They keep telling the black masses that the white farms and houses and towns were stolen from them by the white man and that they need to claim it back. The white property owners have no rights but to remove their belongings within three months or the new black property owners have a right to lay claim on it as well. Two weeks ago the president publicly and openly sang “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” at a gathering. It’s all over YouTube…Google it. The noose for the white nation in SA is only getting tighter here. More seizes on properties and businesses. We are currently 3.7 million whites left in SA according to private (non-government) organizations. More than 1.3 million lives in squatter camps already. Again numbers provided by church and charity organizations.
  129. Friends, I would suggest that the total Africa is in a shambles due to mismanagement, corruption, theft, barbarism and all the other nice adjectives one may wish to conjure up; and all this is mainly due to the death of colonialism. Of course, if it was not for colonialism in the first place, Africa would still be in the original state it was 300 years ago. Grass shelters to live in and no sowing or harvesting, no animal husbandry, and starving hordes probably eating each other in order to survive.

    As I mentioned down below, I am a white South African born and bred, fourth generation. Some of my ancestors and relations have during the past two and half centuries, been slaughtered. In order to NOT becoming a statistic myself, I am armed day and night. That is not the way a peace-loving person should wish to live. I hear what TRY TO HELP says but again I would ask anyone reading this, ONE, where would one knock in order to determine if there is some country, perhaps like Australia, who would consider taking in an elderly white Christian couple who are still active but beyond “productive” economic age, yet can still be active if given the opportunity. TWO, to TRY TO HELP; I would ask, what action would YOU suggest regarding helping people like me? Suggestions.

    May God help us.


  130. Hi. I was born and live in SA. Weapons control is one of manner SA Government uses to deplete resistance. I wear side arm now day and night. Once license is withdrawn, what then? This country is a deathtrap for the elderly specifically if your skin is white.

    My question is, what country would take an elderly gentleman and wife, who between them have hardly any income or capital. Who would take us?

    May God help us.

  131. Debbie, if you read this, contact the French embassy. The consulate or the ambassador may come to your place to deliver your family a visa. Once you are in Europe, Federal European laws (Schengen laws) allow you to travel to the UK (you can get a train for that, no need for plane) UK authorities will let you go through the border (especially considering you are refugees from S.A.)
  132. DebbieBedford:

    They refuse you access to embassy? or to airport?

    -post method: They are countries that can give you a visa using post office (you have to send your passport though, then they put visa stamp on it and send you it back, if South Africa government does filter mail to the embassy you are aiming at getting visa from, you may even contact some embassy in Europe by phone and explain them and ask for a visa from an European embassy using post office, but once again you may have to send your passport).

    Other options:

    – (cold war method) rush very early in the morning (before daylight) to the embassy you want to get a visa from (people working for the state tend to be lazy, especially in Africa *personal experience from my grandparent who lived in Africa for 50 years* ) you wont meet anybody. But you need to warn the embassy a few days before so they open their door before daytime and before the arrival of policemen or militia preventing you from getting inside.

    – interposed method: if you can access one embassy (example: French) you may ask them for some assistance to get a visa for UK or Australia (all occidental ambassadors know each other in foreign countries, one may help you in reaching your destination)

    – last method (if really your life is in extreme danger) consider leaving the country by yourself. DO NOT GO ON TRAIL (best way to get into troubles with thieves) prefer moving on boat to a destination such as Madagascar (not that far if you consider traveling on a good boat, but keep the coast in sight, so if you need some resupplying you can access the land, however be very careful, depending on the fishermen you will meet either on land or on the sea, it can be VERY dangerous, I am talking about rape/death, so make sure you have some men with you) once in Madagascar it may be easier to get a visa.

  133. Red H. Stepson:

    The natives will not starve, they will be evacuated to N. America, Europe and Australia to resume living off their white oppressors, when all whites have been genocided in S.A., according to the tribe’s plan. Pull your heads out of the sand; it’s getting late in the day.

