Get your copy of THE BILDERBERG FILES, a collection of rare documents that prove Bilderberg exists and is a danger to our world.

Yes, Bilderberg does exist. And, yes, it is a “conspiracy” in the classic sense of the word; don’t let the Controlled Media tell you otherwise.

Here’s hard proof—from an amazing array of sources (even including the official Congressional Record)—documenting the history and intrigues of the shadowy international power group formally known as “The Bilderberg Meetings.”

THE BILDERBERG FILES is a limited-edition reprint of the famous report Spotlight on the Bilderbergers—first issued in 1975 by LIBERTY LOBBY . . . out of print for nearly 20 years— now available once again! This is a timeless classic that belongs in the research library of every serious student of national and international affairs.

Featuring an attractive all new color cover format, this is an exact reproduction of the most comprehensive documentary report on Bilderberg ever assembled—an information-packed magazine-sized (8.5 x 11) 64-page volume chock-full of uncensored information.

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