Mass Shootings Skyrocket Under Obama

August 2, 2016 AFP 2

• Exaggerations, inflammatory language spur unprecedented violence, cop killings. By Dave Gahary — Since President Barack Hussein Obama took office in 2008, he has taken every opportunity to politicize mass shootings, often times using highly […]

An Army of U.S. Occupation

August 2, 2016 AFP 1

• Zionist groups want to turn U.S. cops into trained killers. By Ronald L. Ray — It is no secret that law enforcement in recent decades has changed in the United States. The increasing surveillance […]

Startling New Trends in Illegal Immigration

August 1, 2016 AFP 7

• Mexicans account for only about half of all nationalities sneaking into America. By John Friend — According to recent statistics released by the United States Border Patrol, fewer than half of those apprehended along […]

Reduce Government 80%

August 1, 2016 AFP 3

• Constitution Party Candidate Hits Trump, Clinton. • Says Return to Rule of Law the Smartest Path. By Mark Anderson — WYOMING, Michigan—On July 21, AMERICAN FREE PRESS caught up with Constitution Party (CP) presidential […]

Correcting the Black Victim Narrative

August 1, 2016 AFP 4

• Police chief demands Democrats, media, Black Lives Matter discuss black-on-black crime. By John Friend — The murder of five Dallas police officers in July and the recently convened Democratic National Convention have once again […]

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