  134. As always, many a pinheaded individual like Paul Fromm, NobodysaysBOO, FarmerDave, toboldlygo and indigoxxx1 do not realize or perhaps do not want to open their eyes as to who their true enemy is! Your enemy is not the black man that you see. Your enemy is the Jewish aristocrats that have systematically dehumanized all shades of mankind. Knowing your enemy is the first step in the battle to free yourselves from the mental slavery of hate and the physical slavery that has seen society worldwide be destroyed by the same selfish narrow interests of the “Jewish Utopia” builders. Hussein Obama is the least of your problems. Consider that whatever gains Obama has made for the Zionists have been built up over the years by the other serfs posing as Presidents of the USA. Besides, the romanticized views of the USA that you hold are nothing but an illusion. This nation was built up by the Zionists themselves to be the “dumb beast” that would be the engine that would enforce the worldwide utopia of serf-like slaves. You can only fight your enemy when your mind is clear from the smokescreens that have blinded you.
  135. Retardation and a violent disposition plagues 85% of blacks. They need community organizers to keep them busy; without direction they will explode in mob violence. The gang rape is in their genetic system, it insures a right matchup of sperm. Drug companies are frantically searching for an effective tranquilizer for this half-beast. Heroin seems to be constructive, but illegal.
  136. Watching Sodom Obama spend a fortune to attend Mandela’s funeral while refusing to attend American medal of honor recipient inaugural ball, the first president ever shows how a treasonous government at the helm of government is purposefully destroying our nation, from his? beginning, allowing 3 billion ++ barrels of oil to ruin our gulf ignoring Naval authority to detonate adjacent to drill hole blow out thereby ending the flow of oil a few days after the blowout was a horrible thing to do, but he has continued to act against us for the last 6 1/2 years, destroying our nuclear defense shield, taking down the flag, putting a faggot flag in its place, illuminating the White House with homosexual colors, destroying Shuttle @, constellation, giving Elon Musk billions for de nada in an open and shut case of political donor kickback, police officer bashing, black on white crime instigation, etc., etc., all permitted by the political circus willingly by the gangs of lawyers, judges, banksters, gangsters, politicians willfully ending our nation in an elevating black on white crime spree needs to end before whitey and the mexkins restore responsibility in government, one that jails 25% of world’s prisoners (people without legal funds) at least 1/3rd innocent jailed for justice budgetary reasons, we are no longer governed, we are ruled by a satanic demonic enemy of the United States of America.
  137. I was born here in South Africa. I am one of the whites without work and have kids who have no future here. My parents wanted to visit my sister last year in Wales, but due to corruption they could not get their visas. We are getting blocked at the embassy so that we can’t leave South Africa. If I could, I would have left with my kids. I have 4 daughters and my fear is that they will get gang raped. They gang rape women and most off the times the husband have to look on helplessly. My son told me of a murder in another province where a man got home from work and his wife and sons were not home or so he thought. He found is wife and oldest son hanged in is room and the 6-year-old he found in the garage. His head was still in the vice and his head burst open. The robbers kicked him, strangled him and because he didn’t die they took him to the garage and put his head in the vice and tortured him by clamping his head with the vice until his head exploded. The father is now in the mental institution. He had CCTV cameras in his house and watch the footage and saw what happened to his family. We live with burglar bars on our windows, safety gates on our doors and six feet walls to stay alive, but still they get in. Oh and don’t forget the electric fences. We are prisoners in our own homes.
  138. I hate what happened to Cecil the lion, but while the entire social media world is in an uproar (no pun intended) over the death of one lion, there is absolute silence in regards to the ongoing travesty, which is the murders and rapes of white people, that continues to occur in South Africa?
  139. Shortly we will see the worth of YHWH’s sword over the wicked nations.

    I got first hand experience to trust whom are not worthy to be trust! And it is proven through the ages, the hand that feed the dog is the one who got bitten and SA feeds while their own kind is hungry and naked, without work.

    May YHWH have mercy on those who straggle to make a living on farms for YOU to eat, “hopenlik” to night there is no murder on SA’s farms.

    May YHWH’s people show mercy to our White “plakkerkamp” people and maybe today there is still a job for a white person.

    Somehow we have to stand as a nation, for Zim’s hunger, pestilence and famine, is like a wave who came and overflow SA to drown her.

    Look up North, a cloud of dust and death is in the order of the day and the hand that once fed and plant is looooong gone.


  140. Maybe someone should send this to Bono of U2 (as well as the other artists against apartheid) and ask him if he understands the concept of unintended consequences. Not saying apartheid was right, but anyone with half a brain could see this train wreck coming.

    Unfortunately, the natives are killing the hand that feeds them and have no clue until one day they will wake up and have no one to cannibalize but themselves.

  141. Having spent a number of years in South Africa (in both apartheid and post-apartheid years), my most recent visit being four years ago, I can say that the majority of the white people in the country were born there and many don’t have ancestral right to live elsewhere. Large numbers of those who were born elsewhere or who are able to obtain foreign passports have already done so and left the country. Many more have succeeded in emigrating and have left to settle in Europe, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If they are over a certain age or don’t have in-demand qualifications, this option is usually closed to them. This exodus has been going on since the 1980s. Of those who remain, many consider themselves ‘African’ and would struggle to settle anywhere else, even if the opportunity were available. Or so they tell themselves, especially if they have no option but to stay where they are and make the best of it.

    The tragedy to me is that there are a good many lovely black people over there, genuine, kind and humorous people, who are not violent criminals and who don’t support the ANC government. Mostly they don’t vote at election time because they fear the intimidation at the polls by the ANC and the ANC Youth League. They suffer from the violence and corruption as much as anyone. There has been little material benefit in their lives since 1994.

  142. I remember when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s there was not a day gone by that the newspapers didn’t have a story or two (or four) about how horrible S.A. was with its system of apartheid, and the horror of it all, don’t you know.

    Now these many years later, Communists are in power and the savages are raping and murdering white people all over the country—and, just to illustrate how utterly biased the global Marxist press actually is, the tragedy that is present-day South Africa is ignored in the media.

  143. The whites in South Africa will have to carve out from South Africa their own territory, and then move everyone to that territory. A race war is taking place in South Africa even if it is going in slow motion. Whites cannot continue in the current status quo, for to do so means certain genocide. Making their own territory will have to include the ability to manufacture their own weapons, food and coal. All whites will have to move to such territory at the same time. Those left behind will be slaughtered. Remember the division of India between what is now known as Pakistan.

    Our world is not ruled by “property values;” never has been never will be. It is ruled by the sword. Always has been and always will be.

    I have an aunt who lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She was born in South Africa.

  144. Subhuman ni**er filth your fu**ing days on the white man’s world is almost at an end. Subhuman animals!
  145. Rhodesia was a rich country, now it is a big mess and wants white farmers BACK after the blacks murdered and killed off their BEST people for a stupid idea NOW LET THEM STARVE!

    South Africa was a rich country then they killed of the BEST of their people for a stupid idea NOW LET THEM STARVE!

    The USA was a super rich country NOW the blacks are trying t kill off the BEST of their people if they do win then LET THEM STARVE!

  146. The whites in South Africa should relocate out of the country and allow the Negroes to kill and starve themselves. After the die-off they can return and rule the country without fear of being slaughtered. Should not take but a couple of years. I hear that the leaders of South Africa are looking to pay white farmers to return so they can start feeding the animals.

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