China Vows to Defend Trade with Russia

March 10, 2022 AFP Editor 0

By John Friend In yet another rebuke of U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry told reporters yesterday that Chinese companies and individuals trading with Russia will be protected and […]

Uncle Sam’s Endless Search for Enemies

March 7, 2022 AFP Editor 0

By Phil Giraldi Many observers, from various political perspectives, are beginning to note that there is something seriously disconnected in the foreign policy of the United States. The evacuation failure in Afghanistan shattered the already […]

Renegade GOP Members Lambasted

March 4, 2022 AFP Editor 0

By John Friend A group of renegade Republican politicians – two Congressional representatives and a state senator – are facing severe criticism from the establishment GOP and members of the liberal media for participating in […]

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